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Rugby and Volleyball are good for you!

Good morning all,

I decided to share a very important piece of information I just found lying about on the interweb.

Believe it or not, Volleyball and Rugby are the 2 sports you should definately play if you want to stay in shape and have a longer life!

For those of you who don’t know, both sports were invented in 1830 (rugby) and 1895 (volleyball)



But how can these sports be compatible?
One is running after an egg and hitting each other, while the other is jumpping up and down to get a ball onto the other side of a high net.

Well, lets let the facts speak for themselves shall we?

Both sports have a lot in common :

They are both team sports, both get you healthy, and both allow you to smile at the end of the day.

But wait, there’s more, there’s a reason why these sports more than any other.

Both can be played during the same week, sometimes even the same day, as long as you don’t play at a professional level!

Studies even show that rugby at a proper company level, and volleyball for a French team would be perfect :

The pie charts just speak for themselves :

Life with just one sport :


Life with Rugby and volleyball :


So what do you think?

Still not enough?

I also recently decided to check the facts out for myself by interviewing Dr. J. who wrote a Phd about this.

His conclusions were even more specific.

He tried many “sports cocktails” rugby, athletics, fencing, polo, swimming, football, cricket etc.

According to his research, though all were excellent sports, which he would recommend, only 2 were perfectly compatible : Rugby and Volleyball.

The reason being that both sports used the perfect muscles and reflexes ratio, that would allow you to stay healthy and happy longer!

His study went into even more depth showing that one specific club could help you develop the rugby side :


What do you think?

All volleyball clubs seem compatible.

I can tell you for a fact that I will try this out for myself!!

For those of you who want to join their club to try, you can do so by clicking here or here

Billy Connolly makes rare public appearance and cracks everyone up

“I’ve got Parkinson’s and I wish to Christ he would take it back”.

It’s very likely that you’ve been influenced by some of the expert advice that Billy Connolly has dispensed over the years. For example, we all know that “before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes. After that who cares? He’s a mile away and you’ve got his shoes”. The Big Yin also taught us that “there are two seasons in Scotland: June and Winter”. How right he is.

In 2013, the 73-year-old was diagnosed with prostate cancer and Parkinson’s disease on the same day, which obviously limited the amount of public appearances that the wonderfully gifted comedian has been able to make.

We were absolutely delighted to see that Connolly was well enough to make a rare appearance at the GQ Awards where he accepted his accolade as the Inspiration of the Year Award. 

Take a look as he starts his speech by saying “it’s very moving to stand here before you having won…this fucking thing”. It gets even better.

It’s wonderful to see that despite his ill health, Connolly still has maintained his amazing sense of humor and ability to entertain.

Original source :


Random rock in the tube!

While randomly strolling on Facebook (as you do) I discovered this awesome video of a random puppet playing Guns n’ Roses in the Tube.

This puppet really has talent! (well the puppetear does but you should have more imagination than that! 😉

So what do you think?

Would you dance to this puppet’s tunes?

Uno de los mejores videos que nos llegó esta semana!!

Posted by on Sunday, 18 October 2015

Randomly related bonus, here’s a video of Guns n’ Roses “Sweet child of mine”

Dog family tug of war

Wake up on Monday morning with a smile!

For all you dog or animal lovers, here’s a random video of a dog playing a lovely game of Tug of war with his puppies!

Enjoy the view!

Playing tug of war with your kids

Posted by Best Funny Videos on Sunday, 18 October 2015

Beer tap prank!

As it turns out, New Zealand isn’t only famous for their rugby team & the epic scenery for Lord of the Rings, it’s also a breading ground for young pranksters!

A group of yound lads from New Zealand wanted to prank one of their old friends but just couldn’t decide what to come up with.

Painting his bedroom/house pink? That’s already been done…
Hidden surprises in his furniture? That’s already been done to…
What about…replacing his water supply by kegs of beer?


