Divers nearly eaten by massive humpback whales!

The Summer is here, and all we want to do now is go to the beach and jump in the sea!

But what about those who want to swim a little further away from the coast?

Whatever you do, don’t do what these lads did!

Rightly so, Joe.ie described this video as “the scariest water-based piece of footage we’ve seen since Jaws 2…”

If you were scared about what to bump into while swimming in the ocean, this video is definately not for you!

These 2 divers came withing a few inches of being eaten up by a pair of hungry humpback whales near Morro Bay in California recently.

Now I’m guessing they know how Jonah felt just before he got gobbled up by that whale!!

Real life Peter Griffin!

This video had to go viral given the amount of family guy fans out there!

Comic Cons are famous for people dreassing up as their favourite Cosplay (for all you non geeks out there that basically means dressing up as your favourite cartoon character, marvel hero, or any fictional character you can see on a sci-fi show).

At last NY’s last Comic Con, one attendee with the perfect body and voice dressed up like a real life Peter Griffin from the popular Family Guy cartoon.

The video posted by Kirkout01 has only gone viral now, quickly amassing over 150,000 views.

Amazed? I know I am!