Mark Ruffalo will do A Nude Scene If You Vote Against Trump!

Avengers unite!

As a Frenchman, I don’t care much about who the next President will be, since I won’t have a say in who that person is!
If I did, I’d vote for Megatron because he’s jsut a damn good transformer living the Amercian dream 😉 (but I digress & that’s another story.

As usual though, celebs team up in these dire times to stand up against world hunger, defeat poverty, help locals and…
Oh wait no, they’re doing none of that at the moment, so they can try and get rid of or prevent another infestation.

This “Trump” person, who, when you think about it, has a name that’s the short version of “Trumpet” is running for President.
Most celebs don’t like this, so they decided to do a video about it!

Long story short, it’s funny, and there are promises of Mark Ruffalo doing a full nude (little sprinkler and all) in his new film!

What do you think?

Hulk bash, Hulk smash, Hulk will show his weiner?

So what did you think?

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Two Drunk Irishmen Attempt To Move A Sofa laughter follows ;)

Have you ever tried to do something that involves a great deal of physical effort whilst drunk? Let me tell you from personal experience that trying to control your limbs whilst absolutely off your face is not easy. This is a fact two drunken Irishmen discovered recently, when attempting to transport a sofa down the road while utterly inebriated.

While driving through Drumquin, Northern Ireland, Jason McCartan pulled over after seeing two men attempt to roll a massive orange sofa down the street. The footage he filmed looks like something out of a poorly written comedy sketch, but because is was actually real life, it ended up being infinitely more funny.


The footage has since gone viral, having been viewed over a million times on YouTube. Please be warned that the video, which you can watch over on the next page, contains strong language. Saying that, the men doing the swearing are probably far too drunk for most of us to understand what they’re saying anyway.

The following footage shows the most beautiful example of a drunken friendship I’ve ever seen. It’s even more beautiful than the bond created with that drunk girl in the club bathroom. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you’re that drunk girl in the club bathroom.

Either way, I want a friendship like these guys. Who can honestly say that their bestie would help them drag a massive sofa down the road when they’ve been on the vodka and cokes since midday?

Crazy them!

So what do you think?

Bonus :

My favourite song from the Dubliners (perfectly adapted to this)

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The Crazy Life Of Superhero Action Figures (Picture Gallery)

Photographer Edy Hardjo uses his imagination, his camera, and a little Photoshop magic to bring life to superhero action figures and create amazing images of a reality that unfortunately does not exist. Be sure to check all his photos below, and if you like what you see, go ahead and give him a like on Facebook!

What do think about the pics?

Original source : Hrjoe Photography

Mad Max: Fury Road Without Special Effects awesome video!


Thirty seconds into watching this video, my face already hurt from smiling too much.

What you’re about to watch is a compilation of footage that shows what director George Miller actually shot on the set of 2015’s masterpiece Mad Max: Fury Road. And you will be amazed at how much was actually done, practically, on set. You’ve heard stories about it but actually seeing it is simply incredible.



So what do you think?

Awesome, or just another Youtube video?

Billy Connolly makes rare public appearance and cracks everyone up

“I’ve got Parkinson’s and I wish to Christ he would take it back”.

It’s very likely that you’ve been influenced by some of the expert advice that Billy Connolly has dispensed over the years. For example, we all know that “before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes. After that who cares? He’s a mile away and you’ve got his shoes”. The Big Yin also taught us that “there are two seasons in Scotland: June and Winter”. How right he is.

In 2013, the 73-year-old was diagnosed with prostate cancer and Parkinson’s disease on the same day, which obviously limited the amount of public appearances that the wonderfully gifted comedian has been able to make.

We were absolutely delighted to see that Connolly was well enough to make a rare appearance at the GQ Awards where he accepted his accolade as the Inspiration of the Year Award. 

Take a look as he starts his speech by saying “it’s very moving to stand here before you having won…this fucking thing”. It gets even better.

It’s wonderful to see that despite his ill health, Connolly still has maintained his amazing sense of humor and ability to entertain.

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Evanescence’s Amy Lee Debuts ‘Dream Too Much’ Video ‘Inspired’ By 2-Year-Old Son

Amy Lee is best known for her band Evanescence’s dark, moody rock, but family life “seems to have” (meaning it definately has) changed her tune.

The Grammy-nominated singer will release Dream Too Much, an album for kids (yeaay, more, more more – old Amy Lee fan dies a little inside, but respects her life choices)  later this month on Amazon. The 12-song set will include original tracks, as well as covers of classics (including the Beatles’ “Hello Goodbye” and Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me”) and beloved children’s ditties like “Rubber Duckie.”

