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Rugby and Volleyball are good for you!

Good morning all,

I decided to share a very important piece of information I just found lying about on the interweb.

Believe it or not, Volleyball and Rugby are the 2 sports you should definately play if you want to stay in shape and have a longer life!

For those of you who don’t know, both sports were invented in 1830 (rugby) and 1895 (volleyball)



But how can these sports be compatible?
One is running after an egg and hitting each other, while the other is jumpping up and down to get a ball onto the other side of a high net.

Well, lets let the facts speak for themselves shall we?

Both sports have a lot in common :

They are both team sports, both get you healthy, and both allow you to smile at the end of the day.

But wait, there’s more, there’s a reason why these sports more than any other.

Both can be played during the same week, sometimes even the same day, as long as you don’t play at a professional level!

Studies even show that rugby at a proper company level, and volleyball for a French team would be perfect :

The pie charts just speak for themselves :

Life with just one sport :


Life with Rugby and volleyball :


So what do you think?

Still not enough?

I also recently decided to check the facts out for myself by interviewing Dr. J. who wrote a Phd about this.

His conclusions were even more specific.

He tried many “sports cocktails” rugby, athletics, fencing, polo, swimming, football, cricket etc.

According to his research, though all were excellent sports, which he would recommend, only 2 were perfectly compatible : Rugby and Volleyball.

The reason being that both sports used the perfect muscles and reflexes ratio, that would allow you to stay healthy and happy longer!

His study went into even more depth showing that one specific club could help you develop the rugby side :


What do you think?

All volleyball clubs seem compatible.

I can tell you for a fact that I will try this out for myself!!

For those of you who want to join their club to try, you can do so by clicking here or here

Someone Made A Real-Life LEGO Hair Bike Helmet That Turns You Into A LEGO Figure

Cyclists are sometimes difficult to spot, but there’s no way you’ll be able to miss somebody wearing one of these bike helmets. After all, how many human LEGO figures do you see on the roads every day? We’re guessing not many.

The awesome design was the brainchild of Simon Higby and Clara Prior, two employees from the Stockholm and Copenhagen offices of worldwide advertising agency DDB. Given that 44% of children surveyed don’t wear a helmet while riding a bike, they wanted to come up with a design that kids would want to wear without being forced. The project was part of Higby’s MBA thesis and the pair enlisted the help of Danish design company MOEF who created the prototype for them last year. Watch the video below to see just how they made it. Sadly it’s not actually a thing yet, but we’re crossing our fingers that it will be soon.






Bored Panda tried it on a real rugby player in PS, and it looks useful! (don’t think Harlequins will like it though 😉


Here’s the full video showing how the helmet it made :

What do you think?

Welsh fans celebrate victory over England in style

Quick video to show how the Welsh fans felt after Saturday’s victory over England!

All is fair in love and war!

Also don’t forget, rugby is a fun sport, you laugh with your opponent, not at him (unless they’re English 😉

Welsh fans with a beautiful rendition of 'Swing Low'Warning! May contain traces of banter…

Posted by Rugby Banter Page on Friday, 25 September 2015


For those of you who don’t follow football (or those of you who know football as “soccer”) the world cup is going to be held in Brazil next month.

Every 4 years the best teams and players fly over to a selected country to defend their nations colours while providing us with magnificent matches!

Goals, saves, tackles, and much more… it’s all in the mix.

Unfortunately though, not every country is able to qualify for the tournament…

Some of the best players such as Bale, Petr Cech, Lewandowksi Ibrahimovic and a few others will not be able to defend their teams’ colours in Brazil.

They will just have to watch the match on the television or in the stands like every other fan.

The Swedish viking Zlatan decided to announce that he wouldn’t even watch the match since “a world cup without Zlatan is not a wolrd cup worth watching”.

I’m guessing a few people heard him since current and former Brazilian legends – including Dani Alves, Bebeto, Rai and Zlatan’s idol Ronaldo – as well as a number of celebrities have all appeared in this video urging the 32-year-old over to South America in June.

Do you think he will actually come? Or even answer the video?

I’m guessing his sponsors could give him an incentive to do so 😉

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Don’t mess with Chabal!

Caveman angry!
Caveman hit!

Although Chabal is closer to retiring than his peak rugby level, he clearly showed us last weekend that he’s still go alot of punch! (you see the intended pun there 😉

While his team was losing 12 to 6, a foolish player on the opponents team decided to provoke him by tugging on his jersey.

His reply was quick, simple, and very effecient!

He was lucky enough to only get a yellow card after knocking out the poor lad.

Maybe his “Je lui tape le bras parce qu’il me tiens” excuse worked.
(roughly translated that means “I only hit him because he was holding me back”)

Let’s see the images of the damage he did shall we?

