Share your Coke can!

Once again Ogilvy & Mather have teamed up with Coke to give you a brand new concept to share your Coke with friends!

Coke already already launched several concepts to get free Coke with friends. The Free Coke for free hugs, the Giant Coke machine where you need a friend to help you get 2 free large Cokes, and much more.

But there was one thing Coke understood, whatever you did, you couldn’t share a can of Coke properly. Well actually, you could, but without a glass, both friends couldn’t enjoy the refreshing taste of Coke at the same time.
That is until now!

Realizing that friends couldn’t share a can together, Coke found the perfect solution.

What if one can could made up of 2 smaller, equal cans?

Thanks to Coke, this was made possible!

Coke designed special cans where you can twist off the top to divide your can into 2, either allowing your friend to have his own or make a new friend by offering him/her one.

Unfortunately Coke won’t tell us if the can is a real product they intend to commercialize, or just another cunningly planned marketing stunt.

Only time will tell.

In the meantime, let’s enjoy their promo video!

Youtube through history

Youtube’s Comedy week just finished , but their videos are here to stay!

As a part of last week’s YouTube Comedy Week, Above Average Network uploaded a video showing what human history would have been like if there was YouTube through the years.

What would Mozart have uploaded? how would have Cleopatra showed off her natural makeup? What about Edgar Allan Poe and his dark poems.

With already 700,000 Youtube hits the video has already gone viral.

What you have added to this video?What moment in history did they forget? More importantly, which was your favourite moment?

Enjoy the video!

Quick review for The Hangover Part III

For every film worth speaking about, we will watch, criticize, and either love or hate (sometimes both).

Is the film worth the watch, does the trailer make us want to go, should I pay my Cinema ticket or just go for a quick download (legaly of course 😉

This section will mainly be used by our Movie aficionado, young director, and now cinema critic Yoshanka!

So without further ado, here’s what he thought of The Hangover Part III in a nutshell!

Thanks for the post Yosh!


In one word The Hangover Part III is awesome.

Nothing beats the first one but the final instalment of this cult series is off the hook and worth seeing at the cinema.
Unlike the first two, the story doesn’t deal with the protagonists trying to put the pieces of their drug and alcohol fuelled night together and trying to find their friend.

This one is about trying to find the legendary Mr Leslie “I love cocaine” Chow and the gold he stole from a notorious gang lord.

The change in the storyline doesn’t take away the laughs at all, it actually makes the film even more interesting. So if you want to escape from your daily problems for a while and have a great time, then I’ve got 3 words for you: go watch it!


Thanks for the post Yosh!

For those of you who haven’t bought your tickets to go and see the film yet, here’s one of the trailers :

Owling done like a pro!

After milking, planking and more, here is the new idiotic viral thing to do!

All you have to do is take a picture of yourself wherever you are imitating…an owl.

Yes, you heard right, and owl.

Stand up on whatever you find, then bend your knees and ask a friend to take a picture of you looking ridiculous!

Any accessory and owl would use will do.

Toilets, luggage, statues, you chose!

Finally, a real homemade lighsaber!

Thousands of “lightsabers” are sold to proud star wars fans every year but they’re all far from being realistic.

Only a true Jedi would be able to create such a product and use the force to control it.

Many have tried, but much like excalibur, most have failed…until now!

Young Youtube user decided to prove to everyone how strong the force was with him by showing off what anyone believed to be “just another pseudo lightsaber”.

For the first time this Youtube user shows off his “homemade lightsaber.” which emits a blue light and includes a metal handle, can torch through paper, tape, ping-pong balls, cardboard and wooden splints, among other items.

I’m guessing he is a true Jedi because his lightsaber is truly amazing!

The funny part about this is that the guy wasn’t even trying to build a lightsaber, he was just preparing a powerfull handheld laser, but even he himself couldn’t deny the facts.

“There really isn’t much else out there to describe this laser.” he states, and I’m pretty much sure that anyone would agree!

So the only question left here is “will he commercialize his new homemade invention?

The power of yawn!

We all know how contagious yawning can be but can it spread around the world?

Youtube user Roman Atwood proves us not only that it can, but shows us how to do so!

Via his video “the world’s most contagious prank” he shows us how wherever we are and whoever we are around has to yawn if you use the right method.

The trick is to…you guessed it…yawn!

Roman traveller around the world to spread the yawn to prove how easy you can spread your yaaawww (wait for it I’m yawning) … wwwn.

Let’s watch the result of his impressive prank!