As you will see in this video, the lads put a lot of planning into the prank, each friend having a specific job (some seem to just stay on the lookout for their other friend to come home 😉

2 other words come to mind after viewing this video : Epic Party!
Please Sir, can I have to more Sir?
You sure can friend, just chose a tap!

For the whole prep part, watch from the begining until the 4:50 mark and wait for the reaction just after!

Sit back, relax, have a cold beer, and press play!

So what did you think?

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First date fails

The main aim when you go on a first date is to impress the girl/boy you’re with.

Unfortunately, some people didn’t get the memo…

If you’re hesitating on what to do and not to do on a first date, this video is definately for you.

Even if you’re not, watch this video just for a laugh!

My favourite is the first tip “Don’t bring your own Superman lunchbox to a restaurant” which is yours?

Here are the few tips, the rest is in your hands!

Darth Baby Lightsaber!

One Baby+One Light Saber = Total Chaos!

With over 200 thousant youtube hits, this video is going Viral.

No toddler should be allowed to have access to a light saber. Don’t get any stupid ideas about letting your toddler doing the same (yes I mean YOU Star Wars fans all over the world).

However, if your toddler somehow gets a hand of one of these little things, this video may help you get out of a sticky situation…

Please kids, don’t scare your parents by imitating this toddler (then again, it does look like fun 😉

Rollie Eggmaster

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, some even turn it into a British & Irish breakfast with a nice brunch.

And what is the main ingredient to that meal?

Eggs of coarse!

The only problem with eggs is that unless you’re preparing them scrambled, you can make a mess of things.

Who better to invent a device to help you in this task than the Brits!

With this new invention, your eggs can become pogos for “only” 23 euros!

Would you want to try this?

I know I would!

Bon appétit!

Russian 1 Snowman 0

Scottd W has finally returned to the web with his latest work after a three month wait.

For his last project, he recreated the popular tablet and smartphone game Fruit Ninja in real life. That action packed video currently stands with over 19 million hits.

To end winter and welcome Spring, Scott has just debuted this explosion-obsessed video, “Russian vs. Snowmen”.

Russian 1 Snow 0!

Source : ViralViralVideos

Mary Poppins is back!


Go Pro and Erik Roner teamed up for a daring, creating “scientific” folly.

Their objective : being able to float in the sky like Mary Poppins.

The aim was half met (which isn’t that bad after all).

After jumping out of under hot-air ballon with only a very big umbrella over him, he tried to slow down his fall and fly like Mary Poppins.

Needless to say, the umbrella’s cloth gave, but the backup parachute did the rest of the job and brought him back to the ground safely.

When finally arrived back on the ground, he closed with the sentence : “You’re welcome science. NASA is gonna be able to use that one for years to come.”

I doubt that NASA will use the data, but it was a hell of a fun video to watch!

Don’t try this at home, Eric is a professionnal athlete!

In comparisn, here is the original version with Mary Poppins herself!

Men can’t cook!

If you thought you were a bad cook, believe me you should take a glimpse at these pics first.

These 10 pics show why men who don’t know how to cook should stay as far away as possible from the kitchen!

Even the simplest of tasks such as boiling water or cooking eggs on a pan seem to be an impossible task.

Enjoy the sun

Sun is good for you and makes you more productive  according to a recent study made in Denmark showing the effects of the sun on 2 solar powered dummies.

The same experiment could also have been made in the UK or Ireland.

I’ll let you enjoy the rest.

God bless Danish scientists who have a bit of time on their hands!

(via Alexander B.)

Microsoft does it again!

You probably all remember Microsoft’s campaign promoting Internet Explorer with their IE Sucks Less video.

Well, Microsoft have done it again!

Yet again, Microsoft are promoting one of their new products with brio.

In this video, they chose to make us feel nostalgic of the 90’s. Well played my friends, well played.

Waterguns, Tamagotchi’s, Pogos and more allow us to remeniss about our childhood, and make us like Microsoft even more.

Target marketing at its best.

Enjoy the video!


For those of you who didn’t click on the previous link, here’s a reminder of Microsoft’s first video “Do you know this guy” for Internet explorer