Pretty much every blog and site had a sneak peak at the vid (if you use twitter, facebook, or just the internet) so I decided to share this wonderful joy of a happy bunny video.

Oh, and yes, Amy  Lee says was inspired by her 2-year-old son  whom  she spawned with her lovable rock husband Josh Hartler in 2014.

Here are random things  she said “quote, unquote”

“I was shocked by the huge emotion and the inspiration that came from having a child, and I am inspired by him all the time,” Lee, 34, tells PEOPLE. “I just really wanted to make music again. And I kind of thought when I had kids, I would want to do what I do less — I would just want to focus on being a mom and sort of retire. But I just don’t feel that way! I feel so motivated. I have all these new feelings and thoughts and ideas to share.”

The “My Immortal” singer says her new perspective as a parent has influenced both her outlook on life and on her music, as well.

“I’m inspired by watching his mind open up. Every day, he experiences stuff for the first time, and it’s so cool to go do that: just the joy on his face or the surprise or the fascination,” says Lee.

Reliving life’s simpler moments for the first time with her son informed the album, too.

“Seeing it through his eyes is exactly what inspired the record. So the original songs, they came from him, from his little mind,” she says.

Mid article Bonus (yes reading is boring for some, but not reading is worse 😉

One random youtuber’s view on the new video (in Spanish)

He’s clearly an old Amy Lee fan (love the holes in his ears 😉

The singer admits the lyrics of “Dream Too Much” — e.g., “there’s a monkey in the band” and “the muffins are all sleeping” — are “nonsense.” But they too were inspired by her little boy.

“So much of it was about pleasing him and talking to him and communicating with him and making him happy: watching that bright smile on his face as we’re talking about the same thing together,” says Lee.

Here’s a little pic of the bundle of fun that keeps her up all night (keep it up & she may come back to her evanescence days yet)


And as it turns out, the entire album was a family affair, too. Lee decided to go into the recording studio with her radio deejay dad, John, as a 60th birthday gift to him. They originally planned to record some of their favorite songs from her youth — including Pure Prairie League’s “Ami,” after which she was named — but soon, they invited her uncle Tom, as well as her sisters Lori and Carrie, to join in the fun.

“We’re all three-part harmony-ing it up and making up crazy parts and getting all choir nerd on it,” Lee says of the familial collaboration.

“We were being a family, but also being able to work on a constructive project, which made for such a better time, actually. It’s a different kind of thing that happens when you’re working on something together. You get to shine, and everybody gets their moment. It’s really powerful. And it really was, from the beginning, to make something for ourselves, and then we let it spiral out of control, and I’m so glad we did.”

Here’s a lovely pic of the unicorn fluffed album cover


As for the colorful “Dream Too Much” video, Lee decided to tap into her longtime affinity for stop motion animation, enlisting a professional to bring her own drawings and artwork to life in the enchanting clip.

And Lee will pull a Beyonce (whatever that means), making the entire collection a visual album, as whimsical videos are being produced to accompany each of the record’s upbeat tracks.

As for Evanescence fans concerned their gothic queen has gone soft on them, fret not. (sorry false hope on that one)

Here is her quote trying to justify the change :

“If you look at my stage outfits from day one, I’ve been a rainbow cupcake all along,” Lee says, laughing. “It’s not that different. No eyeliner — that’s different [this time]. To me, it’s about the sound: The sound, obviously, is very different. It’s definitely been in there all along. It’s just that Evanescence is what took off. There’s always been this other colorful side.”

Dream Too Much, will be out on Amazon Sept. 30, is available for pre-order now. (oh, and will obviously be available on Youtube, deezer, and torrents all around if you don’t like that sort of thing)

Lee will hit the road with Evanescence for a month-long tour starting in October if you’re brave enough (or just want to bring your kid out to play)

I wonder what Amy’s next song will look like…

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Vincent Cassel hante une banlieue en burqa dans un court métrage saisissant

Dans un court métrage saisissant, Vincent Cassel vient foutre la merde dans sa banlieue (et sa vie) en mettant une burqa une fois la nuit venue.

Violence en réunion par cliquetv

Vince a la quarantaine. Il travaille dans une entreprise, mais s’ennuie à mourir. Sa mère, atteinte d’ostéoporose, vit avec lui dans un petit appartement d’une tour de cité. Parfois, la nostalgie fait ressortir ses fantômes du passé, à l’époque où il était connu pour avoir frappé un flic. C’est dans ce contexte-là qu’une burqa vient foutre les policiers sur les nerfs, comme une sorte de dame blanche toute de noir vêtue, alimentant d’un côté un relent de haine anti-banlieue, et de l’autre la colère des jeunes d’en-bas envers ces mêmes policiers.

