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Messi, Ronaldo, Casillas, Rooney and more save the world!

What if our world was invaded by aliens who like football?
With the players we have on earth, I’d say we’d be pretty lucky, especially if we were challenged to a match that could save the world!

Well, Samsung imagined that type of situation for us.
Though we don’t see any football being played (yet) the mere fact of seeing all those players in the same team is just amazing!

Bechenbauer was selected as their coach (personally I would have selected Ferguson but that’s just the Man United fan in me speaking 😉 Samsung even have a laugh about most players imaginary “hobbies”

Enough said, watch the video, comment, share, and sign up for more!

Who would you have selected as substitutes?

Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Casillas, Rooney… Les… par le10sport

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Don’t drink and drive!

Don’t drink and drive!

Each year near the festive season, drinking awareness campaigns seem to pop up on our tv screens out of a sudden.

The more gore and violent, the more “effect” marketers believe the ad has an effect on us.

Unfortunately the reality (which our fellow marketing teams don’t seem to care about) is that most campaigns are so violent that they remind us of horror films or tv series we see all the time.

But what if a marketing team decided to create a proper commercial to make us realize just how much alcohol effects our driving without showing us a Hollywood style video?

Leo Burnett London decided to do just that with their new Think! Drink Drive ad.

Spoiler alert, if your faint hearted, sit down while you watch this one!

For even more effect, watch the video in full screen mode with the sound on at full blast!

Source : Leo Brett London

Share your Coke can!

Once again Ogilvy & Mather have teamed up with Coke to give you a brand new concept to share your Coke with friends!

Coke already already launched several concepts to get free Coke with friends. The Free Coke for free hugs, the Giant Coke machine where you need a friend to help you get 2 free large Cokes, and much more.

But there was one thing Coke understood, whatever you did, you couldn’t share a can of Coke properly. Well actually, you could, but without a glass, both friends couldn’t enjoy the refreshing taste of Coke at the same time.
That is until now!

Realizing that friends couldn’t share a can together, Coke found the perfect solution.

What if one can could made up of 2 smaller, equal cans?

Thanks to Coke, this was made possible!

Coke designed special cans where you can twist off the top to divide your can into 2, either allowing your friend to have his own or make a new friend by offering him/her one.

Unfortunately Coke won’t tell us if the can is a real product they intend to commercialize, or just another cunningly planned marketing stunt.

Only time will tell.

In the meantime, let’s enjoy their promo video!

Coke Zero presents Zero Clue!

Coke are used to sharing tasteful marketing videos with us and this was no exeption.

This time Coke teamed up with Ogilvy & Mather Paris to promote their Coke Zero.

The aim was to show people how you can drink Coke Zero and enjoy the same taste as a “real” coke without knowing the difference!

Let’s see how our fellow coke fans did.

Here’s another commercial Coke aired in France using the same technique : tricking people into drinking Coke Zero to see if they saw the difference

Lebron James drafted to the NFL!

Basketball was getting just too easy for Lebron James, so he decided to pick up another sport.

Just kidding! Lebron loves basketball too much to leave the sport out of a sudden.

The video is just a commercial for Statefarm, one of NFL’s sponsors.

However, though the commercial may be fake, Lebron was actually contacted by NFL teams during the Lockout earlier this season.

Despite his age (38) Lebron is still as fit as a fiddle and could have brought something new to the sport.

Here’s the promo video, tell me what you think!

Here’s one of his older commercials when you see him playing his prefered sport 😉

And just to remind you how much of a competitor he is, here’s a video from a few days ago when Miami’s Lebron were playing Paul George’s Indiana

Chinese alcohol commercial uses GOT opening!

All Games of thrones fans should turn away now!

Chinese companies basically built their reputations on making better, cheaper versions of European or American products, but they seems to have gone even further this time.

In a commercial for “Baijiu” JNC decided to promote the alcohol via a promotional video that looks a lot like…Game of Thrones!

