Follow me!

Every now and then we get an original photo montage that makes us all smile.

Photographer Murad Osmann had the brilliant idea of immortalizing the moments when his girlfriend leads him around the world in a series of Instagram photos entitled “Follow Me to” and has instantly gone viral.

They start off in Berlin, travel all around the globe, and end up in exotic destinations.

I was truly moved by the gallery.

Would you follow your girlfriend around the world? I know I would follow mine!

Here are the famous pics!
































So what do you think?

For more of his pics you can visit his instagram page here

On fait un tour ensemble ma petite pomme de terre 😉

Boobstagram, Boobs symphony against breast cancer


“Showing your boobs on the net is good, showing them to your doctor is better” what better breast cancer awareness slogan could you ask for?

Each year we raise awareness for breast cancer in France.

This year Julien “Glt” (founder) and Lionel Pourtau (sociologist) decided to raise awareness French style via his excellent idea “Boobstagram”.

The idea is simple. Since more and more people use instagram, this young lad decided to use it to the advantage of his breast awareness campaign.

Boobstagram is a Tumblr where women can post images of their breasts via Instagram. Far from being another perverted Tumblr page, the aim of this is to raise awareness and make people realise that each year over 11 000 women die of breast cancer.

Boobstagram’s sole aim is to raise awareness for the younger generations while showing them how easy and important it is to get tested.

French magazine Marie-Claire already raised breast cancer awareness in France back in 2009 by taking topless pics of 10 French celebs such as Estelle Lefébure, Julie Depardieu and more.

Boobstagram has raised the bar once again so that as many people as possible can be reached.

According to his creator “We cannot all become doctors or surgeons. But we can all take part in prevention, for ourselves, for our friends and family and for others”. Well said, and what better an idea than to create a rather fun prevention campaign when most campaigns use fear?

Let’s help them promote the idea and raise breast cancer awareness everywhere!

Here is their latest promotional video Boobs symphony against breast cancer.

So what did you think?

You can visit their page here!

What schools don’t teach

What is “The closest thing we have to a superpower”?

Here’s a hint : We can all learn how to do it and both Facebook and Microsoft have it in common.

If you haven’t found the answer yet, I’ll give it to you at the end of this article.

Don’t get me wrong, schools teach you a lot, and without schools, we would all be working as soon as our arms could carry us.

Few people could read or write, and even less would know about what’s happening on the other side of the world.

But schools also have to adapt to modern times every now and then by adding a few classes to their courses.

The aim of this video isn’t to tell you to stop going to school, it’s aim is to remind us to keep our minds open and continue learning for ourselves on our own free time.

Entrepreneurs going from the creator of Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook or even Dropbox have at least one thing in common : they are experts in coding.

What a lot of people don’t know is that coding isn’t only for engineers, basic coding is easy, and can be compared to learning a new sport or musical instrument.

Even “WILLIAM” admits that coding needs to be taught to more people.

As you may have already guessed, the “superpower” I mentionned at the begining of this article is indeed coding.

With already over 2 million hits in just a few days, let’s watch what the people in this video made by think about it :

So what do you think?

Do you want to learn how to code?

We saw your junk!

Any Familly Guy fan was aware of Seth MacFarlane’s controversial humour, and he proved everyone right with the opening song for the Oscars “We Saw Your Boobs”.
Most were warned, some were shocked, and true Family Guy fans were laughing as usual.

The song’s video went viral and some stars in the crowd didn’t seem to appreciate MacFarlane’s sense of humour.

Well for all those who didn’t appreciate the video (which I can understand) you can now stop sulking and start laughing!

Kevin Gisi decided to upload his Youtube parody of the song, reminding us of all the famous Hollywood men who have shown their junk for a role.

Women all over the globe can now stop commenting about Seth’s song, and start laughing about this one!

Now everyone is even!

Kevin Bacon, Bruce Willis, Ben Stiller and Ewan McGregor are all mentioned in the song, which was made to ‘level the playing field’.

Well played Gisi, well played!

David Bowie – The Stars (Are Out Tonight)

David Bowie fans have been waiting for it, and David has answered their call!

After 10 years of absence, David decided to come back with a new album.

“The Stars(Are out tonight)” is the second single from his album, after “Where are we now” and should get a couple of hits on youtube.

