Finally, a real homemade lighsaber!

Thousands of “lightsabers” are sold to proud star wars fans every year but they’re all far from being realistic.

Only a true Jedi would be able to create such a product and use the force to control it.

Many have tried, but much like excalibur, most have failed…until now!

Young Youtube user decided to prove to everyone how strong the force was with him by showing off what anyone believed to be “just another pseudo lightsaber”.

For the first time this Youtube user shows off his “homemade lightsaber.” which emits a blue light and includes a metal handle, can torch through paper, tape, ping-pong balls, cardboard and wooden splints, among other items.

I’m guessing he is a true Jedi because his lightsaber is truly amazing!

The funny part about this is that the guy wasn’t even trying to build a lightsaber, he was just preparing a powerfull handheld laser, but even he himself couldn’t deny the facts.

“There really isn’t much else out there to describe this laser.” he states, and I’m pretty much sure that anyone would agree!

So the only question left here is “will he commercialize his new homemade invention?

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