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The Crazy Life Of Superhero Action Figures (Picture Gallery)

Photographer Edy Hardjo uses his imagination, his camera, and a little Photoshop magic to bring life to superhero action figures and create amazing images of a reality that unfortunately does not exist. Be sure to check all his photos below, and if you like what you see, go ahead and give him a like on Facebook!

What do think about the pics?

Original source : Hrjoe Photography

Single Mom Dresses Up As Dad So Her Son Wouldn’t Miss ‘Donuts With Dad’ Day At School

When single mom Yevette Vasquez dropped her son off to school recently, she noticed more cars in the parking lot than usual. She asked her son Elijah what was going on and he told her that the school was holding a breakfast event called ‘Donuts with Dads’. Not wanting her son to miss out, Yevette, from Texas, did what any mom would do in such a situation: she drove home, put on a plaid shirt, a Rangers baseball cap, a chain, a fake mustache, and even a dash of cologne, and then returned to school incognito so Elijah could enjoy some donuts with “dad”.

“I know seeing other dads with their kids isn’t easy for mine but it’s life,” wrote Vasquez on Facebook. “At least I can do whatever it takes to put a smile on that face.” And as you can see, she certainly did just that. Yevette Vasquez – we salute you.

Yevette Vasquez is a single mom who decided to become a dad for a day

Not wanting her son, Elijah, to miss out on a school event called ‘Donuts with Dads’, Vasquez dressed like a man


She wore a plaid shirt, a Rangers baseball cap, a chain, a fake mustache, and even a dash of cologne!


“I know seeing other dads with their kids isn’t easy for mine but it’s life,” wrote Vasquez on Facebook


“At least I can do whatever it takes to put a smile on that face”


Article Source : BoredPanda September 6th 2016

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Disney Halloween!

Halloween is coming close, and artist Dan Luvisi knows this.

To celebrate this real holiday, I decided to start adding a few photos, pics, or videos each day.

Some nostaligic, some awesome, and some just plain “halloweeny” (yes I know that sounds cheesy but I couldn’t care less)

Today is Disney’s turn!

Dan decided to change Disney’s lovely princesses into horrible little monsters (or scary things at least)

For those of you who like halloween, sit back and enjoy. For those of you who don’t, well think about how less and less people care about this holiday,

What do you think?

Source : Boredpanda; DeviantArt | Blogspot (h/t: designyoutrust)

How coutries deal with problems

Graphic designer from french site Rue89 decided to draw up an image showing how different countries deal with problems.

They are all based on steraotypes, but since he was quite harsh with France, we can ignore that 😉

Tea, football, prison, Kim Jong-Un, with all that I’m surprised he forgot to add sex into the equation.

Maybe he’s got another less PG version in store for us.


So what do you think?

Is your country like that? or is your coutry even in the pic?

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Parenting Win!

Children always miss their parents when they go on business trips, even when it’s a regular trip!

So how could you make a child feel less sad (no you can’t say happier, you can only say less sad in this case) when you fly off only to come back only a few days later?

Well this Dad certainly found the right way to do so!

Before leaving for his monthly meetings, he decided to ask his children to draw a few pictures for him so that he would have something to colour in during his flights.

He first used a few coloured pencils, then later turned to his iPad ArtStudio program and the results are simply amazing!

Needless to say, his children were pleased with the results, exept on one occasion when his daughter insisted that the shirt on her character was not supposed to be red.

Would you be able to do the same & what do you think?

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Source: imgur

Two Londoners imitate Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen

Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen are well known BFF’s (best friends for life for those of you who decided to forget their teen years in a far away place) and they just love showing it each time they meet up!

Taking a relaxed pic with a beer in each hand, visiting national monuments together, dressing up as lobsters, or even just chilling out with Elmo, these guys just know how to stay awesome.

The thing is, quite a lot of people have “BFF’s” so how come when they take pics together they’re far from being as popular?

Well these 2 chaps from London decided to find out for themselves!

They took exactly the same pics together as Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen minus one minute detail: all of their pics were taken in London as opposed to the originals from New York.

Well lets find out if their hard work paid off!

(Click on images to enlarge)










So what do you think?

As you can see, the only one they couldn’t recreate was the “Elmo Pic”

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Logos with honest slogans!

What if logos were honest?

If you switch on your PC, live in a big city, or even just turn on your tv, you can’t spend a day without seeing a logo…

But what if these logos were honest about what they sell, or how we use it?

Not a chance in hell! Or at least for the moment (if a company did such a thing, their ad would go viral in seconds!)

In the meantime, let’s have a look at these photoshopped logos showing what we all think about these brands.


Source :

Leg art!

