Logos with honest slogans!

What if logos were honest?

If you switch on your PC, live in a big city, or even just turn on your tv, you can’t spend a day without seeing a logo…

But what if these logos were honest about what they sell, or how we use it?

Not a chance in hell! Or at least for the moment (if a company did such a thing, their ad would go viral in seconds!)

In the meantime, let’s have a look at these photoshopped logos showing what we all think about these brands.


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Bansky selling his artwork on the street

Although we know all of his paintings, we rarely see Bansky’s face!

In this video Bansky shows how seeing an artist out of context sometimes “lessens” the art in our eyes.
(that and the fact that we can find thousands of fake copies all around the world…)

He set up shop of his art work for sale on the streets of New York like so many artists do, and barely anyone gave him a second glance.

Without the original context, his paintings don’t seem to have the same emotional power.

But perhaps this video in and of itself is a critique of how we view art.

Either way, the web is enthralled by the video, as it has been trending over the weekend, and now stands with over a quarter million views.

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Source : Buzzfeed