Try to watch the video until the end without a little yawn (if you do, tape yourself watching the video and send it to me so I can send you a medal for your willpower!)

Live baby saved by firefighters from sewer pipe in China!

Earlier today, CNN reported that Chinese firefighters and surgeons have worked together to rescue a newborn baby boy from a sewer pipe below a toilet.

After hearing what seemed to be the voice of a child crying from inside the building’s pipelines, emergency services were called.

Rescuers in the Zhejiang province dismantled the piping and rescued the newborn with the help of firefighters and surgeons! The baby was stuck in the L-joint of the pipe (of about 3inches) and is believed to have been flushed down the toilet.

Thankfully the child is now safe in the hands of a nearby hospital under the name “Baby Number 59” because of the number of his incubator.

The police are treating the case as a homicide and have released a statement that reads:

“Mother, come back! The baby is resilient and alive. Please show up, Mother. This is your own baby and he should return to your warm embrace soon.”

I wonder if the baby realizes how lucky he is?

Source :

Coke Zero presents Zero Clue!

Coke are used to sharing tasteful marketing videos with us and this was no exeption.

This time Coke teamed up with Ogilvy & Mather Paris to promote their Coke Zero.

The aim was to show people how you can drink Coke Zero and enjoy the same taste as a “real” coke without knowing the difference!

Let’s see how our fellow coke fans did.

Here’s another commercial Coke aired in France using the same technique : tricking people into drinking Coke Zero to see if they saw the difference

Superformula to fight cancer!

The first step in fighting cancer is believing in the cure, this is even more important when children are involved!

To help this happen, Camargo cancer centre in Brazil and a team of artistic designers from JWT Brazil teamed up to prepare special superhero bags to contain their chemo treatment.

The results are visible since kids respect their favourite superheroes and can choose between Batman, Superman, Green lantern and more to help!

Comic books and animations were especially prepared to help them accept the cancer and the treatment by showing how their favourite superhero buddies were cured after being hit by the same evil disease!

If they Batman can do it, so can you!

What do you think about this awesome project?

Superhero parents!

We all know that superhero’s are cool, but wouldn’t it be even better if our parents were superhero’s?

This artist decided to give it a go! From Batman to Aquaman, he imagined what it would be like if our superhero’s would let us take a pic of them bringing their kids to school.

Thanks to Andry Rajoelina, we now feel safer knowing the world will be a better place for years to come!

Lebron James drafted to the NFL!

Basketball was getting just too easy for Lebron James, so he decided to pick up another sport.

Just kidding! Lebron loves basketball too much to leave the sport out of a sudden.

The video is just a commercial for Statefarm, one of NFL’s sponsors.

However, though the commercial may be fake, Lebron was actually contacted by NFL teams during the Lockout earlier this season.

Despite his age (38) Lebron is still as fit as a fiddle and could have brought something new to the sport.

Here’s the promo video, tell me what you think!

Here’s one of his older commercials when you see him playing his prefered sport 😉

And just to remind you how much of a competitor he is, here’s a video from a few days ago when Miami’s Lebron were playing Paul George’s Indiana

Van Halen played by a 14 year old girl

Not another cover version of Van Halen?

What if I told you that this one was done by a 14 year old girl?

You don’t believe me? How can a girl that young be both a fan of Van Halen, have talent, and have the brilliant idea to do a cover version and post it on Youtube?

Well this one did!

Here’s a video of Tina, 14, covering Eddie Van Halen‘s “Eruption” guitar solo and absolutely shredding it.

Even if you’re not a guitar fan, look at her fingers, try to do the same (even on guitar hero) and you will see how good she is!

Here’s the original version of Eddie live in concert to give you a better idea of how good she really is!

And since you watched both videos, here’s a bonus one of Van Halen going wild live!

Source : Mashable

Matt Damon won’t use the toilets!

In February of this year Matt Damon decided to go on a “toilet strike” to raise awareness about the lack of availability to clean water in the world.

In a fake interview with a few well known actors in the crowd, Matt tried to explain why the strike was so important to him : “In protest of this global tragedy, until this issue is resolved, until everybody has access to clean water and sanitation, I will not go to the bathroom,”.

The strike is obviously fake, but the issues are real since 2.5 billion people around the world lack access to these essential elements.

His video announcement got over a million Youtube hits already but that was only the begining.

Ever since, celebs have been helping him spread the word by making viral videos linked to the subject.

Thank God Matt has a good sense of humour because the latest one makes fun of him even more than the others!

