The Silence

Here is Ireland’s 1st commercial for the 6 Nations Tournament.

Simple yet efficient

2 messages are in the video : Respect the kickers & The fans are the 16th man.
(not to forget the 3rd, more subtle message that Sexton never misses his kicks in Lansdowne!)

What do you think?

Here is the 1st French commercial for the 6 nations.
Which do you prefer?

Bride’s Special dance

The bride’s father passed away just a few months before her wedding from pancreatic cancer. In honor of dad, her brother covered the touching country classic Butterfly Kisses to be played during the Andrea’s allotted father-daughter-dance.

Since dad obviously could only attend his daughter’s wedding in spirit form, Andrea’s husband thought it would be a good idea for Andrea to dance with her brothers, grandpa, and new father-law.

Heartwarming moment for everyone in the room.

2nd amendment fail…

Ahh America, land of the American dream, where anyone can become anything.

That said, anyone can also buy guns (as long as they are a US citizen) and literaly anyone can post a video on the net.

Here’s a quick compilation of fail videos of people acting stupid with guns…

(souce : Huffington Post US)

Return of the Diet Coke man!

Ladies, you’re welcome!

More and more companies realize the increasing purchasing power of women, so more and more commercials are specific for women.

You all remember Mister Coke all those years back when us men had to compete with the guys chizzled abs and pecks, well he is back and here to stay.

Here’s a video for you ladies!

Here are the 2 original version of the Diet Coke commercial


We all know the Saturday Night Live Crew and there awesome songs.

Here’s their latest song “YOLO” (you only live once).

What do you think?

For those of you who don’t know the show, here are 2 of their older videos.

#1 Cool guys don’t look at explosions

#2 Dick in a box with Justin Timberlake

Mission Impossible revisited

Lindsey Stirling and the Piano guys made classical music cool again by interepreting modern songs with classical instruments.

For their latest Youtube video, Stirling and the Piano guys decided to team up to make their own musical version of…Mission Impossible.

I am a fan of classical music, but I admit that some songs are a little long and difficult to listen to if you’re not a real fan.

Thanks to this lot, even a person who prefers rap or heavy metal music will agree that this classical music can be cool and enjoyed by all!

Your mission, should you chose to accept it, is to watch and rate this video.

Here’s the “original” updated version of Mission Impossible and a modern version of Rockelbel’s Canon.

The updated version of Mission Impossible by Limp Bizkit from a few years back

And the modern version of Rockelbel’s Canon by the Piano Guys

Heads up!

I had never seen this before.

I don’t believe how the person who validated the idea of this free kick ever thought it would work.

It did however make the headlines all over the world.

Enjoy the first ever (and probably the last) header free kick!

On the same note, here are a few other free kicks or penalty’s that people completely either completely missed or completely aced!

Aced by Roberto Carlos for Brazil -V- France in the pre-world cup 1998 friendly tournament

Completely missed penalty by Neymar for Brazil -V- Columbia in 2011

And a compilation of Free kicks from Becks to top it all off!

All gamers needed one, here he is

What would any gamer need to have more time to play?

You guessed it…THE REPLACEMENT!

The idea is simple, the commercial shows just the guy you need for the job.

“The replacement” replaces you at all the events you don’t want to go to, leaving you more time to enjoy your favourite game Black Ops 2.

Just for a reminder, here is the previous commercial for Black Ops directed by none other than Guy Ritchie

Dogs are back!

Friday is here! and to get you into the weekend here’s the latest commercial from VOLKSWAGEN.
As usual, their marketing team did well, showing a dog who believes he’s a car.
Enjoy the view and your weekend!

Here are 2 similar videos with dogs starring in commercials from Volkswagen and Subaru for your viewing pleasure.

Enjoy the sun

Sun is good for you and makes you more productive  according to a recent study made in Denmark showing the effects of the sun on 2 solar powered dummies.

The same experiment could also have been made in the UK or Ireland.

I’ll let you enjoy the rest.

God bless Danish scientists who have a bit of time on their hands!

(via Alexander B.)

Microsoft does it again!

You probably all remember Microsoft’s campaign promoting Internet Explorer with their IE Sucks Less video.

Well, Microsoft have done it again!

Yet again, Microsoft are promoting one of their new products with brio.

In this video, they chose to make us feel nostalgic of the 90’s. Well played my friends, well played.

Waterguns, Tamagotchi’s, Pogos and more allow us to remeniss about our childhood, and make us like Microsoft even more.

Target marketing at its best.

Enjoy the video!


For those of you who didn’t click on the previous link, here’s a reminder of Microsoft’s first video “Do you know this guy” for Internet explorer

Football stupidity at its worst…


Football stupidity at its worst!
Even if you don’t watch or support football, you have to see the stupidity of some players…

Chelsea were losing 2 nil to Swansea so had to be keen on speeding things up but this is too much!
Instead of taking the ball and just playing like any normal  person would do, Chelsea’s Eden Hazard saw red and lost it.

After kicking the ballboy (who didn’t do anything wrong exept for being a bit too slow according to Hazard’s standards) the Hooligan football “player” was sent off.
Some people on Twitter believe that the Ballboy did it on purpose (I don’t) but whatever the truth, it certainly wasn’t worth this!


The real homecoming king

On Friday night, a heartwarming moment occured in Unionville Community High Scholl in Tennesse, USA.

Scotty Maloney, a High School Junior was offered the traditional Homecoming crown by 3 senior students.

As you can see in the video, Scotty is a popular person in the school, and respected by all.

All 3 students who were nominated for the Homecoming agreed that the winner would offer his crown to Scotty.

“He’s always so happy, so he deserves recognition for who he is” explained Gibbs, one of the 3 elected Homecoming kings.

According to sources from  News2, Scotty was still wearing the crown with pride the next Tuesday!

Fair play lads, your story put a smile on all of our faces!!