Bored in class? Drawing on your notebook is so old school, same for texting in class.

Meet Jody Steel, your average American student, with one more than average talent.

I don’t know if her marks are good or not but this girl certainly knows how to draw!

Jody posted a pic of a Walter White drawing on her leg about a year ago on, and with over 500 000 views, her drawing has become one of the most shared pics on the net.

Since her success, Jody started to share a few more pics she drew in class, and posted them on her blog.

Game of Thrones, Radiohead, and more were given a new home on Jody’s after just an hour of “boredom” in class.

Her talent obviously didn’t go unnoticed, and it wasn’t before long that her lecturers hired Jody to draw the cover of her book “steaming into victorian future”.

Joday has since been offered contracts in advertising agencies as their creative designer.

Jody will obtain her degree at the end of next year, and aparently she just wants to become a tatoo artist! I would definately get a tatoo done in her shop!

Here are just a few of the pics she shared with us :

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Creative Father photoshop

For everyone who’s a bit pessemistic about having children, this dad will definately change your mind!

Photographer Emil Nyström decided to spice things up a little by adding a few pics of his baby daughter every now and then.

Admit it, all parents do it, either for their childrens viewing pleasure when they grow older, or to embarass them in front of their friends when they become teenagers.

So how is Signhild’s Dad different to any other parent?

Well, instead of taking simple pictures, printing before printing them out and placing it into a photo album, he decided to add a few details to the pics!

The result is quite impressive! Why just photoshop out the minute details you don’t like in the pic, why not add a few objects?

In just a few pics & clicks, his baby turns into a superhero, bath-tub diver, or prince of the jungle!

I wonder what Singnhild will think about the photos when she grows up?

I hope she will remember her Dad was awesome!

Who knows, she may do the same with his aging Father!

Source : Twisted Sifter

Superhero parents!

We all know that superhero’s are cool, but wouldn’t it be even better if our parents were superhero’s?

This artist decided to give it a go! From Batman to Aquaman, he imagined what it would be like if our superhero’s would let us take a pic of them bringing their kids to school.

Thanks to Andry Rajoelina, we now feel safer knowing the world will be a better place for years to come!

15 incredible behind the scene photos from epic films

15 incredible behind the scene photos!

It’s alwats impressive to see what you find when you open a few boxes in the attic.
In this case, the boxes in Hollywood’s attic were full of gold!

Here are 15 of the best behind the scene pics from Frankenstein to Top Gun and the Lord of the rings.

The pics speak from themselves.

As they say, work hard, play hard and every actor in these pics worked hard!

What do you think?

Source : Imugr

4 sisters stick together!

Time will always catch up with you whether you like it or not, but everyone can stop it forever by taking a few pictures.

These 4 sisters decided to take a group picture of themselves for 36 years straight and the result is…well I’ll let you see for yourself!

Not only can you see what time does to people (in a good way of course 😉 but you can see how fashion evolved!

Would you do the same with your brothers/sisters/friends?

Enjoy the pics!

38 historic photos

The twentieth century has many forgotten rare historical photos.

Forgotten, that is, until internet and digital scanning of photos came to exist!

Thanks to this, here are 38 historical photos shared on the net for millions to see.

Pop, Politics, War and more, you choose your favourite!

If brands spoke the truth…

What if big brands told the truth in their logos?

Graphic designer Viktor Hertz decided to give it a go via a series of remasterised logos.

Myspace, Youtube, Facebook McDonalds and more have to face the facts & reality.

I can’t wait for one of these brands to reply 😉

So what do you think?

My personal favourite is Facebook replaced by “Procrastination”


Paramount just released 24 new images from Star Trek Into Darkness!

Just enough to keep us waiting until May 15th.

Scottie and all the team are back as well as a new character we get to have a glimpse of.

And since they decided to share, I decided to do the same.

Here the 24 new pics from the film, which I can’t wait to see on the big screen!

Click on any pic for a high definition resolution.

You’re welcome 😉

Here’s the official synopsis in case you haven’t heard about the new films plot

In the wake of a shocking act of terror from within their own organization, the crew of The Enterprise is called back home to Earth. In defiance of regulations and with a personal score to settle, Captain Kirk leads his crew on a manhunt to capture an unstoppable force of destruction and bring those responsible to justice. (source Paramount)

As our heroes are propelled into an epic chess game of life and death, love will be challenged, friendships will be torn apart, and sacrifices must be made for the only family Kirk has left: his crew.
























Source : Paramount Pictures

And here’s the official trailer :

Italian Sauce WTF

Italian sauce Gioni chose to market it’s new packaging product in the most unique way possible for the least unique “new” item.