After Jason Bateman, Jessica Biel and Josh Gad, it was Bono, Olivia Wilde, and Richard Branson’s turn.

Here’s the final result for the video they posted over the weekend :

And on the same note, here are the previous videos I mentionned :

The original video where Matt announces his strike

Jessica Biel and Co supporting him

A few Youtube supporters

Star Trek medecine has arrived!

The tricoder has arrived!

Science is evolving at warp speed (yes I just quoted Star Trek), and more and more devices that we saw in the cinema years ago are being invented and commercialized.

The latest in the devices is “Scout” which looks a lot like the famous tricoder used in Star Trek.
Again, for those of you who don’t remember, the tricoder is the device that told you how you were injured or sick in one click and a quick scan.

Scout is a device that can monitor and track your vital signs, temperature, ECG, heart rate, oximetry and stress by just holding the it up to your forehead for 10 seconds.

As simple as it sounds, to use the device you simply hold it against your forehead and wait. Results are synched from Scout to your smartphone, where you can track your health over time. On a basic level, you can see that your temperature or heart rate is elevated from the norm at any given time. On a larger level, you can also see potential problems headed your way by noticing abnormalities before they become physical issues.

You don’t believe it would work? It has to, because even NASA validated the project!

Watch the video and tell me what you think.

Source : Mashable

We didn’t start the Viral

As part of their Comedy week, Youtube has prepared a fun packed marathon of funny videos for our viewing pleasure.

The latest one they uploaded is a Mashup of videos that went viral over the past few years.

From a piano playing cat and “I love you, but only when you give me cookies” kid to “Where the hell is Matt” and the evolution of dance, we can’t stop feeling both nostalgic and happy!

If you didn’t already know it, we live in a Youtube world where anyone can upload videos to try and get their 5minutes of fame.

Which video would be your favourite?

object width=”560″ height=”315″>

Source : Youtube

Korean guy acting funny

Friday is here so for no valid reason, I here’s a funny video buzzing around the internet world at the moment.

The video is literaly just a Korean guy eating his take-out food.

As I said, nothing happends in this video, but the way he eats and laughs by himself is just priceless!

The video already has over 4OO OOO Youtube hits and when you start to watch the video, you will see why 😉

You’re welcome!

15 incredible behind the scene photos from epic films

15 incredible behind the scene photos!

It’s alwats impressive to see what you find when you open a few boxes in the attic.
In this case, the boxes in Hollywood’s attic were full of gold!

Here are 15 of the best behind the scene pics from Frankenstein to Top Gun and the Lord of the rings.

The pics speak from themselves.

As they say, work hard, play hard and every actor in these pics worked hard!

What do you think?

Source : Imugr

Morgan Freeman falls asleep during an interview!

Even Gods seem to sleep!

Respected by all, Morgan Freeman has nothing more to prove and will always have fans waiting for his next film.

However, fame comes at a price, the price of sleep…

One lesson that Morgan himself, despite all of his experience, recently learned.

While being interviewed about his latest magic film on American TV, his eyes started growing heavier and heavier, oddly enough as if under the hypnosis of a magician, before finally closing for forty winks…

The main question people will be asking themselves now is “did Morgan fall asleep because he was genuinly tired, or was this all just part of a marketing trick to speak about the film?”

To be honest with you, I’d go for a bit of both! Morgan seems truly exhausted and the interview was fairly early in the morning.

I’ll let you decide!

Here’s the trailer for the film he was promoting “Now you see me” :

Source :

This Kid Just Died. What He Left Behind Is Wondtacular

At the Age of 14, Zach Sobiech found out he had a rare form of terminal cancer.

After Chemo, they told him that he could live if they cut off parts of his body, and he would no longer be able to walk or live as before.

Zach decided to opt out of the surgery for a better option : live his last days to the fullest, with his familly and friends.

He also decided to leave as much as he could behind as a reminder to everyone that you didn’t have to be diagnosed with cancer to live your life to the fullest!

Following the advice of his familly, he started writing a few songs, one of which was Youtube sensation “Cloud” (the 2 versions are at the end of this article).

His song was uploaded to Youtube and got millions of hit, much to the surprise of Zach.

Unfortunately the disease cought up with him on May 20th 2013 just 2 days ago, but even though he’s gone, he left all he could behind.

In this 22 minute documentary, you see how Zach dealed with his cancer, why he chose not to have surgery, and just what a good guy he was.