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True sportsmanship

This video is already a few months old, but got 400k youtube hits already, and since so many professional sportsmen (especially footballers) are becoming less and less sportsmanlike, I wanted to share this video with you.

Noah VanVooren has been the manager/waterboy for the Mustangs football team at Little Chute High School in Clintonville, Wisconsin, throughout his high school career, but during a game against the Clintonville Truckers, VanVooren took the field for the very first time.

VanVooren was diagnosed with Down syndrome at birth and doctors told his parents he would never be able to walk or talk.

But the doctors seemed to have forgotten to tell VanVooren himself! He’s currently going to graduate from his highschool and is loved by his classmates and town alike.

For each of his schools’ American football matches, he’s their waterboy/manager so he can get to be close to the game.

In one of the games, the head coach decided to call out his name to go onto the pitch.
Hut, hut, hut, and 35 yards later, VanVooren scored adding the last touch-down to the final score of 62-0

Enjoy the video & I dare you not to feel anything after watching it!

So what did you think?

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100 000$ worth of Champagne offered to Lebron & the Miami Heat

After their fantastic victory over the Spurs a few days ago, Lebron James and the Miami heat were offered 100 000$ worth of Champagne to celebrate!

All of this was also a huge marketing stunt from (Moët & Chandon) the official champagn sponsor for the play-offs.

ESPN reported that 100 bottles (850$ each) as well as 3 x 3 litres of Champagne (5 000$ each) owere ordered for the players during their nightclub celebrations.

Adding up to the grand total of 100 000$ offered by the Big boss of the nightclub himself David Grutman (and probably also payed for by the brand itself since they were visible by all after such a party!)

For those of you who weren’t lucky enough to get into the club, here are a few pics and vids of what you missed out on.

LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, & the Miami Heat Celebrate 2013 NBA Championship at STORY Nightclub from Seth Browarnik on Vimeo.

Beckham boys take on Zlatan and Thiago Silva at PSG training

The joy to be the son of a football superstar bought by Paris Saint Germain.

What child wouldn’t like to have a kick around with Thiago Silva and Zlatan?

Well, If your name is surname is Beckham, you can be so lucky…

Filmed at the PSG training ground, Beck’s 2 sons Brooklyn and Cruz not only had the chance to have a bit of a kick around with our favourite Swedish giand and Brazilian superstar, they got to try out all their tricks without being tackled.

As we know, Brooklyn had a trial with Chelsea recently and has a few of his fathers skills but is far from being a young Ronaldo or Messi.

I highly doubt that this kickabout wasn’t part of a publicity stunt, but even if it was, fair play to both Zlatan and Thiago to have let the young lads have a go.

Personally, I would have preferred seing a few unknown lads from different Parisien clubs have a go, but I’m guessing that PSG’s President (who has enough money in his bank account to buy African coutries…) wouldn’t validate the idea.

Boston Marathon Explosion…

Panic, Confusion and surprise have taken over Boston as two explosions have taken place near the finish line for the Boston Marathon.

Business Insider have reported that the cause of the explosions are unknown for the moment, but at least 2 people are dead, and over 20 injured.

The explosions took place at approximately 2:50pm local time near the Lenox Hotel, blowing shop windows injuring runners and supporters, and obviously stopping the race immediately.

Many tweeted photos and videos from the scene, and Google even set up a site to keep your familly and friends posted and reasured about your situation if you’re in the area.

Click on the link below if you have any information about what’s happening

Here are a few tweets from the scene ealier.

As you can see, firefighters and police are doing an excellent job to clear the streets and reasure everyone as best as they can.

Moment of explosion Boston Marathon par Spi0n

All our thoughts go out to everyone in Boston at the moment.

Muay Thai training like a man

If you’re doing a bit of sport over the weekend, don’t try to train like this man!

This lad shows us how a real Muay Thai training is done.

To be honest with you, I wouldn’t even try to imitate what he does!

Buakaw Por Pramet is a Thai welterweight Muay Thai kickboxer, fighting out of Por Pramuk Gym, in Bangkok, Thailand.

Twice Omnoi Stadium champion in 2004 and 2006 and K-1 World MAX champion.

In 2011 he won 7 fights 4 of which have ended by way knockout…

Would you pick a fight with this guy?

Still not impressed? Here’s a video showing a few highlights of what he gives in the ring!

Golf Shot of the year!

I’m not a huge fan of golf, but this shot was too amazing to pass!

In the final round of the 2013 Arnold Palmer Invitational presented by MasterCard, Sergio Garcia hit his second from a tree near the fairway on the par-4 10th hole one-handed and backwards.

His ball got stuck in a tree, and instead of losing a few points, he decided to get the guts to climb up the tree, and give the trick shot a go.

How right he was!

On top of getting the ball into the green, he landed an excellent shot that will go down in the history books! (and will go all around the web).

