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Ed Sheeran and Jimmy Fallon performed ‘Shape of You’ using classroom instruments

The world’s favourite guitar-toting redhead and the world’s favourite classroom instruments band — what’s not to like?

What do you think?

Ed Sheeran joined Jimmy Fallon & The Roots for a funky version of his latest crowd-pleaser “Shape of You” and it’s perefct!

Playing a banana shaker, Sheeran has never been more Sheeran, while jack-of-all-trades Fallon performs with a Casio keyboard, bass drum, Guiro and blocks.

There’s room also for the xylophone, kazoo, apple shaker, bongos and ukulele.

They all look so inspired.

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Original source : Mashable

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Evanescence’s Amy Lee Debuts ‘Dream Too Much’ Video ‘Inspired’ By 2-Year-Old Son

Amy Lee is best known for her band Evanescence’s dark, moody rock, but family life “seems to have” (meaning it definately has) changed her tune.

The Grammy-nominated singer will release Dream Too Much, an album for kids (yeaay, more, more more – old Amy Lee fan dies a little inside, but respects her life choices)  later this month on Amazon. The 12-song set will include original tracks, as well as covers of classics (including the Beatles’ “Hello Goodbye” and Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me”) and beloved children’s ditties like “Rubber Duckie.”

Pretty much every blog and site had a sneak peak at the vid (if you use twitter, facebook, or just the internet) so I decided to share this wonderful joy of a happy bunny video.

Oh, and yes, Amy  Lee says was inspired by her 2-year-old son  whom  she spawned with her lovable rock husband Josh Hartler in 2014.

Here are random things  she said “quote, unquote”

“I was shocked by the huge emotion and the inspiration that came from having a child, and I am inspired by him all the time,” Lee, 34, tells PEOPLE. “I just really wanted to make music again. And I kind of thought when I had kids, I would want to do what I do less — I would just want to focus on being a mom and sort of retire. But I just don’t feel that way! I feel so motivated. I have all these new feelings and thoughts and ideas to share.”

The “My Immortal” singer says her new perspective as a parent has influenced both her outlook on life and on her music, as well.

“I’m inspired by watching his mind open up. Every day, he experiences stuff for the first time, and it’s so cool to go do that: just the joy on his face or the surprise or the fascination,” says Lee.

Reliving life’s simpler moments for the first time with her son informed the album, too.

“Seeing it through his eyes is exactly what inspired the record. So the original songs, they came from him, from his little mind,” she says.

Mid article Bonus (yes reading is boring for some, but not reading is worse 😉

One random youtuber’s view on the new video (in Spanish)

He’s clearly an old Amy Lee fan (love the holes in his ears 😉

The singer admits the lyrics of “Dream Too Much” — e.g., “there’s a monkey in the band” and “the muffins are all sleeping” — are “nonsense.” But they too were inspired by her little boy.

“So much of it was about pleasing him and talking to him and communicating with him and making him happy: watching that bright smile on his face as we’re talking about the same thing together,” says Lee.

Here’s a little pic of the bundle of fun that keeps her up all night (keep it up & she may come back to her evanescence days yet)


And as it turns out, the entire album was a family affair, too. Lee decided to go into the recording studio with her radio deejay dad, John, as a 60th birthday gift to him. They originally planned to record some of their favorite songs from her youth — including Pure Prairie League’s “Ami,” after which she was named — but soon, they invited her uncle Tom, as well as her sisters Lori and Carrie, to join in the fun.

“We’re all three-part harmony-ing it up and making up crazy parts and getting all choir nerd on it,” Lee says of the familial collaboration.

“We were being a family, but also being able to work on a constructive project, which made for such a better time, actually. It’s a different kind of thing that happens when you’re working on something together. You get to shine, and everybody gets their moment. It’s really powerful. And it really was, from the beginning, to make something for ourselves, and then we let it spiral out of control, and I’m so glad we did.”

Here’s a lovely pic of the unicorn fluffed album cover


As for the colorful “Dream Too Much” video, Lee decided to tap into her longtime affinity for stop motion animation, enlisting a professional to bring her own drawings and artwork to life in the enchanting clip.

And Lee will pull a Beyonce (whatever that means), making the entire collection a visual album, as whimsical videos are being produced to accompany each of the record’s upbeat tracks.

