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Superformula to fight cancer!

The first step in fighting cancer is believing in the cure, this is even more important when children are involved!

To help this happen, Camargo cancer centre in Brazil and a team of artistic designers from JWT Brazil teamed up to prepare special superhero bags to contain their chemo treatment.

The results are visible since kids respect their favourite superheroes and can choose between Batman, Superman, Green lantern and more to help!

Comic books and animations were especially prepared to help them accept the cancer and the treatment by showing how their favourite superhero buddies were cured after being hit by the same evil disease!

If they Batman can do it, so can you!

What do you think about this awesome project?

Star Trek medecine has arrived!

The tricoder has arrived!

Science is evolving at warp speed (yes I just quoted Star Trek), and more and more devices that we saw in the cinema years ago are being invented and commercialized.

The latest in the devices is “Scout” which looks a lot like the famous tricoder used in Star Trek.
Again, for those of you who don’t remember, the tricoder is the device that told you how you were injured or sick in one click and a quick scan.

Scout is a device that can monitor and track your vital signs, temperature, ECG, heart rate, oximetry and stress by just holding the it up to your forehead for 10 seconds.

As simple as it sounds, to use the device you simply hold it against your forehead and wait. Results are synched from Scout to your smartphone, where you can track your health over time. On a basic level, you can see that your temperature or heart rate is elevated from the norm at any given time. On a larger level, you can also see potential problems headed your way by noticing abnormalities before they become physical issues.

You don’t believe it would work? It has to, because even NASA validated the project!

Watch the video and tell me what you think.

Source : Mashable

Slow motion paint explosion

2 guys, one slow motion, and a lot of imagination will give this!

Dan and Gav, also known as “The Slow Mo Guys” decided to make all types of objects explode and film the process with a high resolution slow motion camera.

Useless to say, the result is incredible!

With 15 000 images/second the Phantom HD shows us what our human eyes are really missing.

In their latest video, these 2 young Youtube users decided to film exploding mini paint pots.

Viewers beware, do not do this at home (unless you have a slow motion camera and a friend, in which case this can be tons of fun 😉

What do you think about the final result?

You decide!

Here are 2 of their previous videos :

Giant inflatable

Football hit to the face

Astonaught tears in space! by Chris Hadfield

Our favourite Canadian astronaught Chris Hadfield uploaded yet another video from space the other day.

After adding a space pic of earth onto his twitter account, and videos showing how to brush your teeth in space, or even how to take care of space station spills, he offers us another interesting view on what astronauts can get up to while they’re in space.

This time he decided to show us how space and zero gravity effect astronaughts feelings!

Being far away from familly and friends can make astronauts a little home-sick sometimes, but what happends if they cry?

Well the answer is in Hadrfield’s new video!

He shows us exactly what happends to our tears and the result is quite interesting.

There you go!

No you know what happends when astronauts cry 😉


The True Science of Parallel Universes

Oh no, not another educational science video? Don’t worry, this is a science video with a difference.

Most of you have already heard about Henry Reich and his Minute Physics youtube videos.

Well, here he is again with his latest video “Everyone loves the idea of parallel universes.”

This version of a “science” video speaks about Hollywood science, and how they use theories that are based on the impossible premise of travelling to an alternate reality just like ours, only a little different.

The question is : Is there really any true science behind these statements? I wonder…

Enjoy the video and tell me what you think!

3D Pen!

What if we found something even better than 3D printeres?

Well, 2 associates seemed to have done so by inventing a 3D pen, which allows you to create 3D objects via their device.

After over a year of research and development, they seem to have found their final version with what they call 3Doodler.

The idea is simple but needed to be perfected. Melted plastic contained in the pen solidifies as soon as it contacts the air. In this video they show how to use the device to create both simple and complex models.

Use your imagination and the pen seems to be able to do the rest!

I am obviously a fan of such a device, which could be used by both architects and people who just have a lot of imagination alike.

WobbleWorks LLC (founded by the 2 associates you will see in the video) financed their project thanks to Kickstarter, a platform allowing startups to develop their innovating ideas or products.

3Doodler has already received 627.548 dollars since the product was officialised yesterday and according to The Verge, you can order your 3Doodler now for $75 and receive yours in Automn 2013.

What is the Universe?

What is the universe?

This seems like a question you would anwswer in a philosophy dissertation, that can have a far more complex answer than you think.

Well, Minute Physics answered the question for us via…you guessed it, physics.

What would you answer to this question?

I’m sure that Sheldon Cooper (from the Big Bang Theory) would have more than a things to add about this topic