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Italy Beats France



Italy played at their best…and France were defeated.

Congratulations to Italy, who fully deserved their victory.

After a perfect few matches during the Autumn tests, France were suprisingly poor both in Attack, and defence.

The game started poorly with a first kick from Michalak ending directly in touch, and things would only get worse.

Each opportunity that the French had to score ended in either a knock-on, a forward pass or other mistakes…

Despite Picamole’s try, the French were still dominated in all sectors.

All in all, France played a poor Match, and Italy showed how much they progressed thanks to their coach Jacques Brunel.

Although I’m French, I was genuinly pleased to see how the Italians have progressed and improved their discipline.

Hopefuly, they will go far this year…and beat the English!

Here’s a video summary of the match :

Rugby flick by Zebo!

The 6 Nations rugby tournament has started with a blast!

Ireland beat Wales, and England (unfortunately) beat the Brave Scots.

One image that shows why we call the game Rugby Football when Simon Zebo, Ireland’s winger, controlled the ball perfectly with his feet to set his team-mate Cian Healey.

The video is being watched all over the sporting world.

Quade Cooper himself complimented our talented Munsterman!


Even during the Superbowl, some American Media said “If This Play Is Any Indication, We Should All Start Watching Rugby” (via Deadspin)

Young boxer!

Ireland is more than proud of their Gold medalist Katie Taylor and so they should be!

Internet kindly offered us a video of what could be her daughter (obviously not but bare with me for that one).

The young girl is Russian, and could give Katie a run for her money in a few years time.

Watch out Katie, the young generation is following in your footsteps!

The Silence

Here is Ireland’s 1st commercial for the 6 Nations Tournament.

Simple yet efficient

2 messages are in the video : Respect the kickers & The fans are the 16th man.
(not to forget the 3rd, more subtle message that Sexton never misses his kicks in Lansdowne!)

What do you think?

Here is the 1st French commercial for the 6 nations.
Which do you prefer?

Heads up!

I had never seen this before.

I don’t believe how the person who validated the idea of this free kick ever thought it would work.

It did however make the headlines all over the world.

Enjoy the first ever (and probably the last) header free kick!

On the same note, here are a few other free kicks or penalty’s that people completely either completely missed or completely aced!

Aced by Roberto Carlos for Brazil -V- France in the pre-world cup 1998 friendly tournament

Completely missed penalty by Neymar for Brazil -V- Columbia in 2011

And a compilation of Free kicks from Becks to top it all off!

Football stupidity at its worst…


Football stupidity at its worst!
Even if you don’t watch or support football, you have to see the stupidity of some players…

Chelsea were losing 2 nil to Swansea so had to be keen on speeding things up but this is too much!
Instead of taking the ball and just playing like any normal  person would do, Chelsea’s Eden Hazard saw red and lost it.

After kicking the ballboy (who didn’t do anything wrong exept for being a bit too slow according to Hazard’s standards) the Hooligan football “player” was sent off.
Some people on Twitter believe that the Ballboy did it on purpose (I don’t) but whatever the truth, it certainly wasn’t worth this!


Mskani scores a stunning winner for Tunisia in the African Nations Cup!

Just as we all started to think that the match was going to end in a nil-nil final score, Mskani made a stunning shot ending in the back of the net bringing the score to 1 nil and winning the match for Tunisia.

Knowing the African Nations Cup, even more spectacular goals will follow before the February 10th!