As for Evanescence fans concerned their gothic queen has gone soft on them, fret not. (sorry false hope on that one)

Here is her quote trying to justify the change :

“If you look at my stage outfits from day one, I’ve been a rainbow cupcake all along,” Lee says, laughing. “It’s not that different. No eyeliner — that’s different [this time]. To me, it’s about the sound: The sound, obviously, is very different. It’s definitely been in there all along. It’s just that Evanescence is what took off. There’s always been this other colorful side.”

Dream Too Much, will be out on Amazon Sept. 30, is available for pre-order now. (oh, and will obviously be available on Youtube, deezer, and torrents all around if you don’t like that sort of thing)

Lee will hit the road with Evanescence for a month-long tour starting in October if you’re brave enough (or just want to bring your kid out to play)

I wonder what Amy’s next song will look like…

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The Monster video is out!

Both Eminem & Rihanna fans were waiting for this video, and boy have they delivered!

With over 5.5million views in just 2 days, this video is definately a must watch.

Simple, well thought out, and beautifully executed are the worlds I would use to describe the video.

Rihanna is Eminem’s counsellor, and Eminem watches his past life pass by until he confronts his caged monster.

I won’t reveal what the monster in the cage looks like because it’s a nice twist to the video that you should see for yourselves!

As an added bonus, even the girls can enjoy the video since Rihanna decided to put a few (though tight) clothes on for once!!

Enough said, enjoy the video :

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Elivs is still alive!

Just when we were all getting used to the fact that Elvis was dead, replaced by hundreds of Vegas impersonators, this guy came along.

David Thibault, a young 16 year old Canadian was discovered by Quebec radio station “Ckoi Quebec” and boy is he worth your 2minutes and 25seconds!

Singing BlueVelvet, this guy is the real deal and trust me, there have been many before him who tried to sing this well.

Click play, close your eyes and watch the video. When you open them tell me what you think.

This guy is definately going to become an internet sensation with over 135k Youtube hits since yesterday.

So what did you think?

Here’s a bonus video of the original version so that you can fully appreciate the lads talent.

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Source : CkoiQuebec & Minutebuzz

Van Halen played by a 14 year old girl

Not another cover version of Van Halen?

What if I told you that this one was done by a 14 year old girl?

You don’t believe me? How can a girl that young be both a fan of Van Halen, have talent, and have the brilliant idea to do a cover version and post it on Youtube?

Well this one did!

Here’s a video of Tina, 14, covering Eddie Van Halen‘s “Eruption” guitar solo and absolutely shredding it.

Even if you’re not a guitar fan, look at her fingers, try to do the same (even on guitar hero) and you will see how good she is!

Here’s the original version of Eddie live in concert to give you a better idea of how good she really is!

And since you watched both videos, here’s a bonus one of Van Halen going wild live!

Source : Mashable

Justin Timberlake surprises his fans

Just as we thought Justin Timberlake couldn’t be any more awesome, he went out and did this!

20 of his biggest fans were chosen to sing “Mirrors” one of his latest singles from the new album.

Everyone was already thrilled to be part of the event, and thought things couldn’t get better until…Justin appeared out of nowhere to give them a great surprise!

Hugs, shreeks and a few kisses later, the fans were still amazed that they not only got to sing one of his songs, but meet their idol.

Well played Justin, well played!

History of Rap 4

Jimmy Fallon invited Justin Timberlake to promote his latest single, but everyone knows that you don’t just get to talk about your new single/film or other on Jimmy Fallon’s show, you have to earn the right to do so!

JT was no exeption.

To promote his new single Jimmy and himself decided to spice things up a little with the 4th version of “History of rap”.

I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised with Jimmy’s rap history knowledge.

LL Cool J, Jay Z, the Bestie Boys and much more songs are featured in this version.

Enjoy the show!

Fuck the Harlem Shake!

Although still as popular, the Harlem Shake phenomenon is becoming slightly less visible in the media and social network pages.

So many versions came out (some funny, others less so) that it seemed that no one could escape the crazy dance.

Personally, I only want to see Harlem Shake videos that would be used for a good cause like “the worst harlem shake ever” to make people more aware of Parkinsons disease.

LeTonyRagecomics decided to step it up a notch by making “Fuck the Harlem Shake”.

You would think that the title would say it all, but they also make fun of Psy’s Gangnam Style and One Pound fish!

