Messi, Ronaldo, Casillas, Rooney and more save the world!

What if our world was invaded by aliens who like football?
With the players we have on earth, I’d say we’d be pretty lucky, especially if we were challenged to a match that could save the world!

Well, Samsung imagined that type of situation for us.
Though we don’t see any football being played (yet) the mere fact of seeing all those players in the same team is just amazing!

Bechenbauer was selected as their coach (personally I would have selected Ferguson but that’s just the Man United fan in me speaking 😉 Samsung even have a laugh about most players imaginary “hobbies”

Enough said, watch the video, comment, share, and sign up for more!

Who would you have selected as substitutes?

Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Casillas, Rooney… Les… par le10sport

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Lady Gaga & Christina Aguilera duet!

The Voice finale surprised us a few days ago with one of the best duets of the season!

Dressed in a champagne-colored, boney-shouldered kimono, Lady Gaga treated viewers of the The Voice finale to a special rendition of her Artpop track “Do What U Want,” and it was not just because Voice coach Christina Aguilera (who wore her own champagne gown) joined her for a disco-y vocal showdown.

To be honest with you, I prefer Christina Aguilera to R-Kelly by far!

A bit of smoke, original matching costumes and a few dancers was all the duet needed.

Finishing off by toasting with wine glasses after at the end of the song was a perfect ending to the evening.

All I asked myself after the performance was “Why don’t they do this type of big performance in other versions of the Voice?”

Here’s the entire video, tell us what you think in your comments below!

Source : RollingStone magazine

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Military Veteran surprises his son in style

We’ve all seen hundreds of videos showing military vets surprising their families when they get back home, but I simply can’t get enough!

Living away from their family for long months can be tough (both for the vets and loved ones) but as an old Guinness commercial used to say “All good things come to those who wait!”

Every now and then the army let their vets go home early (to be honest with you now it even seems like they plan these type of things in their marketing strategies!) and some decide to capture the moment on camera.
When Master Sergeant Joseph Martel found out he was returning a month early, he told his wife Julia, but he didn’t tell his son Justin.

Instead,he came up with the brillian idea of suiting up for the opposing team in Justin’s football game.

After his wife picked him up, he quickly got changed to surprise his son.

Between the third and fourth quarters, the referees called a meeting to discuss “sportsmanship” between the two teams and the rest is…well you will just have to see it for yourselves won’t you 😉

Now I don’t always post this type of video, but I have to admit that I am a sucker for emotional sports moments. That and the fact that it’s nice to see a massive football player cry in the middle of a game!

Watch the video here :

Source : EliteDaily

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Spiderman2 trailer

We’ve all been waiting for it and here it is, the new Spiderman trailer has finally been released!!

In this film Spiderman (aka Peter Parker) is going to fight against yet another new supervillain “Electro” played by none other than Jamie Foxx.

The basic plot stays the same :
-Spiderman fights against a new villain
-Spidermans friends/lovers (Mary Jane & Harry Osbourn) are in danger
-Spiderman has problems defeating the vilain & seems week
-Spiderman makes new friends or meets up with old acquaintances & saves the day
-The film ends and leaves room for another spectacular opus

Yet we all want to watch the movie.

But why? Because it’s Spiderman that’s why damn it!

He’s the only superhero that can swing through New York, defeat the villains, and save the day.
And did I mention HE CAN SWING THROUGH NEW YORK! I bet you that anyone would just love to have a go at that.

As promised, here’s the new trailer!
(and yes when I saw it, there were only 301+ views on the counter 😉

So? What did you think? Comments ready, steady…GO!

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Megadeth Christmas!

As usual, Jimmy Kimmel suprised us all by convincing by convincing out of ordinary people to do “ordinary” things.

This time Jimmy managed (don’t ask me how) do get the world famous Rock group Megadeth to do their own version of Christmas songs.

The lyrics are the same, but the spirit and definately “à la Megadeth”.

Frosty the snowman, The little drummer boy, Do you hear what I hear, are just a few of the songs they performed.

