Epic Christmas Card video win!

Do you remember that girl who had a part as a reporter in Iron Man 3? Neither do I, but I sure will remember her families epic Christmas card video!

This year the Holderness family decided to make a different kind of Christmas card for all their friends.

The usual best wishes, announcing what’s to come in the next year and what happened in 2013 are in the 2.0 Christmas card, but there’s definately one element that definately stands out…

They made the video in their matching Jammies!!

Mom, Dad, and both kids give it their all and give us a great show.

β€œThe kids were shocked that we were allowing them to leave the house in their pajamas,” said their Mom but you don’t see either of them fussing in the video πŸ˜‰

Here’s the video below!

So what did you think?

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