Beckham boys take on Zlatan and Thiago Silva at PSG training

The joy to be the son of a football superstar bought by Paris Saint Germain.

What child wouldn’t like to have a kick around with Thiago Silva and Zlatan?

Well, If your name is surname is Beckham, you can be so lucky…

Filmed at the PSG training ground, Beck’s 2 sons Brooklyn and Cruz not only had the chance to have a bit of a kick around with our favourite Swedish giand and Brazilian superstar, they got to try out all their tricks without being tackled.

As we know, Brooklyn had a trial with Chelsea recently and has a few of his fathers skills but is far from being a young Ronaldo or Messi.

I highly doubt that this kickabout wasn’t part of a publicity stunt, but even if it was, fair play to both Zlatan and Thiago to have let the young lads have a go.

Personally, I would have preferred seing a few unknown lads from different Parisien clubs have a go, but I’m guessing that PSG’s President (who has enough money in his bank account to buy African coutries…) wouldn’t validate the idea.

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