Voici le pitch de Violence en réunion, un court métrage de Karim Boukercha avec dans le rôle principal un certain Vincent Cassel. Le film peut sembler d’actualité, débat du burkini oblige, mais il ne date pas d’hier (et avait été fait avec les émeutes de 2013 de Trappes en tête). Si ce film avait fait le tour des festivals, notamment la Mostra de Venise en 2015, celui-ci est apparu sur Internet le 5 septembre grâce à Clique. En effet, Mouloud Achour, dans la première édition de son Gros Journal, discutait de ce dernier avec l’acteur français, et en a profité pour le mettre en ligne par la même occasion — permettant aux internautes d’avoir accès pour la première fois au film en question et lui donner une deuxième vie.

Une idée née il y a plus de cinq ans
Violence en réunion est né dans l’esprit de Karim Boukercha, qui a fréquenté le milieu du graffiti pendant dix ans environ et qui a créé le magazine maintenant disparu Tant pis pour vous, avant de coécrire le film Notre jour viendra.

“J’avais eu l’idée de base, d’imaginer un centre de caillera anonyme, il y a longtemps. Puis de fil en aiguille, je l’ai mise de côté. Puis, un peu par hasard, je me suis retrouvé à écrire des films [Notre jour viendra de Romain Gavras, Le Capital de Costa-Gavras], et du coup, j’avais envie de réaliser et il me fallait un petit film pour me faire la main et montrer ce que je pouvais faire. J’ai donc repensé à ce projet et voilà.”
Sur le tournage du premier de ces longs métrages, Karim Boukercha a réalisé un court métrage documentaire servant de faux making-of, qui donne un peu le ton de ce que, lui, veut faire.

Vincent Cassel adore, et lui dit : “Si un jour, tu veux faire un truc de fiction, appelle-moi“. Il le fait donc, lui présentant une première idée vaguement, qu’il aime bien, puis une deuxième fois en racontant tout l’aspect social derrière. Banco. Difficile alors de ne pas avoir La Haine en tête.

“Au départ, ce n’était pas du tout ça, mais avec Vincent dans le projet, je me suis dit que ça serait marrant de se dire que c’est un peu la suite de son personnage dans La Haine, comme si on suivait Vince 20 ans plus tard en fait.”
Le projet se concrétise, et alors que Karim Boukercha est en plein repérage, en janvier 2015, le massacre de la rédaction de Charlie Hebdo a lieu, remettant en cause beaucoup de choses. Le tournage devait se faire avec de vrais policiers, qui sont après coup plus frileux, forcément. “On n’arrivait plus à trouver de burqa, pour te dire”, explique le cinéaste. Le tournage se passe finalement très bien, et voilà que le court-métrage suit sa petite vie, de festival en festival, jusqu’à atterrir sur Dailymotion le 5 septembre 2016. Une pépite à ne pas rater tant qu’il est en ligne, pour une durée encore indéterminée.

On retrouvera le travail de Karim Boukercha sur grand écran bientôt, puisqu’il travaille sur son premier film et qu’il a travaillé sur le prochain film de Romain Gavras.

Source : Konbini original article

Single Mom Dresses Up As Dad So Her Son Wouldn’t Miss ‘Donuts With Dad’ Day At School

When single mom Yevette Vasquez dropped her son off to school recently, she noticed more cars in the parking lot than usual. She asked her son Elijah what was going on and he told her that the school was holding a breakfast event called ‘Donuts with Dads’. Not wanting her son to miss out, Yevette, from Texas, did what any mom would do in such a situation: she drove home, put on a plaid shirt, a Rangers baseball cap, a chain, a fake mustache, and even a dash of cologne, and then returned to school incognito so Elijah could enjoy some donuts with “dad”.

“I know seeing other dads with their kids isn’t easy for mine but it’s life,” wrote Vasquez on Facebook. “At least I can do whatever it takes to put a smile on that face.” And as you can see, she certainly did just that. Yevette Vasquez – we salute you.

Yevette Vasquez is a single mom who decided to become a dad for a day

Not wanting her son, Elijah, to miss out on a school event called ‘Donuts with Dads’, Vasquez dressed like a man


She wore a plaid shirt, a Rangers baseball cap, a chain, a fake mustache, and even a dash of cologne!


“I know seeing other dads with their kids isn’t easy for mine but it’s life,” wrote Vasquez on Facebook


“At least I can do whatever it takes to put a smile on that face”


Article Source : BoredPanda September 6th 2016

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