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Which position do you sleep in?

Rise and shine sleepy head!

What way did you sleep? Like a star, a mummy, a lazy foot out of the bed? Which do you prefer?

Fellow Youtuber RegeNineteen made a video mashup answering just that question!

You will see that some are quite surprising.

And here’s a video that Minutebuzz (French viral digital media content site) posted in January.

Enjoy your siesta!

Original Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat, Grumpy cat, what are they feeding you?

All Friends fans will understand the song, the others will have to bare with me a few moments.

We’ve all heard about, seen pics of him, but few videos actually exist about the original “Grumpy cat”.

Well, I found one just for you!

As you can see, this cat has a mind of his own.

If his owners were looking for a cuddle addicted cat, they were definately in for a surprise!

Look on the bright side though, grumpy cat is probably one of (if not the) most famous cat on the net at the moment!!

Stupid science experiment

Add 6 friends, one camera, an electric fence and some stupidity and this is what you get!

No one was hurt (thankfully) in the video posted by Angus Fowles.

Over 2 million people already viewed the video where 5 daring friends (and one intelligent cameramen) decide to conduct an experiment using an electric fence…

A few chairs were laid out, and the experiment could commence.

The first 4 obviously didn’t receive a shock since all where on a chair or a “conducter”.

Then little Jimmy (or so we shall call him) came into the scene, took off his shoes, and joined into the human chain.

A dumb idea probably conjured up out of a mixture of boredome and curiosity, this “experiment” was bound to end the way it did.

What do you think happened?

Watch the video so see if you were right!

This is proof that “safe” stupidity on Youtube pays off.

The Fanny Song!

After the “We saw your boobs” and “we saw your junk” songs, here comes “The Fanny Song”

Found on a famous Irish site, this song gives us all the possible names you can use for Fanny and believe me there are a plenty!

As mentions, eskimos are said to have 100 words for snow, and women seem to have twice as many for their body parts.

I don’t know wether to be ashamed, in awe, or just simply amazed!

Bryony Kimmings has decided to celebrate the “humble vagina” with an ode to the many, many names ascribed to it with this lovely (yet somewhat disturbing) song.

If the music used in the song rings a bell it’s because the song is a rework of Bob Dylan’s “Subterranean Homesick Blues”.

Don’t forget that I warned you before listening to this song πŸ˜‰

(Source :

Welcome to Googleplex!

Everyone aged 25-30 wants to work for Google!

Work hard, play harder! Hard work with the best of the best in the world, and in the best offices, what more could you ask for?

After autoproclaiming himself as a “hip hop artist”, Google employee Andrew Fink decided to make a “rap” video called “Welcome to Google”.

Now before you watch this video let me remind you of a few things :

1) this is Google’s New York office, we are not in Disneyland Florida so don’t expect a 50cent style rap video

2) though daring, this video had to have been validated by Fink’s superiors since Google has a reputation to upkeep

3) I am a personal fan of Google, so my point of view is COMPLETELY biased

Thumbs up to this lad who did the video. I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere it was filmed in, the decor made up of old computers, an Android mascot, and a “What would Google do” book that just happened to be lying around πŸ˜‰

According to sources from Mashable, Fink, (whose real name is Finklestein) works in the sales department at Wildfire, a social media marketing group that was acquired by Google last year and his resume on LinkedIn shows his two diverging interests: records labels and radio stations.

This cunning young man seems to have found a way to merge this into his new job at Google with this video.

What do you think of Fink’s Google rap? Share in the comments.

I know that I’m a fan! (I wouldn’t buy his cd though πŸ˜‰

I’m just guessing out loud here, but maybe this video is linked to the new film about Google coming out soon.

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, watch it here :

Did I get it right Google? If I did send me a message and I’ll send you my CV (even if I didn’t send me a message and I’ll send you my CV!)

3 year old Korn fans!

Brothers and sisters are almost always born with opposite musical tastes until a certain age, but some rare exeptions do exist.

These 2 not only have the same taste in music, but the tunes they are both into just happends to be…Korn!

Granted, one of their parents must be a huge Korn fan, but I’ve never seen a 3 year old this enthusiastic about Korn!

Lucas, the blond brother on the left seat even seems to know the song and instrumental off by heart.

Watch the last seconds closely and you will see why.

With already over 130,000 hits, this video has gone viral.

Rock on my young children, rock on!!

Simpsons Harlem Shake!

When will we get fed up of Harlem Shake videos?

So many are on the internet at the moment, but when will people decide to stop?!

Everyone is trying to become more original but thousands of videos already exist, and they seem to be reproducing…

That said, every now and then we find a video that changes from the usual, and this familly could have done a Harlem SHake whenever they wish!

Some people would say that the Simpsons have gone “mainstream” by participating in more and more commercials and viral videos, but no one can argue that this familly will stay number one in the eyes of their fans.

Even their non fans have to agree that they are from being as bad as other tv programs you can see in the US (I wouldn’t dare to mention reality TV shows, oops, I just did, my mistake πŸ˜‰

So without further ado, I present you with the “Homer Shake”, the Simpsons version of a video that went to viral.