Never judge a book by its cover!

As everyone knows, you should never judge a book by its cover and this video is the latest example proving why.

If you ever saw a guy like this with a football walking in the street you would think “fair enough, everyone is allowed to play”, but few would think that he would have any real football skills.

Well think again, this big lad does more than I could do with a football.

Granted I am a rugby player, but still…

The lads from found a video taken of this lad showing off his football skills by himself over the weekend.

Would you have expected as much from a lad like this?

This short video will make you think twice before you want to judge a book by its cover!

Source :

Wilko’s still got it!

All true rugby fans know how Wilkinsons boot is accurate.

Wilko has one of the steadiest boots in rugby history, and is the true image of a pro rugby player (gifted and humble)

Something, Somewhere is an add used to sell fitness clothing from, which Wilko founded 3 years ago with his brother.

What better way to sell sports clothes than use a pro sportsman such as Jonny Wilkinson?

The World Cup winner can be seen demonstrating his deadly accuracy in a number of different scenarios. This video is the third in a series of six videos which are to be made.

I wonder how re-takes this video needed (very little I imagine).

Source :

Brave Mathieu Raynal

For once I will not be speaking about a viral video or topic, but a rare rugby event.

The match started like any other for the French Top14 Championship.

Montpellier were hosting what was planned to be an epic match against Racing Metro.

The players/gladiators were in place and Mathieu Raynal, armed with his trusty whistle, was ready to tame the beasts!

The match was tough, the forwards were rowling against Raynal (not surprising, they are forwards) and the backs were prancing around like springbocks as usual (yes, they chose to leave all the hard work to the beefy forwards in the pack). Nothing out of the ordinary for such a match.

2 Tries were scored by Racing, a few penalties on both sides, business as usual until…

Raynal foolishly got too close to the fierce freaks of nature.

Trapped! Surrounded by the a few members of the pack, there was no escape.

Only one solution was possible, with just over 20 minutes to go, do your best and pray that the pack will attack each other before they attacked him…

Smart plan, but it was too late. Spotted, Mathieu had to think fast and flee for his life!

Run fool, run!!

Trapped he was, and trapped he would remain. In trying to flee for his life, 2 younger beasts (obviously less tamed then the rest) teamed up to attack the young man.


Crack! Everyone near knew that it was the end for Mathieu.

Luckily enough, 4 Elder beasts moved the young rebels, saving Mathieu from a long and gruelsome death.

Alas, the damage was already done, Mathieu was already on the ground, his tibia was in pieces…

Once the crowd realized the gravity of the situation, even Ceaser stopped laughing.

Ceaser was good, 2 slaves were thrown into the pit.

Together they worked, and off with Mathieu they went.

Even the most drugged and drunk of the crowd had to admire Mathieu’s courage.

Mathieu’s face was as white as snow, but he would survive and fight another day.

Another tamer would replace him for the remaining 20 minutes and the “game” would go on.

We wish Mathieu Raynal a promt recovery! Get well soon, your sacrifice will not be forgotten.


Here’s the video for the less faint of heart :

Heartwarming act of sportsmanship

Sports not only teaches you how to loose fat and play with others, but also how to play fair and respect people for who they are.

Personnaly, I think that rugby is the best sport to learn all of this, but every other sport also has their advantages.

American sports teams have a reputation of being very competitive even at a school level, but what about fair play?

The following video shows us that fair play not only exists, but is perfected by some teams.

On the one hand, high school team in El Paso offered a spot as team manager to Mitchell Marcus, a young boy with development disability who is a huge fan of the game. The head coach who offered him the spot explains how he gave him the job to show the other players what real passion for the sport means.

On the other hand, we have the Franklin High basketball team, who play the final game of the season against El Paso.

For the final game against Franklin High, El Paso’s head coach Peter Morales decided to offer Mitchell the chance of a lifetime by asking him to get his kit on for the game. Mitchell would have been more than pleased doing just that, but his coach hadn’t finished with his surprise.

With a few minutes left to play, and his team leading by 10 points, Morales subbed a player and replaced him by…you guessed it…Mitchell!

But the story doesn’t end there, despite the best efforts of his teammates, and the crowd roaring his name, Mitchells’ shots just didn’t want to go into the net.

With only a few seconds to go, the game seemed to end with a victory for El Paso, but no points from Mitchell.

That was all before what I consider to be one of the most sportsmanship things I have seen in my lifetime.

Yes, you guessed it, Mitchell ends up scoring his shot! But what a way to score!!

Franklin High’s Jonathan Montanez called out to Mitchell, gave him the ball…he shot…and HE SCORED!!!

The crowd went wild, spilling onto the court in appreciation. The shot didn’t change much to the score board, but the moment was celebrated like a championship victory, and will be remembered as one of the most sportsmanship moments of American (at least High school) history.

