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Japanese snooker is awesome!!

Japanese pool player Naoyuki Oi doesn’t speak English fluently but that didn’t stop him from giving an impressive performance in a post-match interview :

Oi beat Cheng Yu Hsuan 8-6 at the World Pool Master tournament in Gibraltar on Saturday and was being interviewed by Sky Sports presenter Tony Wrighton.

“My name is Naoyuki Oi and I am very, very lucky,” he said. “Congratulations me! Yay!

Then he replied to the questions with quotes from the “Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen” song that went viral last year and by saying “no problem.” That’s quite something.

Unfortunately, Oi lost his quarter-final match. But he gave his final interview, and it was brilliant:

Back in 2015, Oi summarised his pool philosophy in an interview before the World Cup of Pool. And it’s something we should all get on board with:

“Maybe lose? Enjoy! No problem.”

What do you think?

Ohn by the way, snooker is “pool” for all you Americans out there!

Original source : Mashable

Mark Ruffalo will do A Nude Scene If You Vote Against Trump!

Avengers unite!

As a Frenchman, I don’t care much about who the next President will be, since I won’t have a say in who that person is!
If I did, I’d vote for Megatron because he’s jsut a damn good transformer living the Amercian dream 😉 (but I digress & that’s another story.

As usual though, celebs team up in these dire times to stand up against world hunger, defeat poverty, help locals and…
Oh wait no, they’re doing none of that at the moment, so they can try and get rid of or prevent another infestation.

This “Trump” person, who, when you think about it, has a name that’s the short version of “Trumpet” is running for President.
Most celebs don’t like this, so they decided to do a video about it!

Long story short, it’s funny, and there are promises of Mark Ruffalo doing a full nude (little sprinkler and all) in his new film!

What do you think?

Hulk bash, Hulk smash, Hulk will show his weiner?

So what did you think?

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Two Drunk Irishmen Attempt To Move A Sofa laughter follows ;)

Have you ever tried to do something that involves a great deal of physical effort whilst drunk? Let me tell you from personal experience that trying to control your limbs whilst absolutely off your face is not easy. This is a fact two drunken Irishmen discovered recently, when attempting to transport a sofa down the road while utterly inebriated.

While driving through Drumquin, Northern Ireland, Jason McCartan pulled over after seeing two men attempt to roll a massive orange sofa down the street. The footage he filmed looks like something out of a poorly written comedy sketch, but because is was actually real life, it ended up being infinitely more funny.


The footage has since gone viral, having been viewed over a million times on YouTube. Please be warned that the video, which you can watch over on the next page, contains strong language. Saying that, the men doing the swearing are probably far too drunk for most of us to understand what they’re saying anyway.

The following footage shows the most beautiful example of a drunken friendship I’ve ever seen. It’s even more beautiful than the bond created with that drunk girl in the club bathroom. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you’re that drunk girl in the club bathroom.

Either way, I want a friendship like these guys. Who can honestly say that their bestie would help them drag a massive sofa down the road when they’ve been on the vodka and cokes since midday?

Crazy them!

So what do you think?

Bonus :

My favourite song from the Dubliners (perfectly adapted to this)

Original source :

Megadeth Christmas!

As usual, Jimmy Kimmel suprised us all by convincing by convincing out of ordinary people to do “ordinary” things.

This time Jimmy managed (don’t ask me how) do get the world famous Rock group Megadeth to do their own version of Christmas songs.

The lyrics are the same, but the spirit and definately “à la Megadeth”.

Frosty the snowman, The little drummer boy, Do you hear what I hear, are just a few of the songs they performed.

If you watch closely 35 seconds into the comedy sketch, you can see how much Megadeth’s lead singer/guitarist gets a laugh out of scaring the living daylight out of the “poor little children” (who where probably forced to live the teenage dream of their parents childhood 😉

You can always try to put Rockstars into funny Christmas jumpers (again, I don’t know how Jimmy pulled that one off!) but you can never take the Rock out of them!

