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Ed Sheeran and Jimmy Fallon performed ‘Shape of You’ using classroom instruments

The world’s favourite guitar-toting redhead and the world’s favourite classroom instruments band — what’s not to like?

What do you think?

Ed Sheeran joined Jimmy Fallon & The Roots for a funky version of his latest crowd-pleaser “Shape of You” and it’s perefct!

Playing a banana shaker, Sheeran has never been more Sheeran, while jack-of-all-trades Fallon performs with a Casio keyboard, bass drum, Guiro and blocks.

There’s room also for the xylophone, kazoo, apple shaker, bongos and ukulele.

They all look so inspired.

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Original source : Mashable

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Mark Ruffalo will do A Nude Scene If You Vote Against Trump!

Avengers unite!

As a Frenchman, I don’t care much about who the next President will be, since I won’t have a say in who that person is!
If I did, I’d vote for Megatron because he’s jsut a damn good transformer living the Amercian dream 😉 (but I digress & that’s another story.

As usual though, celebs team up in these dire times to stand up against world hunger, defeat poverty, help locals and…
Oh wait no, they’re doing none of that at the moment, so they can try and get rid of or prevent another infestation.

This “Trump” person, who, when you think about it, has a name that’s the short version of “Trumpet” is running for President.
Most celebs don’t like this, so they decided to do a video about it!

Long story short, it’s funny, and there are promises of Mark Ruffalo doing a full nude (little sprinkler and all) in his new film!

What do you think?

Hulk bash, Hulk smash, Hulk will show his weiner?

So what did you think?

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Billy Connolly makes rare public appearance and cracks everyone up

“I’ve got Parkinson’s and I wish to Christ he would take it back”.

It’s very likely that you’ve been influenced by some of the expert advice that Billy Connolly has dispensed over the years. For example, we all know that “before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes. After that who cares? He’s a mile away and you’ve got his shoes”. The Big Yin also taught us that “there are two seasons in Scotland: June and Winter”. How right he is.

In 2013, the 73-year-old was diagnosed with prostate cancer and Parkinson’s disease on the same day, which obviously limited the amount of public appearances that the wonderfully gifted comedian has been able to make.

We were absolutely delighted to see that Connolly was well enough to make a rare appearance at the GQ Awards where he accepted his accolade as the Inspiration of the Year Award. 

Take a look as he starts his speech by saying “it’s very moving to stand here before you having won…this fucking thing”. It gets even better.

It’s wonderful to see that despite his ill health, Connolly still has maintained his amazing sense of humor and ability to entertain.

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Seth Rogen & James Franco parody Kanye West’s latest music video

Kanye, oh Kanye, your music would be so good if you only sang short songs, and didn’t speak in public.

Unfortunately neither of these things are true, so when we inadventantly stumble upon one of his music videos, our ears lose interest.

However Seth Rogen and James Franco decided to make things a little more interesting by making a video parody of Kanye’s latest music video “Bound”

It’s the ultimate bromance with Franco as West and a shirtless Rogen as Kim. And the web is loving it.

I wonder who has more hair on their back, Kim or Seth?

Enjoy the video!

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Miley Cyrus replaced with Nicolas Cage In “Wrecking Ball”

Earlier this month America discovered that their childhood sweetheart had blossomed into a lovely pole dancer singer.

Hannah Montana transformed herself into the adult version of Miley Cyrus, much to the shock/disgrace of Disney fans all over.

Fair play to her though, she got rid of her Disney image, and slipped into a new “invented one”.

Even after the “twerk scandal” at the VMA’s things wouldn’t stop there.

She recently released the clip for her new song “wrecking ball” with a whole bunch of nude scenes.

Have no fear though, internet to the rescue! Youtube user “sukmywangBryanStars” mashed up a new version with our very own Nicolas Cage’s face on it!

Some might say it’s an improvement, some might… agree with them.

Enjoy if you can, but remember this – what is seen cannot be unseen.

Had enough? Here’s the original version for those who prefer Miley’s face!

As an added bonus, here’s the version of fans imitating Miley in their own version of the song :

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Giant fly vs Hollywood actors!

Everyone in Ireland and the UK know the Graham Norton show, but after a video with Will Smith & Carlton doing the “Carlton dance”, and this interesting event, Graham is known all over the US!

As we all know, The Graham Norton Show just keeps on getting better, but that’s just stating the obvious.

On Graham’s latest show last Friday we got to see yet another viral video.

This time, a fly decided to organise a terrorist attack on 3 Hollywood actors, only to be saved by none other than fellow Irishman Chris O’Dowd.

Just as the fly was about to start his attack, Chris thwarthed his attempt by eating him hole.

The fly not having the best of tastes though, Chris decided to spit it out into his hands.

Let’s watch the video to see if the fly survived Steve’s attack…

Hollywood 1 (thanks to Ireland) Fly 0

Source : & BBC1

Kung-Fu Keanu Reeves is back!

We’ve all seen the frustrating pictures of our favourite Keanu relaxing in French Cafés or American diners rather than fighting off bad guys, chasing demons, saving the world, or travelling in time with his old buddy Bill, but what if I told you this will all end soon…

Did I get your attention yet?