Directed by Floria Sigismondi, the video shows actress Tilda Swinton playing Bowie’s wife.

David Bowie’s album will be available on March 11th next month and will be his latest album since «Reality» in 2003.

We all wonder when his next concerts will be, since he hasn’t given one since 2004 and his fans will be waiting for more!

What do you think of his latest song?

Here’s the 1st song from his latest album

As a bonus video, here are a few of his less recent songs:

Life on Mars

Under Pressure (with Queen)

And last but not least, here’s one to remind you what the type of live shows you could expect :

Harlem takes its shake back!

Over the past few weeks, the new “swag” of the moment has been the Harlem Shake.

Much like most of what becomes a global phenomenon at the moment, we don’t know where the original version comes from.

Where does the Harlem Shake come from and why has it become so popular?

Well, the answer is simple, and in the title of the song/dance frenzy.

The origin of the song/dance comes from…Harlem (obviously).

But isn’t Harlem an area in the States where the famous Globe Trotters come from? Because for the moment I’ve seen lots of people dance around for 30 seconds with absolutely no fear of making a fool of themselves, but not once have I seen a video even remotely looking like it came from Harlem.

That is until now…

Instead of the usual 30 second bash to your brain, this video lasts just over 4 minutes, and is actually worth the watch.
If you’re man enough to last the 30 seconds of the usual Harlem Shake, you’re in for a treat. (and let’s face it, even if you’re not tough enough, you can last another 30 seconds after all of those “Best Harlem Shake” and “Top 10 Harlem Shake” videos you’ve watched over and over.

So what do you think?

Does this video actually remind you of Harlem?

Oh, and here’s an added bonus since I mentionned the Harlem Globe Trotters, here they are :

Heartwarming act of sportsmanship

Sports not only teaches you how to loose fat and play with others, but also how to play fair and respect people for who they are.

Personnaly, I think that rugby is the best sport to learn all of this, but every other sport also has their advantages.

American sports teams have a reputation of being very competitive even at a school level, but what about fair play?

The following video shows us that fair play not only exists, but is perfected by some teams.

On the one hand, high school team in El Paso offered a spot as team manager to Mitchell Marcus, a young boy with development disability who is a huge fan of the game. The head coach who offered him the spot explains how he gave him the job to show the other players what real passion for the sport means.

On the other hand, we have the Franklin High basketball team, who play the final game of the season against El Paso.

For the final game against Franklin High, El Paso’s head coach Peter Morales decided to offer Mitchell the chance of a lifetime by asking him to get his kit on for the game. Mitchell would have been more than pleased doing just that, but his coach hadn’t finished with his surprise.

With a few minutes left to play, and his team leading by 10 points, Morales subbed a player and replaced him by…you guessed it…Mitchell!

But the story doesn’t end there, despite the best efforts of his teammates, and the crowd roaring his name, Mitchells’ shots just didn’t want to go into the net.

With only a few seconds to go, the game seemed to end with a victory for El Paso, but no points from Mitchell.

That was all before what I consider to be one of the most sportsmanship things I have seen in my lifetime.

Yes, you guessed it, Mitchell ends up scoring his shot! But what a way to score!!

Franklin High’s Jonathan Montanez called out to Mitchell, gave him the ball…he shot…and HE SCORED!!!

The crowd went wild, spilling onto the court in appreciation. The shot didn’t change much to the score board, but the moment was celebrated like a championship victory, and will be remembered as one of the most sportsmanship moments of American (at least High school) history.

Here’s the recap of the scene and the reactions of the players, team-mates and more.

Oscar video by Jimmy Kimmel

The Oscars 2013 ceremony is now over, so it’s time to watch the best moments.

Today I will be adding a few of what I consider being the best bits (obviously my judgement is biased, so feel free to comment below).

Last year Jimmy Kimmel made an Oscards trailer for the best movie that will never be made called “The Movie” starring a plenty of celebs.

This year, he has decided to do the sequel “The Movie 2V”, where the world has been taken over by a “sex-pocalypse” with sexy vampires, mummies and…leprechauns (you can’t go wrong with a bit of an Irish touch).

Kimmel cunningly throws a discret jab to all the movie producers who automatically decide to make a sequel to a movie that did well in the box office.

Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain, Oprah (yes Oprah is in this one!) John Krasinski, Bruno Mars, and a plethora of other celebs feature in this fun packed trailer that lives up to your expectations and clichés

Once again Jimmy Kimmel has delivered!