Here’s the recap of the scene and the reactions of the players, team-mates and more.

Will England get the Grand Slam?

After beating Scotland, Ireland, and now even France, we have to ask ourselves the (unfortunate) question “Will England get the Grand Slam?”

To be honest with you, I hope the answer to that question is no, but England are also the team to beat at the moment.

Their pack is strong, their backs are all built on muscles, and for once…their team are actually playing a rugby that’s worth watching (as opposed to their previous techniques for winning the games via Wilko’s kicking and drop goals…)

All our hopes now rest on Italy and Wales’ shoulders!

Can Italy beat the mighty English? Can Wales raise the level of their game and repeat their fantastic victory against England in 2012?

We will have to wait for the next 2 matches to see…

All I can say is that I will be behind both Italy and Wales for the next matches!!

At least this weekends turmoil is over, with France scoring a nice try this weekend thanks to Wesley Fofana.

Let’s relive that try, which proves that Fofana is a true centre (not a winger…) and that not all French players were not that poor.

Picamoles was also part of this group of players who played at their level.

Ireland surprisingly lost to the “Brave Scots” in Murrayfield on Sunday after too many Irish mistakes, and a lot of Scottish Flair!

Here’s a summing up of the match!

As for the 2 teams left, Wales beat Italy, building on their confidence before their next games against Scotland, and THE match to win against England.

I hope that they will read my article and watch this video to galvanise them for their match against Scotland and…England.

Could you work for Heineken?


Everyone wants to get their dream internship or job, and we obviously listen to our lecturers, mentors and friends’ tips on how to get it.

The only best way to get that job, is to be yourself, and know what recruiters are looking for.

Heineken recently offered an internship in their sponsoring and events department, and met with 1734 candidates.

How did they choose “the one” you ask?

Simple, when your name is Heineken and your marketing team understands what your clients need, you make a viral video out of it!

The ingredients for this genious plan were simple. Take the 1734 candidates, add a few hidden camera’s and prepare 3 unexpected situations to see how they react and if their answers are honest, and there you have it!

The final 3 candidates were chosen by Heineken’s marketing team, and the most popular one was flown out to Juventus for their Champions League match to announce the final result.

Would you have what it takes to work for Heineken?

Half-time shot wins a scholarship

Each year, Brandon University (Canada) holds the “Smitty’s Tuition shoot-out” with a prize of a semester of tuition paid for in full.

Mason Kaluzniak, the student selected for to take the shot, chose Bobcats head coach Gil Cheung to shoot the half court shot for him.

Using all his skills, the coach swished aced the shot!

This video has already got 300,000 hits just over the weekend & was used by YahooSports, USAToday, and the Sun

Here’s the video of the event

Here’s another half-time shot you may also remember

(read the full article linked to the last video here)

Happy Birthday Michael Jordan!

As most of you may know, today is Michael Jordan’s 50th birthday so to celebrate, here are a few videos of his best shots.

His achievements off the court are as impressive as the ones we remember him for.

Last week Forbes estimated that Jordan earned $80 million from his corporate partners and ten years after his last competitive game he is earning more than any current sports athlete, bar Floyd Mayweather.

All are unbelievable feats, switching hands during airborne scores that cemented his place in history.

All basketball fans will never tire of watching such skills so enjoy these brief videos that try to sum up his greatest player moments.

Happy Birthday Michael!

And here’s a bonus (he may not be so proud of this one)

The trailer for…Space Jam

And every film obviously needs a theme song…

Real Football fans

Here’s a video showing how all football fans should be!

Just before the Glasgow Celtic -vs- Juventus Champions league match, the fans started chanting as one.

You will never walk alone!

Celtic – Juventus – You'll never walk alone HD… par Worldsoccerko

On the same note (but we are more used to this) here are Irish football fans Singing and supporting their team until the end.

For 3 mins during the end Ireland -vs- Spain in the Euro 2012, Irish fans sang and supported their losing team.

True supporters!

Try of the week?

I’ve decided to add a try of the week section to the site during the 6 nations tournament.

This week there weren’t many tries, so the decision isn’t very difficult to make.

Here’s what many chose as their try of the week.

Scotland’s fullback Stuart Hogg intercepts Italy’s pass and makes a huge run for it & with his speed, stamina and determination, he makes a 90metre dash for the line and scores!

What do you think?

Quade & Sonny boxing

International rugby stars Sonny Bill Williams & Quade Cooper have taken up a new hobby which is…you guessed it, Boxing.

Sharp on their feet, and with strong upper body strength, this sport seemed to be a logical choice.

Here are the 2 videos of Quade’s first fight (won by K.O. in round1) and Sonny Bill’s latest one (won by a whisker)

Quade Cooper

Sonny Bill