I just found out via a leaked source in China that Keanu has finished his latest movie “Man Of Tai Chi”

Though there is still no release date announced in America or Europe Keanu Reeves’ directorial effort Man Of Tai Chi the international marketing campaign is already well under way.
The poster intended for the Chinese market turned up last week and that has now been followed by a Chinese language trailer.

In the “trailer” which looks more like a teaser trailer than an actual trailer, we get to see plenty of fighting, lots of Keanu, lots of star Tiger Chen, and bits of Karen Mok and Simon Yam.

According to local sources, the trailer is “clearly holding back some of the major fighters” with no sign of The Raid star Iko Uwais, for instance.

At least all Keanu fans now know he’s back, and he’s ready for action!
I’m also guessing he was slightly fed up of Hollywood since he went back to theatre, and now a film which will may be good, but is far from a box-office sensation…

Tell me what you think about the trailer in the comment section

Here are a few pics from the set:

Keanu behing the camera wearing what looks like a Harry Potter scarf


Keanu and the cast


Morgan Freeman falls asleep during an interview!

Even Gods seem to sleep!

Respected by all, Morgan Freeman has nothing more to prove and will always have fans waiting for his next film.

However, fame comes at a price, the price of sleep…

One lesson that Morgan himself, despite all of his experience, recently learned.

While being interviewed about his latest magic film on American TV, his eyes started growing heavier and heavier, oddly enough as if under the hypnosis of a magician, before finally closing for forty winks…

The main question people will be asking themselves now is “did Morgan fall asleep because he was genuinly tired, or was this all just part of a marketing trick to speak about the film?”

To be honest with you, I’d go for a bit of both! Morgan seems truly exhausted and the interview was fairly early in the morning.

I’ll let you decide!

Here’s the trailer for the film he was promoting “Now you see me” :

Source :


Here’s a blast from the past!

As part of “The Big Reunion” Tour organised with bands such as 5ive, Atomic Kitten, Honeyz, Blue and 911, B*Witched decided to reform their old band and join in the fun.

The reformed girl band we all remember from their hit “c’est la vie” back in the 90’s, decided to promote the event in Dublin by buscing in the world famous Temple bar area.

If you listened to the radio at least once in the 90’s, you must have heard of them, and tried to add a bit of Irish dancing in the mix 😉

Much to the delight of the crowd, the group has definately not lost an ounce of their talent!

What do you think?

For those of you who don’t remember who they are, here’s the original version :

Source :

Celebs without Make up!

Girls, you’re beautifull no matter what they say!

With Spring here and Summer just around the corner, it’s time to get ready for that Summer Swimsuit look!

But before all that hastle, don’t forget that even celebs have bad days.

Forget about all those diets and mumbo jumbo for a moment, and let’s take a minute to reasure yourselves by looking at celebs looking normal.

Cosmetic surgery, botox, and genius make up put aside, they all look normal…especially on a day off!

Men wouldn’t be staring at Mila Kunis all day without her make up, and Pamela Anderson would look more like a granny than a MILF without all that help.

If you don’t believe me, take a look for yourselves.

From Lady Gaga to Sharon Stone, 30 celebs got caught without their make up on.

Have a look, then start getting ready for Summer and don’t forget that you’re fabulous!

Lady Gaga


Khloe Kardashian
celebrites-normal-vie-3Khloe Kardashian

AnnaLynne McCord
celebrites-normal-vie-4AnnaLynne McCord

Nicole Richie

Anne Hathaway

Kelly Osbourne

Kathy Griffin

Uma Thurman


Katy Perry

Katie Couric

Mila Jovich

Tyra Banks

Mila Kunis

Sofia Vergara
celebrites-normal-vie-16Sofia Vergara

Busy Phillips

Pamela Anderson

Katie Holmes

Kelly Brook

Nicollette Sheridan
celebrites-normal-vie-21Nicollette Sheridan


Sharon Stone

Sharon Osbourne

Jennifer Lawrence

Hillary Duff

Demi Lovato

Faith Hill

Maria Shriver

Kelly Klarkson

Kim Kardashian
celebrites-normal-vie-31Kim Kardashian

We even found a pic of Barbie without Make up!

You’re welcome girls!

Secret Audition Tape for Brad Pitt, Leonardo…

Brad Pitt, Leonordo Di Caprio, and all the famous Hollywood Stars were all once just your average joe’s.

As many, they all had to audition for parts in films or TV shows that were far from being popular but few have actually seen these auditions!

The VHS mix-tape of these auditions was auctionned out recently, then deleted from the auction due to a few celebs (more their production studios) pulling a few strings.

However, they all seemed to have forgotten the power of the internet!

The video is obviously still available online (for the moment) for all to see.

So without further ado, feast your eyes on this!

Kate Upton prom queen?

At the end of every year, each high-school teen tries to find a date for the prom (end of year dance for all you non American lingo aficionados out there), nothing much out of the usual.

This 17 year old decided he wanted to settle for no less than his dream date Kate Upton.

At least this kid will have no regrets after this video request!

The video obviously went viral reaching over 150,000 youtube hits in a few days.

