Man of Steel Movie Review

For every film worth speaking about, we will watch, criticize, and either love or hate (sometimes both).

Is the film worth the watch, does the trailer make us want to go, should I pay my Cinema ticket or just go for a quick download (legaly of course)
This section will mainly be used by our Movie aficionado, young director, and now cinema critic Yoshanka!

After his review for The Hangover Part III, and Fast and Furious 6 he went out to see Man of Steel for you guys!

Thanks again for the post Yosh!

Man of steel

Man of Steel aka Superman aka a great way to kick off the summer.

Unlike it’s predecessors, Man of Steel has a darker tone to it and deals with the life and upbringing of Superman, focusing on his origins and Clark Kent’s character. We discover the dying world of Krypton, their technology and Jor-El; it’s a fascinating glimpse into this world we only knew about, but never saw.

The visuals are amazing and kind of resemble JJ Abrams’ style.
The story is captivating and the actions sequences, which are nothing like we’ve ever seen before, get your heart beat racing and palms sweating.

This is a great reboot of this legendary franchise. Henry Cavil as Superman/Clark Kent, Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent and Russell Crow as Jor-El are amazing casting decisions; they embody their characters perfectly.

The villains in this film are absolutely terrifying: their strength and especially their masks, which look like something out of a horror movie.

And to top it all off, the legendary Hans Zimmer, who composed for movies such as Inception and The Dark knight, delivers another beautiful score; another good reason to hurry up and watch Man of Steel.

Giant fly vs Hollywood actors!

Everyone in Ireland and the UK know the Graham Norton show, but after a video with Will Smith & Carlton doing the “Carlton dance”, and this interesting event, Graham is known all over the US!

As we all know, The Graham Norton Show just keeps on getting better, but that’s just stating the obvious.

On Graham’s latest show last Friday we got to see yet another viral video.

This time, a fly decided to organise a terrorist attack on 3 Hollywood actors, only to be saved by none other than fellow Irishman Chris O’Dowd.

Just as the fly was about to start his attack, Chris thwarthed his attempt by eating him hole.

The fly not having the best of tastes though, Chris decided to spit it out into his hands.

Let’s watch the video to see if the fly survived Steve’s attack…

Hollywood 1 (thanks to Ireland) Fly 0

Source : & BBC1

100 000$ worth of Champagne offered to Lebron & the Miami Heat

After their fantastic victory over the Spurs a few days ago, Lebron James and the Miami heat were offered 100 000$ worth of Champagne to celebrate!

All of this was also a huge marketing stunt from (Moët & Chandon) the official champagn sponsor for the play-offs.

ESPN reported that 100 bottles (850$ each) as well as 3 x 3 litres of Champagne (5 000$ each) owere ordered for the players during their nightclub celebrations.

Adding up to the grand total of 100 000$ offered by the Big boss of the nightclub himself David Grutman (and probably also payed for by the brand itself since they were visible by all after such a party!)

For those of you who weren’t lucky enough to get into the club, here are a few pics and vids of what you missed out on.

LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, & the Miami Heat Celebrate 2013 NBA Championship at STORY Nightclub from Seth Browarnik on Vimeo.

Hobbit fans react to new trailer

The Second film from the Hobbit trilogy just came out, and fans are definately impressed!

For those of you who haven’t seen the trailer yet, watch it here to get you into the mood before reading the rest of the article :

Now, let’s see how these lucky viewers reacted the first time they saw the video !

Did you recognize anyone’s voice in the trailer?

Orlando Bloom, Evangeline Lilly et Lee Pace incarnant who play Legolas, Tauriel et king Thranduil in this masterpiece (yes I called the Hobbit a masterpice because I’m a fan and I can say what I want 😉 are just a fews of the voices we can hear.

The Hobbit’s new team decided to share the video with them, and here’s their reacton.

Fair play to the cast, who saw just how much their fans like the film

Source : Youtube

Creative Father photoshop

For everyone who’s a bit pessemistic about having children, this dad will definately change your mind!

Photographer Emil Nyström decided to spice things up a little by adding a few pics of his baby daughter every now and then.

Admit it, all parents do it, either for their childrens viewing pleasure when they grow older, or to embarass them in front of their friends when they become teenagers.

So how is Signhild’s Dad different to any other parent?

Well, instead of taking simple pictures, printing before printing them out and placing it into a photo album, he decided to add a few details to the pics!