Source : D. Moore & Jimmy Kimmel

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Epic Christmas Card video win!

Do you remember that girl who had a part as a reporter in Iron Man 3? Neither do I, but I sure will remember her families epic Christmas card video!

This year the Holderness family decided to make a different kind of Christmas card for all their friends.

The usual best wishes, announcing what’s to come in the next year and what happened in 2013 are in the 2.0 Christmas card, but there’s definately one element that definately stands out…

They made the video in their matching Jammies!!

Mom, Dad, and both kids give it their all and give us a great show.

“The kids were shocked that we were allowing them to leave the house in their pajamas,” said their Mom but you don’t see either of them fussing in the video 😉

Here’s the video below!

So what did you think?

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Channing Tatum responds to JCVD’s Volvo Splits Commercial

For those of you who haven’t been on the internet in the past week, Jean Claude Van Damme used his world famous “JCVD split” to show how impressive & reliable the new Volvo steering system is.

He easily performed a “JCVD split” with 2 volvo lorries moving in reverse!

Well this week, Channing Tatum decided to show that JCVD wasn’t the only one with slick leg skills.
(spoiler alert : the result is far from being as impressive)

After seeing that JCVD & Volvo got over 35 million Youtube hits, Channing thought it would be a brilliant promo idea to do the same on the set of 22 jump street.

The result is far less epic, but is still worth the view!

So what did you think?

Just so you can compare both videos, here is the original version with JCVD :

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Poo Pourri, the posh poo perfume

Everyone knows that girls don’t poop, that’s just a common fact, but what if they did? 😉

What if you needed to poop in public? An unplanned need to go to the toilet at a party, at work or even at your boyfriends’?

Relentless flushing would get rid of the marks, and toilet paper the sound, but what of the smell?

Have no fear! A dash of Poo Pourri and even the worst of stenches will disappear!!

With the magic potion placed in a perfectly adapted little perfume sized bottle hidden in your purse, all you need to do is add a drop into your weapon of choice, and do your worse without any anoying leftover smells.

Already available on Amazon, this product really seems to work.

But how could you promote such a perfect product?

With a posh young British lady of course!

Let’s let her do the talking :

So? Would you buy this product?

I know I would!

Before any of you ask more, this product really does exist! You can visit their site here

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Love at first sight

Some people wake up from surgeory with a huge headache, others wake up to lovely looking nurses, and in this some cases, you wake up with temporary amnesia.

After your average Joe Jason Mortensen woke up from his surgeory, the first thing he saw waking up tired and confused was his hot wife.

His reaction is just priceless!

“You’re MY wife??” he asked in a shock. “Holy sh**!”

A few seconds later, Jason realized how lucky he was “OMG! I hit the jackpot!”

Now, the ten day old video has exploded online, and stands with over half a million views!

If his wife didn’t already know it, his husband definately fell in love at first sight!

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Hobbit fans react to new trailer

The Second film from the Hobbit trilogy just came out, and fans are definately impressed!

For those of you who haven’t seen the trailer yet, watch it here to get you into the mood before reading the rest of the article :

Now, let’s see how these lucky viewers reacted the first time they saw the video !

Did you recognize anyone’s voice in the trailer?

Orlando Bloom, Evangeline Lilly et Lee Pace incarnant who play Legolas, Tauriel et king Thranduil in this masterpiece (yes I called the Hobbit a masterpice because I’m a fan and I can say what I want 😉 are just a fews of the voices we can hear.

The Hobbit’s new team decided to share the video with them, and here’s their reacton.

Fair play to the cast, who saw just how much their fans like the film

Source : Youtube

Owling done like a pro!

After milking, planking and more, here is the new idiotic viral thing to do!

All you have to do is take a picture of yourself wherever you are imitating…an owl.

Yes, you heard right, and owl.