A daring marketing campaign which I deem necessary in such a competitive market.

Agreed, the first thing that comes to mind when you see such a campaign is What the F##k but then again, it is for a sauce, and it is Italian!

At least the ketchup bottle got its deserved revenge on everyone who ever slapped its bottom.

All I have to say is that these ads are like Marmite : “Either you love it, or you hate it”, but in the end, everyone knows the brand!




Cunningly Vandalized Billboards

In modern day society, we see billboards and commercials everywhere we go!

Paris, London, and New York are the worst hit, but wherever we seem to go, at least one or two billboards just seem to show up out of no where.

Crack decided to make billboards a little less annoying by making a compilation of the 30 most Masterfully vandalized billboards so far.

This just makes you see how people have quite an imagination!

What do you think?

Source : CrackTwo

Comic Book -vs- Real World

Young Chinese student Gaikuo-Captain decided to show off his creative talents on the net, and we have to thank him for such an awesome share!

Comic book fan, he started to draw a few of his favourite comic book heroes from Batman, The Avengers, and Pokemon (yes he is a fan of Pokemon, but his drawings are cool so we’ll let that one pass 😉

Instead of just drawing them, he chose to draw the characters in certain situations.

Batman fighting with him, The Joker letting him pose for a pic, a dragon Pokemon who ate too much Mexican food (or so I think, I’m not a Pokemon specialist) and much more!

Fair play to this young talent, I can’t wait for more drawings.

What do you think?
















Would you be able to draw as well as him?

Mustafa Soydan art

Mustafa Soydan, illustrateur spécialised in the fashion universe & based in Istanbul decided to share his art with the world.

Sensual, feminin and moderne, his artwork mixes vintage photos with modern designs.

The theme in his work is diverse and changes with his mood according to Mustafa.

His past, his wishes for the future, and pictures he just took on the spur of the moment are his inspiration.

As he says so well himself, his passion is to put his love for living into his work and make a mark on life.

Spoken like a true artist!

Here is a brief compilation of what I believe to be his best work!










So what do you think?

Source :

Porn actresses without make-up!

We’ve all seen pictures of celebs without make-up, but have you seen porn celebs without make-up?

These photos go from Amazing to disturbing.

It makes you think a lot, just imagine, the ugly girl you meet at a bar that tries to hook up with you may be a porn star!

You didn’t see that one coming did you? 😉

So without further ado, here are 25 pics of porn stars with and without make-up.

Would you go out with one of these girls if they didn’t have their make-up on?

Now lads, be honest!


























Cat pics

For some reason, I’m writing my second article about cats today (I must be in a cat mood).

As well all know, cats are ever present on the net.

Whether its videos, pics, GIF’s, fansites or more, you can’t escape it.

To change things a little, I decided to find a few pics of lazy cats, cat’s who got themselves into sticky situations, and cat’s who just don’t get things in life (or at least they make us think they don’t).

So sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Oh, and by the way, I do realize that by writing articles that “change things a little” I’m just writing another article about cats but bare with me 😉

38 Crazy Local News Captions

The weekend is almost over, but have no fear, ViralHipster is here!

I decided to put a smile on your face by showing you all the news pictures you missed.

Local, late night, or early morning news shows tend to get lazy every now and then.

That’s where we come in!

Here are 38 screen captions of local news shows where at least one of their employees was either a very poor intern, or a very lazy employee (you decide which).






































And last but not least, number 38!


Let this be a lesson to you.

Think twice before hiring a lazy intern/employee, and always treat your employees well, because vengence is a dish best served cold!

(original source : BuzzFeed)

When graphic designers meet scientists

Graphic designers are arty, smart, and sometimes even creative and every now and then some tend to have excellent ideas.

This project is the perfect example of just that!

When graphic designers meets science to try to explain and popularize the subject, the result is worth the watch.

Bombay’s Designs using Darwin, Pythagorus, Archimedes and many more were thought up specifically for the National Science Day in India in honour of Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman.

Even if you don’t recognize all of the names, the design gives you a helping hand!









Were you able to identify all 8?

Mister Universe 1952 has still got it!

He’s still got it!

Mohair Aich, Indian national will celebrate his 100th birthday today and the ex Mister Universe is still as fit as a fiddle.

All this thanks to a proper style of living and…weightlifting!

Believe it or not, this man is still lifting weights and training at 100 years old.

I can honestly tell you that I couldn’t do the same, and I’m practically sure that neither would Schwatzie!

Here are a few pics taken over the years showing how he’s always been fit!

Mister Universe 1952







So what do you think?

Here are 2 bonus pics of another Mister Universe…Sean Connery!

Beofre :


and After :