Even if you’re not a fan of the show, you’ve at least seen the opening credits. If you haven’t, watch it once, then watch this.

I couldn’t think of a better example of blatent plagerism…

The video only has 4000 Youtube hits at the moment, but is bound to go Viral over the weekend.

That’s what I call a bad buzz for JNC, who didn’t even bother to change the music from the hit TV show!

At least one thing is sure, every fan over the world will know the name of the alcohol by this time next week…

Here’s the original version :

Pepsi Max Beyoncé “Mirrors” – Official 2013 video – #BeyHereNow

Pepsi came out with a new add yesterday that has already been viewed nearly 6OO thousand times.

The theme is simple Embrace your past, but live for now!

They chose none other than Beyonce to show off her dance moves and live the day.

Well played Pepsi, well played!

With the non official fued between Pepsi and Coke that has been going on for years, I wonder what Coke will do to step it up a notch.

Only time will tell.

In the meantime, enjoy this pleasant vid!

So what do you prefer? Pepsi or Coke?

Old Spice meet the wolfdog

Old Spice is epic, but now Wolfdog is here!

Yet again, Old Spice promote their new product in style.

To promote a “wild” new product, what better way to do it than using a wild animal that talks.

Instead of using the pure wild side of the wolf, they prefer to show the fun side by showing how their wolfdog uses marketing to sell his products.

Business is wild, and that’s how it works.

Though they show the fun side of it, they are actually telling the truth by using nearly all the clichés you can think of when you imagine a marketing director.

The conclusion asking us to follow how the wolfdog will make the new wildside of OldSpice epic makes is a perfect ending to a short, simple and funny commercial.

I can’t wait until WolfDog Makes OldSpice even wilder than now!

This is a man’s world!


How could you both make a fortune, and add some testosterone to a gardening product?

The creators of “Weed Weapon” found the idea that would do just that!


For once the idea didn’t come from the US, but New Zealand.

Kiwicare’s team knew that 80% of gardening products are bought directly from the shelves, but they also know that the market was tough.

Contagion proposed a daring idea to add a plastic gun at the end of every bottle to attract male gardeners, and Kiwicare decided to take the gamble!

Nothing revolutionary was added to the product in itself but the new packaging, combined with tv ads and diverse marketing operations in shops, led to shops selling out the product in less then a week after sales started!

Men (and women) could use the product in the shops for test shots at paper targets and much more.

How could a man feel more of a man than buy this product?

All in all, the campaign was a huge success, and is far from being finished!

Who said that packaging wasn’t important? 😉

Here’s a brief video explaining their success with the actual commercial at the end.


Drinks are on Leo di Caprio!

Here’s Leonardo Di Caprio’s new commercial for the Asian market.

Leo recently announced that he would be taking a “long” break from showbusiness after completing several films in a short period.

He may be taking a break, but he also needs a drink, and what other way to show it than…getting paid to do a commercial for an alcohol he probably never even heard of.

Drinks are on you? If he pays, I’m in!

On a similar note, we all remember the scene from Lost in Translation with Bill Murray

I wonder if Leo felt the same when he was preparing for the ad?

On the other hand, Leo seems to be used to featuring in commercials since a young age as we can see in this chewing-gum commercial

Valentine’s day ads

For this valentine’s day, I decideed to post a compilation of the best (and worst) valentines day ads I saw so far.

You decide which are bad and which are excellent.

Tooseuls : French brand created this ad as a parody to all Kooples commercials and is being shared all over social media


Eurostar : They show you how it’s done! the closer you get to buying a ticket from Paris to London, the happier your better half will be 😉


McDonalds : Bring your Valentine to the show her your real love (obviously 2nd degree humour) this is probably the only time of the year that they have fewer clients.


Natan : An obvious misogonistic ad, and a complete fail on this one…


Tampax : Same remark as the last ad, as definate fail once again…


And here are the video ads!

