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Lady Gaga & Christina Aguilera duet!

The Voice finale surprised us a few days ago with one of the best duets of the season!

Dressed in a champagne-colored, boney-shouldered kimono, Lady Gaga treated viewers of the The Voice finale to a special rendition of her Artpop track “Do What U Want,” and it was not just because Voice coach Christina Aguilera (who wore her own champagne gown) joined her for a disco-y vocal showdown.

To be honest with you, I prefer Christina Aguilera to R-Kelly by far!

A bit of smoke, original matching costumes and a few dancers was all the duet needed.

Finishing off by toasting with wine glasses after at the end of the song was a perfect ending to the evening.

All I asked myself after the performance was “Why don’t they do this type of big performance in other versions of the Voice?”

Here’s the entire video, tell us what you think in your comments below!

Source : RollingStone magazine

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Woman Finds Missing Dog during her interview after the Oklahoma Tornado

A massive tornado struck Oklahoma recently with many casualties and homes lost but this video woman will definately be content with what she found.

Barbar Garcia, a survivor of the massive tornado was being interviewed just after the event and explained how she was tossed into the air while she was with her dog.

Unfortunately, her dog and herself were split during the tornado, and she seemed more devastated about losing her dog than her house.

Just as we were starting to feel sorry for her, another emotion kicked in as an unexpected event occorred.

Near the end of the interview, we hear one of the reporters say “Dog, Dog”, and little old dog weakened but safe, appears out of no where!

What an emotional video!

“I hollered for my little dog and he didn’t come, so I know he’s in there,” says Garcia in the interview.

Well, she was right to hollar and pray, because her prayers were clearly answered.

I dare you to watch the video without feeling emotional!Here’s another video just to show you how serious this tornado was!

Source : CBS

The Office revisited

Each year Comic relief helps raise funds for it’s association with a mix of fun videos and short films showing what the associaton really does.

Everyone tries to pitch in as best as they can at their own level, creating a few pleasant surprises each year.

After 10 years, David Brent returned for a Comic Relief special to surprise us and do what he does best : Make us laugh!

Let’s find out what he’s been up to :

Here’s another video from another regular guest, the Vicar of Dibley :

Game of thrones 90’s style!

We all know that a little bit of video editing, a lot of imagination, and posting your final result on Youtube can go far.

With a little bit of video editing, TV shows such as Breaking Bad and more can be transformed into 90’s versions.

In the 90’s, Xena, Hercules, Highlander and more, where quite the frenzy at the time.

This youtube user decided to remind us of this, and show us what Game of Thrones would have looked like had it been filmed in the 90’s.

The end result is simply amazing!

Here’s the version the same user made of Breaking Bad :

Would you watch these shows?

I know I would!

Taekwondo Spiderman

With over 100,000 hits in a day (and counting) this video will make you laugh!

Ginger Ninja published a video a while back that went viral, so naturally, I have to write about it.

A Taekwondo master dressed in a Spidey suit maybe the closest decided he wanted to become a web-slinging hero.

Much like spiderman, he shows off amazing, near-inhuman maneuvers that seemingly only a true superhero would be able to perform.

The video has already been shown by DailyPicks, Reddit, CollegeHumor, MilkAndCookies and ViralViralVideos.

Go spidey go!

TV Map

113 famous shows in the US, no more, no less.

Graphic designer/TV show aficionado James Chapman decided to create a map of the US with all the TV shows spread out over the map!

From Grey’s Anatomy in Washington, to Mad Men and Friends in New York, the end result is astounding!

His motivation to design this map was simple:

Did you ever wonder which American State had the most hit TV shows? How about Wyoming? Did you ever try to find where it was on the map?

Well he did!

The end result is truly amazing both in quality and accuracy.

I wonder if a map like this one will be used to help children to learn how to place the American States on a map?

I know I’d be more motivated if I could!

Here’s the end result :


And here’s the zoom on 3 States

California :


Detroit :


And last but not least New York!


Incredible Helicopter accident!

While filming a usual “Top Gearish” bet to see who would win the short race between a helicopter and a supercar (all in a days work for Top Gear), thingsgot a little out of hand.

If it were one of our well known British presenters flying the helicopter, we could have imagined that he was a sore loser, but he was no where near the crash, so that’s him out of the picture.

The two vehicles racing in the video are a Corvette ZR1 and an AH1 Cobra helicopter, with the latter losing control and smashing into the ground towards the end of the video. Luckily according to Top Gear, no one got seriously injured in the crash, which happened dangerously close to the film crew on the ground!

This video made me want to watch Top Gear again!

For those of you who don’t know Top Gear, here are a few brief videos of their “experiments”

Drag racing

The Ice Race