Stand up on whatever you find, then bend your knees and ask a friend to take a picture of you looking ridiculous!

Any accessory and owl would use will do.

Toilets, luggage, statues, you chose!

The power of yawn!

We all know how contagious yawning can be but can it spread around the world?

Youtube user Roman Atwood proves us not only that it can, but shows us how to do so!

Via his video “the world’s most contagious prank” he shows us how wherever we are and whoever we are around has to yawn if you use the right method.

The trick is to…you guessed it…yawn!

Roman traveller around the world to spread the yawn to prove how easy you can spread your yaaawww (wait for it I’m yawning) … wwwn.

Let’s watch the result of his impressive prank!

Try to watch the video until the end without a little yawn (if you do, tape yourself watching the video and send it to me so I can send you a medal for your willpower!)

Korean guy acting funny

Friday is here so for no valid reason, I here’s a funny video buzzing around the internet world at the moment.

The video is literaly just a Korean guy eating his take-out food.

As I said, nothing happends in this video, but the way he eats and laughs by himself is just priceless!

The video already has over 4OO OOO Youtube hits and when you start to watch the video, you will see why 😉

You’re welcome!

Youtube’s comedy week is here!

For those of you who don’t spend your time on Youtube or Facebook, here’s a reminder that the biggest comedy week on the net has arrived!

Youtube has just announced via their promo video that they will be launching their comedy week from Monday 19th to Saturday 25th of this month.

Both well known comedians such as Rain Wilson, The Gregory Brothers, The lads from College Humour, Saturday Night live, and many more will be joined by Youtube buzzers such as Jash (from all those impressive bacon eating videos in “Epic Meal Time”) Fresh Montana, and Sugarboy to bring you what Youtube is announcing to be the funniest week ever!

Comedy galore for all types of humour afficionados, simple, ironic, iconic, dark, cute, and much more topics that I can quote are on the menu and boy are we in for a treat.

To be honest with you, I’ve been waiting for this week for a while, and can’t wait to see what the videos will give.

The week will start off with a big live show on Monday, before Improv Night, Stand Up Night, College Humour All nighter show, and Set list Night (and many more videos that will be popping up on and off during the day).

Here’s the trailer for Youtube’s comedy week to put you in the mood to watch hours of comedy videos.

Let the games begin!

Even Arnie’s giving it a go!

Here’s the first long video show of the week, it’s long but it’s definately worth the watch!

Worst scooter driver ever!

Some people just aren’t meant to buy scooters…

A young man, who either just bought a scooter or is impressively unlucky, just should have kept off the road!

While trying to cross a simple intersection (which is easily done by about 4 scooters during his epic failures by the way) this young Chinese chap just sees his days get worse and worse…

The poor soul gets into a first accident, then a second just moments later, and to top it all off, he even manages to land in a closed iff ditch!

Talk of a bad day for this lad.

The phrase “have a break, have a Kit Kat” definately comes to mind when you see this video!

Some women just can’t drive!

Unfotunately, some people just don’t know how to drive!

Far too careful, trying not to scratch their lovely new car, checking their rear view mirrors 27 times (yes 27 times) and much more…

I would definately not like to drive behind these ladies if I were late for an important meeting.

Obviously, women aren’t the only ones who can’t drive, but more men just happen to have their cameras out when some women take too long to park, or just forgot how to drive all together!

You would think that with all the gadgets companies install in their cars, machines on wheels could almost drive themselves.

Anyone (and probably everyone) including myself has pause and say to themselves “I stand corrected” after seeing compilations of the worst drivers such as this on Youtube.

Almost 15 minutes of pure fun, awkwardness, and sometimes pitty, it what you’ll see and feel after watching this video.

What do you think?

Is your driving this bad?

Don’t worry ladies, in my next article, I will show you a few videos of bad driving by men 😉

Obama Style!

We all know Obama has a huge sense of humour but we didn’t know he was this fun to watch!