The result is quite impressive! Why just photoshop out the minute details you don’t like in the pic, why not add a few objects?

In just a few pics & clicks, his baby turns into a superhero, bath-tub diver, or prince of the jungle!

I wonder what Singnhild will think about the photos when she grows up?

I hope she will remember her Dad was awesome!

Who knows, she may do the same with his aging Father!

Source : Twisted Sifter

Don’t drink and drive!

Don’t drink and drive!

Each year near the festive season, drinking awareness campaigns seem to pop up on our tv screens out of a sudden.

The more gore and violent, the more “effect” marketers believe the ad has an effect on us.

Unfortunately the reality (which our fellow marketing teams don’t seem to care about) is that most campaigns are so violent that they remind us of horror films or tv series we see all the time.

But what if a marketing team decided to create a proper commercial to make us realize just how much alcohol effects our driving without showing us a Hollywood style video?

Leo Burnett London decided to do just that with their new Think! Drink Drive ad.

Spoiler alert, if your faint hearted, sit down while you watch this one!

For even more effect, watch the video in full screen mode with the sound on at full blast!

Source : Leo Brett London

Fast and Furious 6 Movie Review

For every film worth speaking about, we will watch, criticize, and either love or hate (sometimes both).

Is the film worth the watch, does the trailer make us want to go, should I pay my Cinema ticket or just go for a quick download (legaly of course)

This section will mainly be used by our Movie aficionado, young director, and now cinema critic Yoshanka!

After his review for The Hangover Part III, he went out to see Fast and Furious 6 for you guys!

Thanks again for the post Yosh!


Fast 6 is entertainment at its best. With spectacular action scenes and unpredictable events, this movie deserves its box-office success.

With a captivating plot, this film gets you so hooked that you will not want it to end. That’s how good it is.

Each action sequence is different from the others and the one you saw in the trailer with the tank…..well there’s even more impressive.

An interesting story, unique action sequences and Dwayne The Rock Johnson…..that’s a triple dose of dopeness.

‘Until later’ this is Yoshanka signing off

As usual, here’s the trailer for the film to give you even more of an incentive to watch it & give us your own feedback!

Pee energy!

Brazil is definately the place to be to party at the moment, even more so during their carnaval!

The only problem is that thhere are lots of people and not enough toilets.

That was until the organisers of AfroReggae came up with the genius idea of making mobile toilets that would transform their pee into…an energy source!

The question you must be all asking yourselves is “but how did they do this?”

Simple, the organisers installed these special toilets in the streets of Rio, which where linked to special dynamos.
When the urine leaked into the pipes, and with a bit of pressure, the new energy source was created!

The energy produced by the machine was used to charge batteries that would power the official festival float and blast loud music to the show.

Needless to say the concept was a huge success, and the same float was able to light up thousands of smiles on the festival goers faces for 3 days straight!

That’s what I call speading the eco message in a fun way!!

Over 2.000 blogs spoke about the marketing op and over 3 million euro worth of tv internet and radio budget was saved.

Enough said, here’s the video for your viewing pleasure:


Source :

Kung-Fu Keanu Reeves is back!

We’ve all seen the frustrating pictures of our favourite Keanu relaxing in French Cafés or American diners rather than fighting off bad guys, chasing demons, saving the world, or travelling in time with his old buddy Bill, but what if I told you this will all end soon…

Did I get your attention yet?

I just found out via a leaked source in China that Keanu has finished his latest movie “Man Of Tai Chi”

Though there is still no release date announced in America or Europe Keanu Reeves’ directorial effort Man Of Tai Chi the international marketing campaign is already well under way.
The poster intended for the Chinese market turned up last week and that has now been followed by a Chinese language trailer.

In the “trailer” which looks more like a teaser trailer than an actual trailer, we get to see plenty of fighting, lots of Keanu, lots of star Tiger Chen, and bits of Karen Mok and Simon Yam.

According to local sources, the trailer is “clearly holding back some of the major fighters” with no sign of The Raid star Iko Uwais, for instance.

At least all Keanu fans now know he’s back, and he’s ready for action!
I’m also guessing he was slightly fed up of Hollywood since he went back to theatre, and now a film which will may be good, but is far from a box-office sensation…

Tell me what you think about the trailer in the comment section

Here are a few pics from the set:

Keanu behing the camera wearing what looks like a Harry Potter scarf


Keanu and the cast