Here’s the video itself:

And here’s last year’s video:

Movie : The Movie – Official Trailer [VO-HD] par Eklecty-City

Super Mario Bros 3D


Freddie Wong strikes again!

Have you ever wanted to see MarioWorld through Mario’s eyes? Well, thanks to Freddie Wong (once again), we can.

With almost 2 million hits in only a few days, this is on it’s way to be his most viral video yet.

Back in 2011, Freddie posted a video that reached up to 18.2 million hits with his first person Mario. Now Brandon Laatsh (visual effects) and himself have teamed up once again for the sequel “EndGame”!

Any true gamer will recognise the different scenes in this brief but epic video, and everyone will obviously recognise his arch rival Bowser.

What do you think?


Here is the original version of the video which got over 18 million youtube hits.

And here is another one of his famous videos Video Game High School

Will England get the Grand Slam?

After beating Scotland, Ireland, and now even France, we have to ask ourselves the (unfortunate) question “Will England get the Grand Slam?”

To be honest with you, I hope the answer to that question is no, but England are also the team to beat at the moment.

Their pack is strong, their backs are all built on muscles, and for once…their team are actually playing a rugby that’s worth watching (as opposed to their previous techniques for winning the games via Wilko’s kicking and drop goals…)

All our hopes now rest on Italy and Wales’ shoulders!

Can Italy beat the mighty English? Can Wales raise the level of their game and repeat their fantastic victory against England in 2012?

We will have to wait for the next 2 matches to see…

All I can say is that I will be behind both Italy and Wales for the next matches!!

At least this weekends turmoil is over, with France scoring a nice try this weekend thanks to Wesley Fofana.

Let’s relive that try, which proves that Fofana is a true centre (not a winger…) and that not all French players were not that poor.

Picamoles was also part of this group of players who played at their level.

Ireland surprisingly lost to the “Brave Scots” in Murrayfield on Sunday after too many Irish mistakes, and a lot of Scottish Flair!

Here’s a summing up of the match!

As for the 2 teams left, Wales beat Italy, building on their confidence before their next games against Scotland, and THE match to win against England.

I hope that they will read my article and watch this video to galvanise them for their match against Scotland and…England.

Le Crunch est arrivé!

Le Crunch, seul vrai match du tournoi pour tous les français est arrivé!

Quoi qu’il arrive, ce match reste le match ultime pour le XV de la rose et le XV de France.

Bastareaud -vs- Tuilagui, Trin Dhuc -vs- Farrel, le pack entier français contre les “gros cochons rosbeefs” lequel d’entre eux en sortira vainqueur? Seul les 80 minutes de ce soir nous le diront!

Malgré le fait que les médias ne se sont pas trop étendus sur le sujet cette semaine, et le fait que les français ont déçu lors de leurs derniers matchs, “Le Crunch” reste toujours LE match à voir cette saison.

Les français doivent se racheter, et les anglais doivent prouver qu’ils n’ont pas épousé un banc de musculation pour rien!

Tous les ingrédients principaux sont regroupés pour ce match, mais comment se préparer à le regarder du côté des fans?

Pour ceux qui n’auront pas la chance d’aller à Twickenham, ou dans un bar bondé de fans, profitez de votre télé, de vos amis, et surtout d’une bonne bière fraîche!

Un groupe d’américains ont eu l’idée parfaite d’inventer le siège parfait pour ce match.

Avec une tirette intégrée dans le siège, plus besoin de se lever pour aller au frigo pendant les moments intenses du match! Jusqu’au moment où mère nature nous appellera pour passer aux toilettes.

Voici la vidéo du siège en question:

Et voici une compilation des meilleurs essais français en attendant le match!

One Direction for Comic Relief

Usually I’m not their number one fan, but this is for a good cause!

Each year in Britain and Ireland, Comic relief raises funds to help associations around the world who need both the funds and the publicity to keep up their good work.

Eastenders cast generally end up imitating Queen, celebs make fun of their image, singers show up out of no where, and the day is always a general success, all this done while receiving donations from tv viewers and more.

This year One Direction also decided to get involved!

For their latest clip, they decided to save money by choosing to have a cheap music video showing the back-stage images of their world tour rather than spend the money on one produced by a big-shot producer.