Keep an eye out on the site to see how some Harlem Shake videos went out of hand…

Girl burns her hair in a hair curler tutorial…

I’m guessing she didn’t do this on purpose but she sure went viral.

Tori Locklear, a young American girl wanted to give a few tips on how to use a hair curler.

She started off the video well, taking her time to explain as any tutorial should do until…whoops “My hair is burnt off”

To be honest with you, the video isn’t that funny. The funny part is the irony of the situation and seeing her jaw stick to the floor while processing the fact that she just lost a bit of her hair.

Cheer up Tori, their is always a silver lining to every cloud, you received over a million hits, so you are famous! (and you will be able to pay your college tuition fees without having to tend bars or dance around poles…) Fair play to the young girl.

Jimmy Kimmel ruins valentine’s day!

Jimmy Kimmel strikes again with yet another one of his youtube challenges!

After ruining Christmas and Haloween, he wanted to ruin valentine’s day.

The aim was simple, each guy had to post a video of their girlfriend reacting to a horrible Valentine’s day gift.

Snakes, Bugs, and much more were on the cards for these lads.

Fair play to their wives and girlfriends for being such sports.

Let’s see how they did.

For those of you who haven’t yet seen the Christmas and Haloween version of Kimmy’s Youtube challenge, here are 2 compilation videos

Each of which got 22 and 24 million youtube hits.


Here’s the Haloween version :

And here’s the Christmas version:

Most expensive Starbucks drink

Start with a Venti Mocha Frappucino, add 48 espresso shots, 2 Bannana’s, caramel, salt, and 14 other extra’s to obtain the most expensive Starbucks drink on the world!

Granted, there are more expensive things than a $47.30 Starbucks coffee, but the previous (useless I agree) record of $23.60 has been beeten.

I wonder if the drink tasted good?

What do you think Starbucks? I’d say it was excellent and definately worth the cash!

coffee overload

(original source : Minutebuzz France)

Djesus uncrossed! #SNL

Djesus uncrossed! #SNL

Oscar winner Christoph Waltz showed his comic side once again when he dressed up as Jesus, resurrected in a spoof mash-up of Quentin Tarantino movies, Inglourious Basterds and Django Unchained.

All this was thanks to Saturday Night live with Waltz as the host who took part in a number of sketches.

In the sketch, ‘Brad Pitt’ hunts down Romans not Nazis with his elite killing squad, and ‘Ving Rhames’ plays Pontius Pilate, the leader who sentenced Jesus to death.

This will obviously be offensive to some people, but what quality comedy doesn’t offend?

Enjoy the video & fair play to Waltz for taking part!

Here are a few bonus videos from SNL!

Jackass Aussie style!

I thought that you couldn’t get any more stupid then the lads from Jackass or Dirty Sanchez.

Well aparently you can.

After saying he would, this young aussie took the plunge into… a cactus!

I felt sympathetic pain for him after his idiotic attempt to show how stupid he was to the whole world.

I hope the 3.5 k hits was worth all the pain.

Would you have done the same?

Here are a few similar videos from Jackass and Dirty Sanchez

Harlem Shake Frenzy!

Harlem shake is the new “thing” at the moment.

I already posted an article with the first few videos but plenty more just seemed to pop up all around the place.

Everyone seems to be trying to surf on the buzz of the moment to get their 30 seconds of fame (or simply promote their company).

The phenomenon has gone global, so here are a few 5minute compilation videos to avoid you having to look all over the net for the best ones.

Which one is your favourite?

#1 The Funny ones

#2 The Original ones

#3 The Irish ones

Irish Girls

Father Ted

Harlem Shake

Just as we were getting used to new dance moves such as the Gangnam style dance, another style seems to be infesting the internet.

The Harlem Shake has (whether we like it or not) arrived.

Here’s a glimpse of a few viral videos at the moment.

1 The office version

2 The room version

3 The friends version

4 The “educational” version

As an added bonus, here is a compilation of the worst dance moves I found on Youtube

Original Visiting Cards

Here are a few pics of visiting cards I found on the net.

Each one is interesting, so I thought I would share!

2nd amendment fail…

Ahh America, land of the American dream, where anyone can become anything.

That said, anyone can also buy guns (as long as they are a US citizen) and literaly anyone can post a video on the net.

Here’s a quick compilation of fail videos of people acting stupid with guns…

(souce : Huffington Post US)

Heads up!

I had never seen this before.

I don’t believe how the person who validated the idea of this free kick ever thought it would work.

It did however make the headlines all over the world.

Enjoy the first ever (and probably the last) header free kick!

On the same note, here are a few other free kicks or penalty’s that people completely either completely missed or completely aced!

Aced by Roberto Carlos for Brazil -V- France in the pre-world cup 1998 friendly tournament

Completely missed penalty by Neymar for Brazil -V- Columbia in 2011

And a compilation of Free kicks from Becks to top it all off!