If you watch closely 35 seconds into the comedy sketch, you can see how much Megadeth’s lead singer/guitarist gets a laugh out of scaring the living daylight out of the “poor little children” (who where probably forced to live the teenage dream of their parents childhood 😉

You can always try to put Rockstars into funny Christmas jumpers (again, I don’t know how Jimmy pulled that one off!) but you can never take the Rock out of them!

Source : D. Moore & Jimmy Kimmel

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The Monster video is out!

Both Eminem & Rihanna fans were waiting for this video, and boy have they delivered!

With over 5.5million views in just 2 days, this video is definately a must watch.

Simple, well thought out, and beautifully executed are the worlds I would use to describe the video.

Rihanna is Eminem’s counsellor, and Eminem watches his past life pass by until he confronts his caged monster.

I won’t reveal what the monster in the cage looks like because it’s a nice twist to the video that you should see for yourselves!

As an added bonus, even the girls can enjoy the video since Rihanna decided to put a few (though tight) clothes on for once!!

Enough said, enjoy the video :

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The Tutu project

Being told you have cancer isn’t the easiest thing to hear (to say the least) and Linda Carey was no exeption.
Her husband Bob was just as devastated as her, but they decided to beat it together!

Bob decided he’d do something positive for his wife to help her through the chemo : laughter!

Project Tutu was born as loving husband Bob decided to photograph himself all around the country baring nothing but a pink tutu!

The fact that he was a professionnal photographer may have helped give the effect of perfect photos, but it sure as hell didn’t heat up his private parts.

Braving every weather condition imaginable, Bob was able to make not only his wife Linda, but cancer patients all over the world laugh.

To their surprise the pics went viral so Bob and Linda decided to compile a book called “Ballerina” with all the proceeds going directly to Breast cancer organisations.

Fair play to you both!

Would you do the same for your Wife/Husband?

Source :

So what did you think?

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Epic Christmas Card video win!

Do you remember that girl who had a part as a reporter in Iron Man 3? Neither do I, but I sure will remember her families epic Christmas card video!

This year the Holderness family decided to make a different kind of Christmas card for all their friends.

The usual best wishes, announcing what’s to come in the next year and what happened in 2013 are in the 2.0 Christmas card, but there’s definately one element that definately stands out…

They made the video in their matching Jammies!!

Mom, Dad, and both kids give it their all and give us a great show.

“The kids were shocked that we were allowing them to leave the house in their pajamas,” said their Mom but you don’t see either of them fussing in the video 😉

Here’s the video below!

So what did you think?

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Don’t mess with Chabal!

Caveman angry!
Caveman hit!

Although Chabal is closer to retiring than his peak rugby level, he clearly showed us last weekend that he’s still go alot of punch! (you see the intended pun there 😉

While his team was losing 12 to 6, a foolish player on the opponents team decided to provoke him by tugging on his jersey.

His reply was quick, simple, and very effecient!

He was lucky enough to only get a yellow card after knocking out the poor lad.

Maybe his “Je lui tape le bras parce qu’il me tiens” excuse worked.
(roughly translated that means “I only hit him because he was holding me back”)

Let’s see the images of the damage he did shall we?

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How coutries deal with problems

Graphic designer from french site Rue89 decided to draw up an image showing how different countries deal with problems.

They are all based on steraotypes, but since he was quite harsh with France, we can ignore that 😉

Tea, football, prison, Kim Jong-Un, with all that I’m surprised he forgot to add sex into the equation.

Maybe he’s got another less PG version in store for us.


So what do you think?

Is your country like that? or is your coutry even in the pic?

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Elivs is still alive!

Just when we were all getting used to the fact that Elvis was dead, replaced by hundreds of Vegas impersonators, this guy came along.

David Thibault, a young 16 year old Canadian was discovered by Quebec radio station “Ckoi Quebec” and boy is he worth your 2minutes and 25seconds!

Singing BlueVelvet, this guy is the real deal and trust me, there have been many before him who tried to sing this well.

Click play, close your eyes and watch the video. When you open them tell me what you think.

This guy is definately going to become an internet sensation with over 135k Youtube hits since yesterday.

So what did you think?