Fair play lads, I know that the money you saved will go to the right associations.

Can you spot the surprise politician in the video? 😉

What do you think about the video itself?

Here are a few other videos related to comic relief :

Rowan Atkinson as Dr Who!

Little Britain meets Elton John

And even 007 gives it a go!

The Longest Daycare #Simpsons

With already 23 Seasons (and counting) and an excellent movie, only one thing was missing for Matt Groeining’s hit show the Simpsons.

But what else could he think of you say? A real life version of the Simpsons? A Broadway show? Simpsons on Ice?

The answer is…none of the above! Matt chose to create a short film with the cutest of the Simpson’s characters : Maggie.

Imagine a day in Kindergarden lived through the eyes of a child. A day spent in the annoying company of her unibrowed arch nemesis, abandonned by her own mother, but a day that Maggie will get through!

Directed by David Silverman, who also directed “The Simpsons Movie” the film was nominated for the Oscars of short films!

So let’s all just sit back, relax, and take 4 minutes and 52 seconds to enjoy ourselves!

What do you think?

Girl burns her hair in a hair curler tutorial…

I’m guessing she didn’t do this on purpose but she sure went viral.

Tori Locklear, a young American girl wanted to give a few tips on how to use a hair curler.

She started off the video well, taking her time to explain as any tutorial should do until…whoops “My hair is burnt off”

To be honest with you, the video isn’t that funny. The funny part is the irony of the situation and seeing her jaw stick to the floor while processing the fact that she just lost a bit of her hair.

Cheer up Tori, their is always a silver lining to every cloud, you received over a million hits, so you are famous! (and you will be able to pay your college tuition fees without having to tend bars or dance around poles…) Fair play to the young girl.

House MD vegetable style!

J Views, a young artist likes to mix music with style!

With 255,000 hits in just a few days, his video went viral.

J Views shows us an original way to use vegetables to mix his music.

In this video you can recognise the theme song for the world famous TV show “House MD”

Would you have thought of using vegetables in this way?

Here’s the original version we all know from the show (Teardrop by Massive attack)

And here are a few other ways that vegetables were used by other artists to make (less modern) music by the Vienna Vegetable orchestra

The phenomenon even reached “China’s got talent” in 2011, where a duo of chinese artists decided to give it a try.

Let’s see how they did…

Could you work for Heineken?


Everyone wants to get their dream internship or job, and we obviously listen to our lecturers, mentors and friends’ tips on how to get it.

The only best way to get that job, is to be yourself, and know what recruiters are looking for.

Heineken recently offered an internship in their sponsoring and events department, and met with 1734 candidates.

How did they choose “the one” you ask?

Simple, when your name is Heineken and your marketing team understands what your clients need, you make a viral video out of it!

The ingredients for this genious plan were simple. Take the 1734 candidates, add a few hidden camera’s and prepare 3 unexpected situations to see how they react and if their answers are honest, and there you have it!

The final 3 candidates were chosen by Heineken’s marketing team, and the most popular one was flown out to Juventus for their Champions League match to announce the final result.

Would you have what it takes to work for Heineken?

The Playstation4 has arrived!

Gamers all over the world have waited for Sony’s announcement, but the result was definately worth it!

The next generation of video consoles has arrived, and will soon be in shops near us.

After Nintendo unveiled their new Wii U system last Christmas, and Microsoft dropped hints about their new XBox system, Sony has arrived!!

Sony’s playstation is definately going to be the centre of attention for a while with their new long rumoured PS4.

In just 1 day, their ad got 400, 000 hits! Proof that this console was long awaited by gamers around the globe (including myself).

Here’s the video itself, what do you think?

3D Pen!

What if we found something even better than 3D printeres?

Well, 2 associates seemed to have done so by inventing a 3D pen, which allows you to create 3D objects via their device.

After over a year of research and development, they seem to have found their final version with what they call 3Doodler.

The idea is simple but needed to be perfected. Melted plastic contained in the pen solidifies as soon as it contacts the air. In this video they show how to use the device to create both simple and complex models.

Use your imagination and the pen seems to be able to do the rest!

I am obviously a fan of such a device, which could be used by both architects and people who just have a lot of imagination alike.

WobbleWorks LLC (founded by the 2 associates you will see in the video) financed their project thanks to Kickstarter, a platform allowing startups to develop their innovating ideas or products.