A recent spoof video was released yesterday with Steven Spielberg pretending to want to make a film about Obama.

But who should he choose to play the part?

Denzel Washington? Nah, too serious

Samuel Jackson? Nope, too loud

Will Smith? Still no, too beefy

Martin Lawrence? close but no cigar, too much of a Bad Boy cop

Still haven’t found the actor yet?

He chose Daniel Day-Lewis!

Why? Becauser he’s a good actor, and black make-up suits him well 😉

Bye Bye Messenger…

Nostalgia, Nostalgia, Nostalgia…

If you were born in the between the mid 80’s and 2000’s you have to have used MSN messenger!

A page has now turned today as MSN has finally closes after years of loyal services.

We all remember hurrying home to switch on our PC’s and…speak to our friends for hours and hours.

MSN helped us communicate with friends, use smileys every sentence, send Wizzes and much much more.

Before retiring, MSN buzzy decided to allow us one last interview and here is the end result.

What was your favourite MSN moment?

Monty Python’s John Cleese Almost Explains Our Brains

This one is for all Monty Python fans out there!

John Cleese, founder and one of the most active (and crazy) members of the Monty Python, has suddenly decided to speak about something completely different! (yes I did intend to squeeze that one in)

If he were a scientist, we would all probably be living a peaceful yet dangerous and fun life (yes, once again I tried to sound like one of the Monty Pythons).

To be honest with you, this video can only be understood by a true John Cleese fan, or a Monty Python one at least!

Complete and utter jibberish making complete sense to daft people who have a sense of humour!

What do you meaaan John Cleese just made up those worlds? Utter nonsense Sir, Utter nonsense.

These terms have all been validated by the scientific group of intelligent mammals. (yes chimps, but most are smarter than some politicians!)

Anyway, enough with my Monty Python Madness, here’s a bit of John Cleese!

Thank you, “Professor.”

April Fools compilation!

April fools is the one day of the year that almost everyone plays pranks on each other and this year was no different than any other.

Mastodons of the web such as Google and Youtube even gave it a go!

Here are 3 of what I believe to be the best videos of the day so far (I’ll add a few more if I deems others more interesting to add 😉

Google Maps, Google Nose, and Youtube uploaded these videos today (oh, and Youtube announced at the same time that they were going to shut down, but that wasn’t the most well though joke they could have done).

Happy April fools day everyone!

Google Nose :

Google Maps :

Youtube :

Saint Paddy’s day video2

Saint Paddy’s day is all about fun, but let’s not forget the alcohol side! (to be consumed with moderation obviously 😉

This video is quite short, but may get you out of a tricky situation.

No more Guinness in the fridge?

Have no fear! As long as you have a few shot glasses, some baileys and some coffee liquor, you’re good to go!

Watch this quick video showing you how to make the perfect “Baby Guinness” shot

Paddy’s day video 1

Happy Saint Paddy’s day!

Wherever you are in the world, don’t forget to celebrate the best time of the year in Ireland!

Everyone is Irish on Saint Paddy’s! All you need is a good sense of humour, and a lot of alcohol.

To explain the origins of Saint Paddy’s day (or Saint Patrick if you’re attentive to details) here’s a brief video from youtube user Kirsten Stewart.

Most of what she says is true and the video is kind of funny.

Bare with me, this is the first video of the day, more are to come!

Here’s the simpler (and better) video explaining Saint Paddy’s day!

How to get free soda!

Have you ever lost your change to a coke machine? Lost your spare change for chips to a crisps dispenser?

Of course, everyone has at least once…

This kid has found the solution!

Full of genius ideas, Youtube user ioduremetallique decided to find a way to get your own back.

Thanks to one of his inventions, used to try and win a prize at the fun fairs, he made a personal “get your own back on the machine” kit.

Though the device is far from being inconspicuous, it definately works!

Here’s another video from the same author entitled “How to cheat in class”

Would you use the device?