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Budweiser invent the “buddy cup”

Bottoms Up!

Budweiser decided to test a new product in THE place to be at the moment if you want to find work and money to party : Brazil!

Their idea was not only to bring people together for a night out, but help us create long lasting friendships.

We’ve all added people on Facebook (or the other way around) after a night out in the pubs and a few good laughs, but we also all had to go through the hastle of trying to find their profile.

Budweiser Brasil decided to save us all the hastle by inventing the “Buddy Cup” system.

All you have to do is scan the QR code on the bottom of the special cup, and toast with the people you like!

Genius you say?

I agree! the only downside to this invention is that you will have to think twice before toasting with strangers 😉

What do you think?



Source : Minutebuzz

Real Best Men!

This video isn’t viral yet but is starting to get there in Ireland.

Irish wedding band The Best Men play Queen, Paul Simon, Neil Diamond, ACDC and much more in 5 minutes.

These lads are talented no doubt about that, and to top it all off, they seem like a bunch of fun.

The only question left to ask yourself is : Would you dare to ask these fellows to be your wedding singers?

Special thanks to Dave Moore from 98 FM for sharing the link!

Durex Fundawear!

As usual, Durex are on top of their game and this video won’t prove anyone otherwise!

Long distance relationships are impossible, and nearly never work, even if you love your better half.

Skype is almost always on the menu so you get to have a glimpse for a few minutes of your partner, even if he/she is on the other side of the world.

But even with all that, something is still missing…

Even if you can see each other, you can’t touch the person on the other side of the screen.

That is until now! Durex, who already do their upmost best to improve your love life, decided to release a video of their latest project : Fundawear!

Fundawear (created by Durex Australia) created touch-sensitive underwear which could completely revolutionize our views on long-distance relationships.

Granted, this product will never replace the feel, smells, and love of your other half, but by God Durex’s new gizmo helps has gotten pretty close!

All you will need to do is download an app onto your smartphone, and wear the special underwear to start the fun.

As said quite well : “Long distance couples of the world rejoice!”

Enough said, let’s watch the video :

The product is a bit more adapted for long distance couples than the straw like plastic that you had to kiss before :

How Many Calories Can You Burn in 30 Minutes?

How Many Calories Can You Burn in 30 Minutes?

Simple, watch this quick video and get the answer!

Buzzfeed decided to show us how many calories we could burn (should we chose to accept this task) via different exercises and sports.

Tennis, Air Boxing, and Running being the classic methods, but let’s not forget the less classic powerwalking (aka “mom running”) dancing, and beginners yoga.

We even burn calories by…watching Youtube videos!

Let that be a lesson to you, whatever you do (as long as you’re doing it right) you burn calories!!

So start watching those ViralHipster videos people!

On similar note, here is what 2000 calories look like (in case you were wondering what you needed to burn 😉

Facebook Home Promo Video

Facebook recently announced the arrival of their newest innovation Facebook Home and did so in style.

For those of you who didn’t have time to watch the live 1hour conference, here’s one of their videos they used to promote Facebook Home.

Granted, the video isn’t the best in the world, but it’s Facebook, so they don’t need to spend millions of dollars promoting a new product.

What do you think?

Would you use the new Facebook Home?

If you didn’t see the conference, here’s a preview of what Facebook Home will look like on your mobile

Albert – Booty Pop

This video is wrong in so many ways…

It seems that anyone (almost literaly) can become an internet rapper these days, and this young guy is no exeption to the rule.

How can a 6 year old (yes I said 6!) have his own rap video? What did we do to deserve this?

I thought Lil’ Wayne & Co were bad, but this just makes them all look like horrible grandparents.

This, my dear friends, is the “WTF” video of the day.

What do you think? Would you let your kid be involved in this kind of rubbish?

Thiis is probably the type of thing they would be debating about on late night radio shows…

Albert – Booty Pop par Spi0n

Spring Break fun

With Spring Break just around the corner, the lads from VICE decided to prepare another epic video about one of Spring Break’s favourite destinations : Panama City!

Instead of just showing you the usual bikinis, abs, shots and skin, Vice decided to show the 2 main points of view on this particular holiday.

On the one side you have the usual party goers, looking to have a good time partying like animals while trying not to pass out, and on the other you have the church goers, who condone this type of behaviour (you also have the mayor and locals point of view, but we all know that their point of view is completely biased since all logic is hidden by all the cash the students are bringing in 😉

Let’s take a look at what they think about Spring Break at Panama Beach!

Is Spring Break “just another excuse for people to sin”? or is it an eternal place to party while enjoying the lovely views the beach has to offer (you decide which views!)

Source : Vice

Oreo Separation Pump Gun

Pure Genius or sheer stupidity, I’ll let you be the judge of that!

Youtube users tend to go a bit crazy when it comes to ideas concerning Oreos, but Joerg Sprave decided to push things up a notch by promoting his Oreo Seperation Pump Gun.

After watching the video, I was not surprised when I learned that his “speaciality” was making sling shots…

This invention (yes some people have farefetched ideas in their heads) of his is quit original to say the last.

I don’t know if this idea will be commercialized soon though.

At least we got a laugh out of it by watching the brief video presentation.

The Longest way

When traveling around the world, you have to take souvenir pics and vids.

This young traveller Christoph Rehange decided to add something extra to his pics by taking a picture of his face each day from start to finish.

He also decided not to shave or cut his hair until he arrived to his final destination.

4500 km in total later, the result is amazing!

With over 2 million hits already, this video is a definate must watch.

What do you think?

The Human Test2

Once again Ze Frank returns with another “that’s so true” video of the human test.

As before, he asks counts hypothetical “Have you ever…” questions that most viewers will answer yes to.