We’re all impatient to hear what Kate thinks about this, and more importantly, if she will have the guts to accept!

Come on Kate, be a good sport!!

Source : Minutebuzz

Mila Kunis is awesome!

Even if you’re not a fan, you won’t be able to say that Mila Kunis isn’t awesome after watching this video and taking a look at these tweets!

First time young interviewer Chris Stark got his moneys worth when he interviewed Mila Kunis live on BBC Radio1.

The pressure seemed to be immense (no wonder, he was interviewing Mila Kunis so a few camera’s where lying around) but Mila put him at ease.

Instead of speaking about the film at length, she made him speak about football, Nandos and drinking a few pints at the local pub!

I didn’t learn much about the new film but I did have a great laugh watching this!

I also learned a new expression “lad-points” that seem to be some scientific point sytem amongst lads at the pub 😉

The best part happened next though, when Mila seemed genuinly interested in spending a day out with the interviewer eating chicken and steak pies while watching the Watfort football game!

I also learned that Mila has a role in…Baywatch.

This was the “best and most enjoyable interview” she had all day and by far the funniest interview I’ve seen for a while!

Fair play Chris, you’ve earned eternal “lad-points” 😉

Just as a reminder, Mila Kunis was elected hottest woman of the year for 2012!


Now here’s the video

Here are the tweets proving she kept her word!


Even Alyssa Milano was impressed!

Oscar video by Jimmy Kimmel

The Oscars 2013 ceremony is now over, so it’s time to watch the best moments.

Today I will be adding a few of what I consider being the best bits (obviously my judgement is biased, so feel free to comment below).

Last year Jimmy Kimmel made an Oscards trailer for the best movie that will never be made called “The Movie” starring a plenty of celebs.

This year, he has decided to do the sequel “The Movie 2V”, where the world has been taken over by a “sex-pocalypse” with sexy vampires, mummies and…leprechauns (you can’t go wrong with a bit of an Irish touch).

Kimmel cunningly throws a discret jab to all the movie producers who automatically decide to make a sequel to a movie that did well in the box office.

Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain, Oprah (yes Oprah is in this one!) John Krasinski, Bruno Mars, and a plethora of other celebs feature in this fun packed trailer that lives up to your expectations and clichés

Once again Jimmy Kimmel has delivered!

Here’s the video itself:

And here’s last year’s video:

Movie : The Movie – Official Trailer [VO-HD] par Eklecty-City

One Direction for Comic Relief

Usually I’m not their number one fan, but this is for a good cause!

Each year in Britain and Ireland, Comic relief raises funds to help associations around the world who need both the funds and the publicity to keep up their good work.

Eastenders cast generally end up imitating Queen, celebs make fun of their image, singers show up out of no where, and the day is always a general success, all this done while receiving donations from tv viewers and more.

This year One Direction also decided to get involved!

For their latest clip, they decided to save money by choosing to have a cheap music video showing the back-stage images of their world tour rather than spend the money on one produced by a big-shot producer.

Fair play lads, I know that the money you saved will go to the right associations.

Can you spot the surprise politician in the video? 😉

What do you think about the video itself?

Here are a few other videos related to comic relief :

Rowan Atkinson as Dr Who!

Little Britain meets Elton John

And even 007 gives it a go!

Grammy’s 2013

As you all know, last night a few singers gathered to sit together, listen to people giving out compliments, show off their designer clothers, sing some songs, and (if they were lucky) receive a few rewards.

Yes, you guessed it, last night was the 55th edition of the Grammy Awards!

All the creme de la creme were there, the women were hot, the men were famous, and the show was presented by none other than LL Cool J aka Mister “I always lick my lips in my music videos”.

The perfect recipe for a magnificent show and a plenty of awards for celebs to accept while thanking Baby Jesus, Their Mothers, Their managers, rodies, oh and an obvious favourite crowd pleaser, their fans.

An expected favourite was Justin Timberlake’s long awaited performance.
To top things all off in true JT style, a guest singer gave him a helping hand in the singalong.

Let’s see who he was…

You guessed it, Jay Z was “in the house” & blew everyone away.

The other thing I like about the Grammy’s is being able to listen to singers colaborate on an homage song for a dead legend, or a decaying living one.

This year we got to see Bruno Mars, Sting and…Rihanna sing a song for Sir Bob Marley.

Here’s what it gave

Still not satisfied?

Here’s the last video I found of the ceremony with Taylor Swift attempting to beatbox


And Shakira’s baby is called…


Yet another baby with a unforgettable name chosen by 2 celebs. I’m guessing “Paul” “John” or even “Raul” was out of the question.

According to his official Facebook page, the name Milan (pronounced MEE-lahn), means dear, loving and gracious in Slavic; in Ancient Roman, eager and laborious; and in Sanskrit, unification.

The baby immediately became a member of FC Barcelona (well played to Barcelona’s marketing team there) and is apparently in good shape.

I wonder what he will grow up to become in a few years…if Milan choses to become a Singer/Football player, I hope he won’t End up like Kevin Keegan or Gazza.

Whatever happends in the future, we wish him all the best