The video is more than emotional, and despite its length, you can’t stop watching it until you reach the end!

You didn’t lose your fight Zach! Rest in Peace

Source :

Here are the 2 other videos I mentionned above

The first is the song Zach uploaded onto Youtube “Clouds” :

And here’s the second video which you can see in the documentary :

I rarely add backlinks that aren’t linked to ViralHipster, but if you want to donate to the research fund on his behalf, click on this link

Xbox one is here!

Last night Xbox finally unveiled their Xbox One and it was definately worth the wait!

TV, Sports, and Call of “Dooty”(yes, you have to pronounce it this way according to the presentors 😉 seemed to be the 3 main words used in the presentation, and boy did youtube users pick that one up.

In this post let’s see what a Playstation and an Xbox fan think about the new games console.

Obviously the 2 points of views are utterly biased, but at least they will give you enough incentive to make your own choice.

Here’s the first video made by what I believe to be a playstation fan.

Fair play to him, because even if you like Xbox, you have to admit that his Mix&Match video is quite funny (though I don’t think that the lads from Xbox who presented the project may think the same).

Now here is the slightly more realistic version :

So what do you prefer? Xbox One of PS4?

Youtube’s comedy week is here!

For those of you who don’t spend your time on Youtube or Facebook, here’s a reminder that the biggest comedy week on the net has arrived!

Youtube has just announced via their promo video that they will be launching their comedy week from Monday 19th to Saturday 25th of this month.

Both well known comedians such as Rain Wilson, The Gregory Brothers, The lads from College Humour, Saturday Night live, and many more will be joined by Youtube buzzers such as Jash (from all those impressive bacon eating videos in “Epic Meal Time”) Fresh Montana, and Sugarboy to bring you what Youtube is announcing to be the funniest week ever!

Comedy galore for all types of humour afficionados, simple, ironic, iconic, dark, cute, and much more topics that I can quote are on the menu and boy are we in for a treat.

To be honest with you, I’ve been waiting for this week for a while, and can’t wait to see what the videos will give.

The week will start off with a big live show on Monday, before Improv Night, Stand Up Night, College Humour All nighter show, and Set list Night (and many more videos that will be popping up on and off during the day).

Here’s the trailer for Youtube’s comedy week to put you in the mood to watch hours of comedy videos.

Let the games begin!

Even Arnie’s giving it a go!

Here’s the first long video show of the week, it’s long but it’s definately worth the watch!

Woman Finds Missing Dog during her interview after the Oklahoma Tornado

A massive tornado struck Oklahoma recently with many casualties and homes lost but this video woman will definately be content with what she found.

Barbar Garcia, a survivor of the massive tornado was being interviewed just after the event and explained how she was tossed into the air while she was with her dog.

Unfortunately, her dog and herself were split during the tornado, and she seemed more devastated about losing her dog than her house.

Just as we were starting to feel sorry for her, another emotion kicked in as an unexpected event occorred.

Near the end of the interview, we hear one of the reporters say “Dog, Dog”, and little old dog weakened but safe, appears out of no where!

What an emotional video!

“I hollered for my little dog and he didn’t come, so I know he’s in there,” says Garcia in the interview.

Well, she was right to hollar and pray, because her prayers were clearly answered.

I dare you to watch the video without feeling emotional!Here’s another video just to show you how serious this tornado was!

Source : CBS

Worst scooter driver ever!

Some people just aren’t meant to buy scooters…

A young man, who either just bought a scooter or is impressively unlucky, just should have kept off the road!

While trying to cross a simple intersection (which is easily done by about 4 scooters during his epic failures by the way) this young Chinese chap just sees his days get worse and worse…

The poor soul gets into a first accident, then a second just moments later, and to top it all off, he even manages to land in a closed iff ditch!

Talk of a bad day for this lad.

The phrase “have a break, have a Kit Kat” definately comes to mind when you see this video!


Here’s a blast from the past!

As part of “The Big Reunion” Tour organised with bands such as 5ive, Atomic Kitten, Honeyz, Blue and 911, B*Witched decided to reform their old band and join in the fun.

The reformed girl band we all remember from their hit “c’est la vie” back in the 90’s, decided to promote the event in Dublin by buscing in the world famous Temple bar area.

If you listened to the radio at least once in the 90’s, you must have heard of them, and tried to add a bit of Irish dancing in the mix 😉

Much to the delight of the crowd, the group has definately not lost an ounce of their talent!

What do you think?

For those of you who don’t remember who they are, here’s the original version :

Source :