3Doodler has already received 627.548 dollars since the product was officialised yesterday and according to The Verge, you can order your 3Doodler now for $75 and receive yours in Automn 2013.

Social Wars!

Facebook et Google are the 2 major social media sites of the moment.

Facebook may be the humungous social network with billions of active users but Google also have their own strengths.

Google being the Mountain View company helping you look for all the information you need on the internet, promote your company and ideas to specific database and much more.

Majestic Media, a web-marketing agency therefore decided to compare the battle between Facebook and Google to the Alliance -vs- The Empire in the Star Wars saga.

Here’s the final result where Eric Schmidt is disguised as the Emperor (or Dark Sidious for all you Star Wars fans), Mark Zuckerberg as Luke Skywalker, and Sherly Sandberg (Facebook’s GM) as Princess Leia.

What do you think?


O’Gara replacé par Paddy Jackson!


Selon, site internet spécialisé dans le sport irlandais et tout ce qui touche aux centres d’intérêts masculins, Declan Kidney devrait annoncer cet après-midi la non sélection de Ronan O’Gara en faveur du jeune Paddy Jackson. explique que Declan Kidney va prendre l’une des plus grosses décisions de sa carrière si les rumeurs répandues dans tous les médias irlandais se confirment cet après-midi. Paddy Jackson, jeune talent d’Ulster devrait donc débuter au poste de numéro 10 à la place de Ronan O’Gara contre l’Ecosse ce week-end.

Avec un Jonathan Sexton forfait pour le match à Murrayfield et probablement celui contre la France (ouf bonne nouvelle pour nous), son remplaçant logique malgré une mauvaise prestation contre les anglais le week-end dernier, aurait dû être l’éternel O’Gara au 127 caps.

Les rumeurs sur cette décision nous font également réfléchir sur la suite de la carrière internationale de Ronan O’Gara. Avec Sexton qui commence à s’imposer en premier choix au poste de n°10 et les années qui commencent à le rattraper (36 ans déjà) Ronan devra se poser les bonnes questions…

Le sélectionneur du XV du trèfle devrait également donner sa chance au jeune centre Luke Marshall, pour sa première sélection au côté de Brian O’Driscoll. Tom Court (et non Dave Kilcoyne) remplacerait Cian Healy (suspendu) en première ligne.

Beaucoup des changements dans son XV de départ type lui ont été imposés à cause des nombreuses blessures du côté des verts. Mais une décision telle que la sélection de Paddy Jackson au lieu de Ronan O’Gara rajouterait encore plus à la pression médiatique envers le sélectionneur depuis la défaite de l’Irlande face aux Anglais la semaine dernière.

Bien évidemment, pour faire durer le suspense rien n’est encore confirmé pour la sélection de Jackson, mais toute la presse irlandaise en parle depuis ce matin.
Info ou intox, tout sera confirmé cet après-midi à 14h30.

L’équipe d’Irlande qui affrontera l’Ecosse ce week-end devra donc être : Kearney; Gilroy, O’Driscoll, Marshall, Earls; Jackson, Murray; Court, Best, Ross, O’Callaghan, Ryan, O’Mahony, O’Brien, Heaslip (capitaine).

Midway, un voyage dans la poubelle des océans

L’artiste et activiste culturel Chris Jordan est allé filmer le plastique contenu dans le ventre des albatros, dans des îles situées sur ce que l’on appelle le « huitième continent », la poubelle du Pacifique.

Des images aussi effroyables que belles, proprement surréalistes, en surtout dérangeantes.

Le projet Midway, dont voici la bande-annonce, est financé avec l’aide des internautes.

(source : Rue 89)

Jimmy Kimmel ruins valentine’s day!

Jimmy Kimmel strikes again with yet another one of his youtube challenges!

After ruining Christmas and Haloween, he wanted to ruin valentine’s day.

The aim was simple, each guy had to post a video of their girlfriend reacting to a horrible Valentine’s day gift.

Snakes, Bugs, and much more were on the cards for these lads.

Fair play to their wives and girlfriends for being such sports.

Let’s see how they did.

For those of you who haven’t yet seen the Christmas and Haloween version of Kimmy’s Youtube challenge, here are 2 compilation videos

Each of which got 22 and 24 million youtube hits.


Here’s the Haloween version :

And here’s the Christmas version: