Justin Timberlake surprises his fans

Just as we thought Justin Timberlake couldn’t be any more awesome, he went out and did this!

20 of his biggest fans were chosen to sing “Mirrors” one of his latest singles from the new album.

Everyone was already thrilled to be part of the event, and thought things couldn’t get better until…Justin appeared out of nowhere to give them a great surprise!

Hugs, shreeks and a few kisses later, the fans were still amazed that they not only got to sing one of his songs, but meet their idol.

Well played Justin, well played!

Dogs with hands music video

Dogs with hands has become one of the most famous videos on the net.

The idea was both simple and genius!

More importantly, it gave the video “Keyboard cat” a run for its money.

Naturally, the huge hit was destined to be used by a commercial (like most viral videos with animals or babies) but that was until the music industry decided otherwise!

The Recorders decided to make their online debut with a new music video for their first single “Purple and Gold” where you guessed it, dogs with hands are the stars.

Enjoy the video and tell us what you think!

London does Star Trek!

Film companies are always looking for more unique ways to promote their new films and the more they dare, the better the effect!

Paramount made no exeption for Star Trek’s new film “Into Darkness” by deciding to promote their film with a marketing technique linked to the theme of the Saga.

All you needed to do to is look up in the sky and wonder about galaxies far away.

Live long and prosper!

Rollie Eggmaster

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, some even turn it into a British & Irish breakfast with a nice brunch.

And what is the main ingredient to that meal?

Eggs of coarse!

The only problem with eggs is that unless you’re preparing them scrambled, you can make a mess of things.

Who better to invent a device to help you in this task than the Brits!

With this new invention, your eggs can become pogos for “only” 23 euros!

Would you want to try this?

I know I would!

Bon appรฉtit!

Cooper corgy and his toy

Dogs are simple animals, all they need is food, shelter, and love to stay happy in life!

And although loved by the Queen, corgy’s are no different.

Cooper, a young corgy found a new toy and seems to be enjoying it like a little child.

As I said, all dogs need is food, shelter, love, and sometimes a toy they find/invent!

Would your dog have as much fun with this “toy”?

Golf Shot of the year!

I’m not a huge fan of golf, but this shot was too amazing to pass!

In the final round of the 2013 Arnold Palmer Invitational presented by MasterCard, Sergio Garcia hit his second from a tree near the fairway on the par-4 10th hole one-handed and backwards.

His ball got stuck in a tree, and instead of losing a few points, he decided to get the guts to climb up the tree, and give the trick shot a go.

How right he was!

On top of getting the ball into the green, he landed an excellent shot that will go down in the history books! (and will go all around the web).

Never judge a book by its cover!

As everyone knows, you should never judge a book by its cover and this video is the latest example proving why.

If you ever saw a guy like this with a football walking in the street you would think “fair enough, everyone is allowed to play”, but few would think that he would have any real football skills.

Well think again, this big lad does more than I could do with a football.

Granted I am a rugby player, but still…

The lads from Joe.ie found a video taken of this lad showing off his football skills by himself over the weekend.

Would you have expected as much from a lad like this?

This short video will make you think twice before you want to judge a book by its cover!

Source : Joe.ie


Once again Jason Statham accepted a part in an action film, and once again, despite a disappointing plot, Statham brought his A-Game!

In this film, Statham is an ex soldier who for some reason became a a homeless person…

But once a soldier, always a soldier, Statham quickly gets his life back on track and gets hired as a muscle man who (be warned, I did say that the plot was weak) becomes a vengeful “gardian angel”.

Anyone who would like to see Statham playing any other part other than an action hero shouldn’t go and see this film.

Then again, who would want to see Statham do such a foolish thing?

Let’s not forget the best part of the trailer… We get to see what Statham would look like with hair!!

I think our Jason was right to lose the long locks ๐Ÿ˜‰

Enjoy the trailer

Spring Break fun

With Spring Break just around the corner, the lads from VICE decided to prepare another epic video about one of Spring Break’s favourite destinations : Panama City!

Instead of just showing you the usual bikinis, abs, shots and skin, Vice decided to show the 2 main points of view on this particular holiday.

On the one side you have the usual party goers, looking to have a good time partying like animals while trying not to pass out, and on the other you have the church goers, who condone this type of behaviour (you also have the mayor and locals point of view, but we all know that their point of view is completely biased since all logic is hidden by all the cash the students are bringing in ๐Ÿ˜‰

Let’s take a look at what they think about Spring Break at Panama Beach!

Is Spring Break “just another excuse for people to sin”? or is it an eternal place to party while enjoying the lovely views the beach has to offer (you decide which views!)

Source : Vice

Russian 1 Snowman 0

Scottd W has finally returned to the web with his latest work after a three month wait.

For his last project, he recreated the popular tablet and smartphone game Fruit Ninja in real life. That action packed video currently stands with over 19 million hits.

To end winter and welcome Spring, Scott has just debuted this explosion-obsessed video, “Russian vs. Snowmen”.

Russian 1 Snow 0!

Source : ViralViralVideos

Kate Upton prom queen?

At the end of every year, each high-school teen tries to find a date for the prom (end of year dance for all you non American lingo aficionados out there), nothing much out of the usual.

This 17 year old decided he wanted to settle for no less than his dream date Kate Upton.

At least this kid will have no regrets after this video request!

The video obviously went viral reaching over 150,000 youtube hits in a few days.

We’re all impatient to hear what Kate thinks about this, and more importantly, if she will have the guts to accept!

Come on Kate, be a good sport!!

Source : Minutebuzz

Oreo Separation Pump Gun

Pure Genius or sheer stupidity, I’ll let you be the judge of that!

Youtube users tend to go a bit crazy when it comes to ideas concerning Oreos, but Joerg Sprave decided to push things up a notch by promoting his Oreo Seperation Pump Gun.

After watching the video, I was not surprised when I learned that his “speaciality” was making sling shots…

This invention (yes some people have farefetched ideas in their heads) of his is quit original to say the last.

I don’t know if this idea will be commercialized soon though.

At least we got a laugh out of it by watching the brief video presentation.

Saint Paddy’s day video2

Saint Paddy’s day is all about fun, but let’s not forget the alcohol side! (to be consumed with moderation obviously ๐Ÿ˜‰

This video is quite short, but may get you out of a tricky situation.

No more Guinness in the fridge?

Have no fear! As long as you have a few shot glasses, some baileys and some coffee liquor, you’re good to go!

Watch this quick video showing you how to make the perfect “Baby Guinness” shot

Paddy’s day video 1

Happy Saint Paddy’s day!

Wherever you are in the world, don’t forget to celebrate the best time of the year in Ireland!

Everyone is Irish on Saint Paddy’s! All you need is a good sense of humour, and a lot of alcohol.

To explain the origins of Saint Paddy’s day (or Saint Patrick if you’re attentive to details) here’s a brief video from youtube user Kirsten Stewart.

Most of what she says is true and the video is kind of funny.

Bare with me, this is the first video of the day, more are to come!

Here’s the simpler (and better) video explaining Saint Paddy’s day!

The Office revisited

Each year Comic relief helps raise funds for it’s association with a mix of fun videos and short films showing what the associaton really does.

Everyone tries to pitch in as best as they can at their own level, creating a few pleasant surprises each year.

After 10 years, David Brent returned for a Comic Relief special to surprise us and do what he does best : Make us laugh!

Let’s find out what he’s been up to :

Here’s another video from another regular guest, the Vicar of Dibley :

The Longest way

When traveling around the world, you have to take souvenir pics and vids.

This young traveller Christoph Rehange decided to add something extra to his pics by taking a picture of his face each day from start to finish.

He also decided not to shave or cut his hair until he arrived to his final destination.

4500 km in total later, the result is amazing!

With over 2 million hits already, this video is a definate must watch.

What do you think?

History of Rap 4

Jimmy Fallon invited Justin Timberlake to promote his latest single, but everyone knows that you don’t just get to talk about your new single/film or other on Jimmy Fallon’s show, you have to earn the right to do so!

JT was no exeption.

To promote his new single Jimmy and himself decided to spice things up a little with the 4th version of “History of rap”.

I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised with Jimmy’s rap history knowledge.

LL Cool J, Jay Z, the Bestie Boys and much more songs are featured in this version.

Enjoy the show!

How to get free soda!

Have you ever lost your change to a coke machine? Lost your spare change for chips to a crisps dispenser?

Of course, everyone has at least once…

This kid has found the solution!

Full of genius ideas, Youtube user ioduremetallique decided to find a way to get your own back.

Thanks to one of his inventions, used to try and win a prize at the fun fairs, he made a personal “get your own back on the machine” kit.

Though the device is far from being inconspicuous, it definately works!

Here’s another video from the same author entitled “How to cheat in class”

Would you use the device?

Game of thrones 90’s style!

We all know that a little bit of video editing, a lot of imagination, and posting your final result on Youtube can go far.

With a little bit of video editing, TV shows such as Breaking Bad and more can be transformed into 90’s versions.

In the 90’s, Xena, Hercules, Highlander and more, where quite the frenzy at the time.

This youtube user decided to remind us of this, and show us what Game of Thrones would have looked like had it been filmed in the 90’s.

The end result is simply amazing!

Here’s the version the same user made of Breaking Bad :

Would you watch these shows?

I know I would!

Taekwondo Spiderman

With over 100,000 hits in a day (and counting) this video will make you laugh!

Ginger Ninja published a video a while back that went viral, so naturally, I have to write about it.

A Taekwondo master dressed in a Spidey suit maybe the closest decided he wanted to become a web-slinging hero.

Much like spiderman, he shows off amazing, near-inhuman maneuvers that seemingly only a true superhero would be able to perform.

The video has already been shown by DailyPicks, Reddit, CollegeHumor, MilkAndCookies and ViralViralVideos.

Go spidey go!

Old School Skrillex

A random Youtube user Bd594 decided to make a habit out of making cover videos for pop music songs.

With this video he decided to change a little and go Skrillex style.

Instead of the regular Gotye cover, he decided to go old school on Skrillex.

If you’re into nerd related videos, or just simply interested in what the end resutl gave, this video is for you!

Which position do you sleep in?

Rise and shine sleepy head!

What way did you sleep? Like a star, a mummy, a lazy foot out of the bed? Which do you prefer?

Fellow Youtuber RegeNineteen made a video mashup answering just that question!

You will see that some are quite surprising.

And here’s a video that Minutebuzz (French viral digital media content site) posted in January.

Enjoy your siesta!