Elivs is still alive!

Just when we were all getting used to the fact that Elvis was dead, replaced by hundreds of Vegas impersonators, this guy came along.

David Thibault, a young 16 year old Canadian was discovered by Quebec radio station “Ckoi Quebec” and boy is he worth your 2minutes and 25seconds!

Singing BlueVelvet, this guy is the real deal and trust me, there have been many before him who tried to sing this well.

Click play, close your eyes and watch the video. When you open them tell me what you think.

This guy is definately going to become an internet sensation with over 135k Youtube hits since yesterday.

So what did you think?

Here’s a bonus video of the original version so that you can fully appreciate the lads talent.

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Source : CkoiQuebec & Minutebuzz

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