Bwin : Love your sport! (football in this version)

Agent Provocateur : Have you seen my pet? (cheeky)

Google : Parisian Love, keep searching! (my favourite)

Puma : Hard Chorus

Sagami : Love distance

source : Blog du modérateur

Mark Jacobs&Coke

Mark Jacobs has been nominated as Coke’s new Artistic Director, replacing Jean Paul Gaulthier.

Most were quite surprised of this new nomination since it didn’t seem to be on the cards for Jacobs, but he seems more than pleased.

Here’s the promotional ad with Jacobs showing off his goods (Coke with a twist 😉

Here is Jean Paul Gaulthier’s older version

Walking dead is coming back!

All walking Dead fans have been patiently (more or less) waiting for this moment for almost 2 months.

To surf on this wait, and to make fans a little more patient, Time Warner Cable aired a new commercial based on the show.

The aim of the ad is to show how all walking dead fans can watch the show from anywhere in their house, with different devices.

The only thing I was interested about in this ad, was seing that Daryl is still a good shot.

Enjoy the commercial!

As a bonus, here’s the teaser we’ve all watch over and over, preparing us for this Sunday.

Superbowl Bananza!

Here is a compiliation of all the Superbowl commercials in case you missed out.

Which is your favourite?

Hyundai’s “Epic Playdate”

M&M’s “Love Ballad”

Audi’s “Prom”

Dorito’s Goat for sale

Perfect Match by Go Daddy

Hyundai’s “Team” commercial

Pepsi’s “Party”

Best Buy “Asking Amy”

Century 21 “The Wedding”

Dorito’s “Fashionista”

Go Daddy’s “Your Big Idea” “Wolf”

Wolkswagen “Greenday”

Hyundai “Sonata Turbo”

Coke’s “Chase”

Milk’s “Got Milk”

Budweiser’s “the coronation”

Taco Bell’s “Viva Mas”

Sketchers “Man vs Cheetah”

Bud Light’s “Lucky Chair”

E-Trade’s “Save the money”

Star Trek Into Darkness teaser trailer

Soda Stream’s Coke -vs- Pepsi (was cancelled for some reason…)

Jeep’s “America will be whole again”

Oreo’s “Whisper fight”

Century 21’s “Mini Mart”

Pizza Hut’s “Hut Hut Hut”

Taco Bell’s “Grande Papi”

Fast & Furious 6 Trailer

Budweiser’s “Brotherhood”

Wonderful Pistachios “Crackin’ Gangnam style”

Gildan “Getaway”

Lincoln “The tweets and turns of life”

Becks “Saphire”

Mio Fit “Change your sports drinks”

Dodge Ram “Farmer”

Kia “Space Babies”

Iron Man 3 teaser

Oz the Great and powerful trailer

Tide’s “Miracle Stain” (one of my personal favourites)

Mercedes Bentz “Set your soul free

Calvin Klein’s “Concept”

Samsung’s “Next Big Thing” (also one of my favourites!)

And a bonus : Samsung’s Teaser commercial “So we can’t say Superbowl?”

Coke, Pepsi…or Sodastream?

The Superbowl 2013 edition has already brought us quite a few excellent commercials, but this one is quite well thought!

Soda Stream is the new at-home water carbon soda maker system that is taking the soft drink industry by storm in the US.

They had the smart idea of asking the question : “who is better, Coke or Pepsi?”

You will see who won 😉

The video has already gone viral in the US.

What do you think?

Here’s another Superbowl add to put you into the Superbowl mood!

Return of the Diet Coke man!

Ladies, you’re welcome!

More and more companies realize the increasing purchasing power of women, so more and more commercials are specific for women.

You all remember Mister Coke all those years back when us men had to compete with the guys chizzled abs and pecks, well he is back and here to stay.

Here’s a video for you ladies!

Here are the 2 original version of the Diet Coke commercial