Fair play lads, you understood the exact method to use to get rid of a viral video…make another one!

For those of you who don’t know Gangnam Style and One Pound Fish, here are both of their viral videos.

Paint and music

What if all the expressions you heard in music videos ended up in one music video?

Litteral MS Paint decided to recreate pop music videos using Microsof Paint in a literal sense (why not, it’s funnier that way).

With over 77 thousand hits, this video is already starting to call viral, and things are getting better and better.

I can’t even start to imagine how many hours they needed to make the video but here it is!

For your viewing pleasure, please sit back, relax, and enjoy “Thrift Shop – Literal MSPaint”

David Bowie – The Stars (Are Out Tonight)

David Bowie fans have been waiting for it, and David has answered their call!

After 10 years of absence, David decided to come back with a new album.

“The Stars(Are out tonight)” is the second single from his album, after “Where are we now” and should get a couple of hits on youtube.

Directed by Floria Sigismondi, the video shows actress Tilda Swinton playing Bowie’s wife.

David Bowie’s album will be available on March 11th next month and will be his latest album since «Reality» in 2003.

We all wonder when his next concerts will be, since he hasn’t given one since 2004 and his fans will be waiting for more!

What do you think of his latest song?

Here’s the 1st song from his latest album

As a bonus video, here are a few of his less recent songs:

Life on Mars

Under Pressure (with Queen)

And last but not least, here’s one to remind you what the type of live shows you could expect :

Harlem takes its shake back!

Over the past few weeks, the new “swag” of the moment has been the Harlem Shake.

Much like most of what becomes a global phenomenon at the moment, we don’t know where the original version comes from.

Where does the Harlem Shake come from and why has it become so popular?

Well, the answer is simple, and in the title of the song/dance frenzy.

The origin of the song/dance comes from…Harlem (obviously).

But isn’t Harlem an area in the States where the famous Globe Trotters come from? Because for the moment I’ve seen lots of people dance around for 30 seconds with absolutely no fear of making a fool of themselves, but not once have I seen a video even remotely looking like it came from Harlem.

That is until now…

Instead of the usual 30 second bash to your brain, this video lasts just over 4 minutes, and is actually worth the watch.
If you’re man enough to last the 30 seconds of the usual Harlem Shake, you’re in for a treat. (and let’s face it, even if you’re not tough enough, you can last another 30 seconds after all of those “Best Harlem Shake” and “Top 10 Harlem Shake” videos you’ve watched over and over.

So what do you think?

Does this video actually remind you of Harlem?

Oh, and here’s an added bonus since I mentionned the Harlem Globe Trotters, here they are :

House MD vegetable style!

J Views, a young artist likes to mix music with style!

With 255,000 hits in just a few days, his video went viral.

J Views shows us an original way to use vegetables to mix his music.

In this video you can recognise the theme song for the world famous TV show “House MD”

Would you have thought of using vegetables in this way?

Here’s the original version we all know from the show (Teardrop by Massive attack)

And here are a few other ways that vegetables were used by other artists to make (less modern) music by the Vienna Vegetable orchestra

The phenomenon even reached “China’s got talent” in 2011, where a duo of chinese artists decided to give it a try.

Let’s see how they did…

Bottoms up!

Bottoms up to this lad.

Percussionist Jorge Perez shows us that music can be found everywhere.

Jorge looks like he knows what he’s doing and is one of the best percussionists around, but I must admit that he gave a whole new image to percussionists.

Would you be up for a go?

Here a 2 other videos from Jorge showing how he’s not at his first attempt.

Mission Impossible revisited

Lindsey Stirling and the Piano guys made classical music cool again by interepreting modern songs with classical instruments.

For their latest Youtube video, Stirling and the Piano guys decided to team up to make their own musical version of…Mission Impossible.

I am a fan of classical music, but I admit that some songs are a little long and difficult to listen to if you’re not a real fan.

Thanks to this lot, even a person who prefers rap or heavy metal music will agree that this classical music can be cool and enjoyed by all!

Your mission, should you chose to accept it, is to watch and rate this video.

Here’s the “original” updated version of Mission Impossible and a modern version of Rockelbel’s Canon.

The updated version of Mission Impossible by Limp Bizkit from a few years back

And the modern version of Rockelbel’s Canon by the Piano Guys