Brave Mathieu Raynal

For once I will not be speaking about a viral video or topic, but a rare rugby event.

The match started like any other for the French Top14 Championship.

Montpellier were hosting what was planned to be an epic match against Racing Metro.

The players/gladiators were in place and Mathieu Raynal, armed with his trusty whistle, was ready to tame the beasts!

The match was tough, the forwards were rowling against Raynal (not surprising, they are forwards) and the backs were prancing around like springbocks as usual (yes, they chose to leave all the hard work to the beefy forwards in the pack). Nothing out of the ordinary for such a match.

2 Tries were scored by Racing, a few penalties on both sides, business as usual until…

Raynal foolishly got too close to the fierce freaks of nature.

Trapped! Surrounded by the a few members of the pack, there was no escape.

Only one solution was possible, with just over 20 minutes to go, do your best and pray that the pack will attack each other before they attacked him…

Smart plan, but it was too late. Spotted, Mathieu had to think fast and flee for his life!

Run fool, run!!

Trapped he was, and trapped he would remain. In trying to flee for his life, 2 younger beasts (obviously less tamed then the rest) teamed up to attack the young man.


Crack! Everyone near knew that it was the end for Mathieu.

Luckily enough, 4 Elder beasts moved the young rebels, saving Mathieu from a long and gruelsome death.

Alas, the damage was already done, Mathieu was already on the ground, his tibia was in pieces…

Once the crowd realized the gravity of the situation, even Ceaser stopped laughing.

Ceaser was good, 2 slaves were thrown into the pit.

Together they worked, and off with Mathieu they went.

Even the most drugged and drunk of the crowd had to admire Mathieu’s courage.

Mathieu’s face was as white as snow, but he would survive and fight another day.

Another tamer would replace him for the remaining 20 minutes and the “game” would go on.

We wish Mathieu Raynal a promt recovery! Get well soon, your sacrifice will not be forgotten.


Here’s the video for the less faint of heart :

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