Here’s a bonus video of the original version so that you can fully appreciate the lads talent.

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Source : CkoiQuebec & Minutebuzz

Christmas miracle by WestJet

Do you believe in Santa?

Everyone on this flight definately does!

Airports aren’t the best of places for some people. Lost luggage, delays, strikes, or just meeting people who are simply annoying can take a toll on any traveller.

So this year, WestJet decided to spice things up thanks to the help of Santa Claus and a few nearby shopping centres turned into Santa’s workshop for the occasion!

When they scanned their boarding pass in a mysterious machine, Santa appeared and asked them what they wanted for Christmas. Little did they know what they were in for next.

Upon arrival at their final destination, WestJet gave them the unexpect show of their lives!

Let’s see what they did.

So what did you think?

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True sportsmanship

This video is already a few months old, but got 400k youtube hits already, and since so many professional sportsmen (especially footballers) are becoming less and less sportsmanlike, I wanted to share this video with you.

Noah VanVooren has been the manager/waterboy for the Mustangs football team at Little Chute High School in Clintonville, Wisconsin, throughout his high school career, but during a game against the Clintonville Truckers, VanVooren took the field for the very first time.

VanVooren was diagnosed with Down syndrome at birth and doctors told his parents he would never be able to walk or talk.

But the doctors seemed to have forgotten to tell VanVooren himself! He’s currently going to graduate from his highschool and is loved by his classmates and town alike.

For each of his schools’ American football matches, he’s their waterboy/manager so he can get to be close to the game.

In one of the games, the head coach decided to call out his name to go onto the pitch.
Hut, hut, hut, and 35 yards later, VanVooren scored adding the last touch-down to the final score of 62-0

Enjoy the video & I dare you not to feel anything after watching it!

So what did you think?

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Parenting Win!

Children always miss their parents when they go on business trips, even when it’s a regular trip!

So how could you make a child feel less sad (no you can’t say happier, you can only say less sad in this case) when you fly off only to come back only a few days later?

Well this Dad certainly found the right way to do so!

Before leaving for his monthly meetings, he decided to ask his children to draw a few pictures for him so that he would have something to colour in during his flights.

He first used a few coloured pencils, then later turned to his iPad ArtStudio program and the results are simply amazing!

Needless to say, his children were pleased with the results, exept on one occasion when his daughter insisted that the shirt on her character was not supposed to be red.

Would you be able to do the same & what do you think?

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Source: imgur

Drink & Drive prank

The Christmas holiday season is coming with all the present opening, chocolate eating, and a bit of drinking (don’t deny it, we all have a few drinks during the long christmas dinners 😉

On that note, youtube prankster Tom Mabe decided to pull off an epic prank to stop his friend from drinking and driving!

With 5 DUI’s already, Tom decided that his friend needed an intervention, but rather than gathering up all his friends in a room and giving a few speaches, he decided that actions would speak louder than words.

To teach his friend a lesson, his friends familly agreed to prank him like never before to make him realize how dangerous drinking and driving was.

After passing out, his family dropped him off at Tom’s office which was turned into a hospital room for the occasion.

After finally waking up in a hospital bed connected to beeping machines, Tom and his ‘medical staff’ convinced the freshly awoken friend that he had been in a coma for ten long years.

To be honest with you, this clip would be more efficient than all the rubbish they show on tv to try to stop people drinking and driving!

So what did you think?

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Two Londoners imitate Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen

Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen are well known BFF’s (best friends for life for those of you who decided to forget their teen years in a far away place) and they just love showing it each time they meet up!

Taking a relaxed pic with a beer in each hand, visiting national monuments together, dressing up as lobsters, or even just chilling out with Elmo, these guys just know how to stay awesome.

The thing is, quite a lot of people have “BFF’s” so how come when they take pics together they’re far from being as popular?

Well these 2 chaps from London decided to find out for themselves!

They took exactly the same pics together as Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen minus one minute detail: all of their pics were taken in London as opposed to the originals from New York.

Well lets find out if their hard work paid off!

(Click on images to enlarge)










So what do you think?

As you can see, the only one they couldn’t recreate was the “Elmo Pic”

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