Now, the second episode stands with over 175,000 hits, and is featured on Mashable, HuffPost, and BuzzFeed and Minutebuzz.

Listen well up until the last question, and you will see if you are “human” or not!

Though I don’t understand the point of such a test, the video went viral, so I’m sharing it with you.

Wealth Inequality in America

America is known as a land where all your hopes and dreams can come true, but what about wealth?

Your dreams may come true, but how rich will you become?

This video clearly shows that if you’re going to make it in America, you’d better make it big time!

As you’ll see in this video, the reality of the wealth inequality is even worse than as what people think.

Why would you go to the US and what would you bring to their magnificent country?

I know that I’d bring them even more French/Irish craic’

Boobstagram, Boobs symphony against breast cancer


“Showing your boobs on the net is good, showing them to your doctor is better” what better breast cancer awareness slogan could you ask for?

Each year we raise awareness for breast cancer in France.

This year Julien “Glt” (founder) and Lionel Pourtau (sociologist) decided to raise awareness French style via his excellent idea “Boobstagram”.

The idea is simple. Since more and more people use instagram, this young lad decided to use it to the advantage of his breast awareness campaign.

Boobstagram is a Tumblr where women can post images of their breasts via Instagram. Far from being another perverted Tumblr page, the aim of this is to raise awareness and make people realise that each year over 11 000 women die of breast cancer.

Boobstagram’s sole aim is to raise awareness for the younger generations while showing them how easy and important it is to get tested.

French magazine Marie-Claire already raised breast cancer awareness in France back in 2009 by taking topless pics of 10 French celebs such as Estelle Lefébure, Julie Depardieu and more.

Boobstagram has raised the bar once again so that as many people as possible can be reached.

According to his creator “We cannot all become doctors or surgeons. But we can all take part in prevention, for ourselves, for our friends and family and for others”. Well said, and what better an idea than to create a rather fun prevention campaign when most campaigns use fear?

Let’s help them promote the idea and raise breast cancer awareness everywhere!

Here is their latest promotional video Boobs symphony against breast cancer.

So what did you think?

You can visit their page here!

We saw your junk!

Any Familly Guy fan was aware of Seth MacFarlane’s controversial humour, and he proved everyone right with the opening song for the Oscars “We Saw Your Boobs”.
Most were warned, some were shocked, and true Family Guy fans were laughing as usual.

The song’s video went viral and some stars in the crowd didn’t seem to appreciate MacFarlane’s sense of humour.

Well for all those who didn’t appreciate the video (which I can understand) you can now stop sulking and start laughing!

Kevin Gisi decided to upload his Youtube parody of the song, reminding us of all the famous Hollywood men who have shown their junk for a role.

Women all over the globe can now stop commenting about Seth’s song, and start laughing about this one!

Now everyone is even!

Kevin Bacon, Bruce Willis, Ben Stiller and Ewan McGregor are all mentioned in the song, which was made to ‘level the playing field’.

Well played Gisi, well played!

The Longest Daycare #Simpsons

With already 23 Seasons (and counting) and an excellent movie, only one thing was missing for Matt Groeining’s hit show the Simpsons.

But what else could he think of you say? A real life version of the Simpsons? A Broadway show? Simpsons on Ice?

The answer is…none of the above! Matt chose to create a short film with the cutest of the Simpson’s characters : Maggie.

Imagine a day in Kindergarden lived through the eyes of a child. A day spent in the annoying company of her unibrowed arch nemesis, abandonned by her own mother, but a day that Maggie will get through!

Directed by David Silverman, who also directed “The Simpsons Movie” the film was nominated for the Oscars of short films!

So let’s all just sit back, relax, and take 4 minutes and 52 seconds to enjoy ourselves!

What do you think?

Bride’s Special dance

The bride’s father passed away just a few months before her wedding from pancreatic cancer. In honor of dad, her brother covered the touching country classic Butterfly Kisses to be played during the Andrea’s allotted father-daughter-dance.

Since dad obviously could only attend his daughter’s wedding in spirit form, Andrea’s husband thought it would be a good idea for Andrea to dance with her brothers, grandpa, and new father-law.

Heartwarming moment for everyone in the room.


We all know the Saturday Night Live Crew and there awesome songs.

Here’s their latest song “YOLO” (you only live once).

What do you think?

For those of you who don’t know the show, here are 2 of their older videos.

#1 Cool guys don’t look at explosions

#2 Dick in a box with Justin Timberlake

Mission Impossible revisited

Lindsey Stirling and the Piano guys made classical music cool again by interepreting modern songs with classical instruments.

For their latest Youtube video, Stirling and the Piano guys decided to team up to make their own musical version of…Mission Impossible.

I am a fan of classical music, but I admit that some songs are a little long and difficult to listen to if you’re not a real fan.

Thanks to this lot, even a person who prefers rap or heavy metal music will agree that this classical music can be cool and enjoyed by all!

Your mission, should you chose to accept it, is to watch and rate this video.

Here’s the “original” updated version of Mission Impossible and a modern version of Rockelbel’s Canon.

The updated version of Mission Impossible by Limp Bizkit from a few years back

And the modern version of Rockelbel’s Canon by the Piano Guys

The real homecoming king

On Friday night, a heartwarming moment occured in Unionville Community High Scholl in Tennesse, USA.

Scotty Maloney, a High School Junior was offered the traditional Homecoming crown by 3 senior students.

As you can see in the video, Scotty is a popular person in the school, and respected by all.

All 3 students who were nominated for the Homecoming agreed that the winner would offer his crown to Scotty.

“He’s always so happy, so he deserves recognition for who he is” explained Gibbs, one of the 3 elected Homecoming kings.

According to sources from  News2, Scotty was still wearing the crown with pride the next Tuesday!

Fair play lads, your story put a smile on all of our faces!!